TAship SUX

I had a pretty good experience last time when I was TA, and this time around it was a nightmare. We finished the exam copies correction NOW ( exams got over in Novemeber ). And now we are supposed to be the ones, who have to check the labtest, 2 mid sems, end sems and assignments ( 4 ). There are some 90 students in the course. It’s not at all easy to do it and then, I don’t understand why is it that all the correction work has to be done by the TAs. What are the Course Instructors there for ? In the first place I did’nt want to be the TA for M. Techs and certainly not if Lalitha was course instructor. But then, greed is a VERY VERY bad thing. 3000 per month is just not worth the troubles of being a TA under Lalitha.
I guess the feedback she would be giving to the faculty would make sure that I am not the TA ever again. But that is not the problem, considering that I would be in the institute for just another 4 months and have’nt applied for any more TAships.
Aneway I guess everything is over now. Only one more thing left to do. I have to total the marks on the mid term answer scripts that we corrected ( she could have done this, atleast ?? ). That should finish it off.


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