Last minute jitters

Finally .. I am leaving for Shimla tommorow morning. And as usual, allthough it’s 2:00 AM already and the train is at 8:00, I am not packed even a little. I think I must first get through the copy correction part. Packing should take a maxim of one hour. Almost all work finished in college. Sometimes we keep postponing all our work, and when the date finally comes, there is sooo much work to do all of a sudden that you feel sorry for yourself. Kinda something like that happened to me today. I have been making to-do lists since yesterday. And I have already lost the first two of those. Now i am making sure that I don’t loose the final one. So, instead of writing it on a paper and carrying it around in my back pocket ( hey .. I found my last to-do list .. ), I have decided to write a txt file and keep a soft copy.
The most important work, was regarding Verizon forms. They were supposed to be dispatched by 18th of October, and now it’s 14th December. I did’nt expect such irresponsible attitude from Paddy. Aneway, all said and done I managed to manage the whole stuff pretty well. Finished my form, and made sure that they are ( atleast the ones that are completed ) are sent out by tomorrow morning. The problem is that four guys ( jayaram, Upadhyay, Sreejith, and Vishnu ) are not in campus. It’s going to take a lot of effort to get the forms to them, and then there are so many certificates to attach. TOO MUCH WORK. Why can’t they just make 1 page forms and 1 page offer letters. By the way, I saw my salary break up today. It seems I would be getting somewhere around 22K in hand. That’s pretty decent, I guess :).
ITFP demo -> The lesser said the better. I sat in his office for fifteen minutes, trying to figure out WHY THE HELL, does the database not get updated. but NOOO .. it had to strike me only after I came out of his office and after being told “It seems you have worked on this project, but you are not able to show things here”. I guess that’s Teacher talk for “F****R, did you even write a single F****D UP line of code for this F*****G project”


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