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I feel like I am not doing any serious work these days. And the truth is that I am not. I think I should do something, like coding, or web page designing just for the sake of it. I thought about it a couple of days back, but where to start. I think may be I should design the group web page, that would give me some thing to do.
Also, I feel i should drop LCS. It’s a stupid course and Rama is not good enough to make it interesting. May be Bio informatics would be better. Aneway Building Sciences should be fun. After all VG is taking the course.
CAT -> I screwed up the exam. I seriously feel I could have done lot better If I had prepared for it. I would miss the cutoff for DI by 2 or 3 marks. Other than that I guess I did pretty well in English and Quant. I need to improve on RC too. I attempted just 2 out of 5 in there. That is the scoring part, I guess. And I seriously feel, that had i taken it a little more seriously, I could have done it. There are times in life where you feel like turing the clock back ( i feel like doing it all the time ), but I guess the moment after I finished the CAT paper was definately one of them.
ITFP -> Amal and Tarun have taken the responsibility of doing the project and me and Sam would be doing all the extra work, like creating reports and setup files ( coz both of us do not know QT well enough to finish off the work in 2 days ). Hoping for some good news there.
Last night -> Why do I have to be such a jack ass at times. I have no idea why I behave this way. IT seriously hurts. It does, when someone you talk to, talks back that way. I am such an ass … I don’t know where to stop the jokes and to start talking seriosuly. GROW UP MEETU


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