Shimla Trip

I have no definite words to describe the vacations. It was pretty much like the usual vacations, except that it was a lot more fun, lot more sleep, and basically lot more vacation like than what just plain simple “vacations” sounds like.

He he he .. I am getting good at writing BC ..

Ok .. Serious Stuff. Shimla Trip was GREAT. We all thought that we would be having fun in Shimla, but seriously, fun was never funnier than what it was in Shimla. I was a little paranoid in the start. In case you don’t know me well enough, I am scared of heights. Well Now I can proudly say that I USED TO be scared of heights. We started off with a little adventure on the ropeways. And that’s when it hit me. How can something so beautiful be scary. And that’s when I began enjoying myself. On the way up, I was having a hard time looking down, but when I did, I guess I saw heaven. It was SOOO beautiful. And then, everything seemed just right. We had lots of fun on the ropeways ( much to my and the guide’s discomfort .. he told us tht if we kept jumping on the trolly it may fall down ). Journey back ( downwards ) was much better. Seemed safer .. don’t know why.

View from the Trolley ( The Heaven I talked about )

After that we went to Nauni, to Upasana’s college. Nothing much to write about there. Had lunch, met her, and then left. She had exams going on, so Sunil could not stay with her ;). Aneway we went to Shimla after that. Reached Shimla sometime late in the evening, was too late for anything and we were all really tired after the long journey. But Still, after checking in, we went for a trip to Mall Road. I bought a locket for myself. Went for Swades late in the night. Was ok ok . I did’nt like it very much but Gayatri joshi was GREAT. She seems like the perfect dream woman. Had dinner and then left in the morning for a trip around Shimla. Saw a few nice places. Went to a few temples. And then left for Darouti ( Sunil’s Village ). It was another 3 to 3.5 k feet above Shimla. I guess that makes it clear how cold it was up there. Half the guys were already down with fever and cold. But still, the fun never stopped. I guess the best part of the trip was in Sunil’s Village. It was a great place. Allthough it was cold outside, we did’nt feel much inside the house. And the room, in which we stayed was about the size of a big trolley back. It all seemed like a dream place.

Sunil’s Place

Next day we went for Trekking. The road leading to the point where we were supposed to start the trekking provided enough adventures for us to remember all through our lives. It was a car journey, and at points there was’nt enough width to allow anything more than the car to pass through, and this was just the starting. After about half way up, it was almost impossible for the car to go forward. The drivers did great work, but then, human efforts has it’s limits. Even they gave up and we decided to walk the rest of the way up. It was’nt much fun walking the mud road ( the problem was .. we had to go UP ). But things got better the first time we saw snow. We spent about 15 minutes admiring the beauty of the place, and had no idea that if we kept walking, better things waited for us. We kept walking for another half an hour and reached a temple. This was the place, where we were supposed to start our trekking from. The great thing about this seemingly small temple was that it was in the middle of a small “kund”. The water flowed into it continuously, we were told, from Ganga, and then it froze. We all went into the temple one by one, and as luck would have it, I injured myself ( ok .. a small injury ). We did’nt had our shoes on, and I kicked the stairs by mistake. Started bleeding and then tied a hankerchief around it. Others had loads of fun at that place. Some of them walked on the ice. I was seriously scared when Parivesh tried it. But it seems the ice was pretty thick ( it did crack a little though, Pankaj tells me ).

The Temple

We started the trekking, but the hankerchief transformed me into BIGFOOT, and now my shoes were too tight. I could’nt walk much coz the hankerchielf keppt rubbing the cut again and again when I walked. Had to give up, after walking for about half hour. Few others gave up too, everyone was tooo tired aneway. But 5, 6 guys made it to the top of the mountain. Must have been a great feeling.
Aneway returning early has it’s advantages. On the base camp ( that’s what we called the point where the cars were parked ), the drivers lit up a small fire. It was soooo cold by then, that we did’nt come out of the car for half an hour. It was all so silent that you could almost hear the wind blow. It sounded like a huge army of barabrians about to attack a small village, and as it passed through you, you would almost feel that it’s carrying you with it. I know I am making it sound harsh and scary , but it was rather beautiful.

WallPaper Material

The next day, since we did’nt have much to do, we thought it would be better to go back to shimla and spend another day there. Money was a “small” problem with this plan 😉 , but Parivesh arranged for our stay at the Govt Guest House in Shimla. No Lodging fee and no bills for the dinner. GREAT, is’nt it. The rooms were much much better this time, though the food was’nt that great. After that night, the next day we had to start the trip back home. I somehow had the feeling that I had gained weight and when I finally did take my weight at Kalka Station, much to my surprise I had gained about 5 kgs. YIPPPIE … SHIMLA ROX.
After Shimla, we spent a few hours in Chandigarh. Went to Rock Garden and I nicknamed it as “The Nek chand Garden of Crap”. Everything you see there, is crap. But Crap was put to good use. My only problem with the whole setup, was why the hell did they put the toilet pots on the walls. I did’nt touch even a single one ;). The crazy mirrors were great. We had a few of these in Gorakhpur. Reminded me of that time. The swings in the centre lounge were HUGE. And the girls on them seemed to be defying all the laws of physics that I had learnt in my adult life. How can someone go up SOOOOO much and land back safely. They should probably be appearing on Ripley’s.
My return journey was supposed to start from Kalka station, at night on 22nd. Vidit and I spent 2 and half lonely hours on the kalka station. We talked about the Shimla trip and how much fun it was. And at the back of our minds we both realised and knew it pretty well, that such things happen once in a life time. Probably this would be the last time so many of us had a huge get together. Probably I would never be meeting most of these people six months after now, but I am pretty sure that the memories of this trip would stay with me forever.


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  1. meetu, u r talking about places that know me far better than the stray dogs there… good nostalgia notes in my mind for these palces… wonder i cud have suggested some places…. good on u..take care…keep posting… cheers–>

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