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Long time No POST ??

Busiest man without business .. yeah .. that’s me .. I have absolutely no idea ahow i manage to get through the days .. CS has been keeping me a bit busy .. but i love the game .. i am thinking about taking the game home this winter .. atleast something to do when i am at home ..
Got the result of first Philosphy test .. scored maxim .. but have’nt done too well int he second test .. but not to worry .. coz only one of these two tests is to be counted .. IT for power project + the FYP, is all that is even close to studies, that i am even thinking.
I think time has come to get a bit serious about the FYP now .. but the problem is that i am stil not very comfortable with streams + relations .. CQL as such seems ok .. but i guess i need to be a bit more confident in it before i can speak about it in any viva panel ..


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