Finally Something GOOD !!!

Finally managed to make it through some company’s interview. After being turned down at CA, I was probably at all time low. Never felt so bad about myself, but interestingly, even after having made it through Verizon, I don’t feel any sense of achievement. I need to make it through a better company. I have to give the better companies a GOOD try. And I also hope that everyone here makes it through IBM or CSC. They can, but just need a little confidence boost up. Once everyone is placed, we can have a GOOD Party. Although I am a little disappointed, that all of us are not in the same company, and most probably won’t be even in the same city, but it’s a part of life and have to bear through this. Just want to thank GOD and those around me ( Pankaj, Parivesh, Poppy, Rakesh ) and mom and dad and bhaiya, for being there for me, when I gave up on everything.


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