My Experiments with FRENCH

First of all let me clear one thing about this post ..
First .. It’s NOT about FRENCH KISSING .. basically because I have had no personal experiences of it .. and we all know to experiment with something , we first need to experience it. I am not sure that applies to everything, but certainly it applies here.
Second .. It’s NOT about FRENCH TOAST .. basically because, I’ve absolutely no idea what it is .. I mean how different could it be from a normal toast. For me toast is always a half burnt loaf of bread with as much butter put on it as possible. I know that’s what not what normally a toast is for most of you people, but then you have’nt ever had a chance to eat a toast at my home. 🙂

ok .. coming to the point .. I was talking about a FRENCH BEARD. I tried, I failed, came back strongly, and failed yet again. After trying for weeks to get my beard in the “FRENCH CUT SHAPE”, I finally managed to get it last wednesday. I guess most of you realise the efforts that have to be made to get a FRENCH CUT. I mean, for week after week my razor would unknowingly venture towards my chin area, even though I had made up my mind to not allow it to go there. Still, out of some strange reason .. it happened again and again. May be it was GOD’s way of telling me to forget it. But my mind was made up ..and I knew that someday I am going to do it. I even thought about what I would look like with a french. In case, you can’t imagine .. lemme help you ..

Ok then.. with this Pic in hand and my mind made up .. I decided to give it a shot last wednesday. I took my kit to the wash basin and started the battle that would remain itched in my mind for many years to come. Finally at the end of a gruelling 10 – minute fight between man and machine ( my razor ) .. I won and I had the FRENCH in perfect shape. Ok .. I thought I looked pretty cool in it .. but then to my surprise, most people even failed to notice it that day. After a rather upsetting day, when no one had noticed the “new thing about me” .. I went to Poppy .. and he said .. ” tryin a french – cut ” and laughed like he had just seen a circus clown. I said ” not trying man .. I have the french cut ” .. He came close and said .. ” hmm .. “. Now ” hmm” is generally one of those things that you never know what to answer with. I just came back to my room and said may be after tomorrow will be a better day.
Next day started with a bang with Someone in lab pointing out that I was trying a french cut. He had sort of a “look at him .. he looks so funny” feel to his comment.
Aneway I decided to ignore him and give it more time. That night, as I was going out for dinner, two girls of my class were standing just outside the college campus. I did’nt notice them in the start, but later on as I came close to them, one of them looked at me with a sheepish smile that said ” OH MY GOD ” ( a – la Janice from F.R.I.E.N.D.S ). Ok .. fine .. may have been a mistake, may be the comment was for me and not for the french cut. I endured another long night with the french cut. The next day started with almost everyone noticing it. People in my wing were noticing it and looking at me again and again just to make sure that they saw the right stuff. I had to confirm that I was seeing myself when I looked at myself that morning. I looked kind of strange, awkward too, but what the heck. I thought may be I should keep it for one more day. But I guess my friends had had enough of it. Rakesh was the first one to point it out .. ” Kyun devdas ban ke ghoom raha hai” .. I said ” are it’s just a matter of few days .. and it’ll be gone by the time my parents come over here”. Nipun said ” Welcome to the club” ( here you should know that Nipun has been keeping a french cut for as long as I can remeber .. don’t make your dirty minds work overtime yto understand what the club could mean ). By the evening, that day, almost a dozen guys had pointed out something or the other about the eye sore.
That did it. I made up my mind to get rid of it. So I took out my razor again and got back to work. And did it. It’s better to stay clean shaven anyday than trying to make sure that you have’nt cut a little bit extra while shaving for a FRENCH CUT.



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9 responses to “My Experiments with FRENCH

  1. Hii…
    Huge huge and huge postings….but good ones! French toasts are bread toasted on a pan after dipping them in eggs and some flour!!

    …..a fellow blogger

  2. thanx for the info .. maam ??
    aneway .. how on earth did you end up at my blog .. i thought I was the only reason for my visitor counts .. 🙂 aneway ..
    and i know it’s a pain in the whatever, with all these huge posts, but then once I start writing, I just can’t help it .. like right now .. i am trying to stop myself and have absolutely no idea what I am writing .. aneway .. thanx again ..

  3. How did I land up in ur blog? Hmmm…..I was at my blog and I clicked on the next blog icon [top right] and your blog appeared!!! May be its the non-stop mania, I just put up everything I think in my blog, or sometimes I dont even think…I just go on and on and on….

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  5. hey khare any guesses as to who accidentally posted the comment on your blog under ankit’s name?
    not me
    i couldnt remove it
    do it yourself

  6. There is obviously a lot to know about this. There are some good points here.

    I’m Out! 🙂

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