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War And Peace

Finished reading the book one today .. quite a huge book it is .. the first book has around 27 chapters ..and come to think of it, there are around 13 books ( if i am not wrong ) in continuation of the same. Quite a huge manuscript I would say.
The book seemed interesting except for a few scenes with a largely unneeded description of the fake sympathy towards the dying Russian count. The book ended pretty well, atleast I was looking forward to reading Book 2. I am not sure when will i start with it, but considering the amount of free time at my disposal, I guess time is not a problem. The only thing that bothers me is that I don’t want to ger bored of reading Leo Tolstoy. And at present that’s where I seem to be headed. Let’s see , may be my opinions change after Book 2.


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PC Mania and The Mysterious Stranger

The new PC has brought with it the excitement which any new thing in life deserves. Jayaram with his 6.03 GB of stuff is definately making good use of the ample space provided. I am also in a frenzy, downloading anti-viruses and e-Books. Yesterday i downloaded about 10 Novels. And finally I got Shakespeare’s plays on the net. I am not sure i’ll have the time to read all of them, but well, someday i just might do it. Anyway right now i am busy with Mark Twain’s “Mysterious Stranger”. It’s nice but also shows to what levels great authors can think of. He has looked at the human race and the human brain from a level which is almost impossible for me to even think of. Allthough i feel, so far atleast, he has managed to create a great impression of a great writer, but he has also managed to show how demeaning my life is. Everything I think, everything I do, Everything i dream of, is just so insignificant. May be things will be better when i finish the novel. And if it does’nt, well i have to search for a comedy next

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