ITFP + FYP + Shimla

Finally got to do smthg .. was boring .. but atleast I did something .. designing the interface for the FYP reminded me of the gool old days of Virtual Physics lab. I don’t regret giving it up, had my reasons, but I do miss spending the nights at IT for Education Lab doing the Project. Was fun .. and even though I used to get upset thinking about what we were made to go through at that time, I kind of think it was for the best, the end product was actually something nice.
ITFP -> Had to cancel my program for Bhopal, coz I HAVE TO STAY BACK TILL MONDAY for the itfp viva. It was disgusting, the was the Prof. talked. I had ticket for next day morning 8:00 AM and he tells me to stay back and work on the project. what does he think I am ?? aneway .. all said and done .. I had to stay back because I had absolutely no otehr option .. talking to mom and dad on phone made me feel better about the whole situation .. aneway I would’nt have been able to spend much time in Bhopal, and I am reaching home on around 24th.
FYP -> Viva over .. was embarrasing actually . Comeon our project had nothing to do with Fourier Transforms then why the hell where we asked about it. We just happened to use Wavelet Transforms, thatz it. so why were we quizzed about Fourier and other Crap. Aneway .. pankaj managed to take all those questions .. ad answered almost all. And the worst part was, they did’nt see even a single line of the code. Not even the output. Why the hell did i spend 3 nights in a row staying up and doing the Project. It’s bullshit. If they just wanted to see the presentation why did they take the pains to come to our lab .. we could have just mailed it to them.
Shimla -> something good .. finally .. we are going to shimla. But my program is a little changed. instead of reaching from Lucknow to Kanpur .. I am going from here directly to Kanpur stopovers are Lucknow. Hoping to have a good time in Shimla. Unfortunately Abhinav can’t make it, so it’s down to just 16 guys. But Aneway, the trip should be fun. Afterall, I would be seeing snow for the first time.


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