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Sunday .. yaani ki Funday ??

Woke up at 9:30 AM .. had plans for Runway-9 today and we were supposed to leave by 10:00 ..we were a little late in starting off and came back by around 8:00 PM .. I will write more about the day as soon as I get the snaps .. may be next post .. right now . I think I should write about something that I have been thinking about for the past one hour .. Or rather I have been forced to think about this ..
During the past 1-2 hours numerous questions have been posed .. some straight to me .. some to everyone … I wish I could have answered it straight away then and there .. but I could’nt ..

Question 1 -> Why do I never blog about my parents .. If a blog is a way of expressing my feelings .. don’t I have any feelings towards my parents .
Answer -> Because some feelings are just too special to discuss so openly on a blog .. and to be rather frank .. too personal .. I never posted on any thing that has even remotely to do with what I feel about people around me .. be it my parents .. my friends .. or anyone else.

Question 2 -> Why do I Blog ?
Answer -> Because I feel this is a good way to keep a record of my feelings and thoughts. I am pretty sure I won’t remember ( say 5 years from now ) how I felt after watching “Black” .. or the Sassy Girl .. but a blog is a useful utility to keep an online record of my feelings .. and as Jaya wrote somewhere .. a diary is just too scheduled and small and problematic to refer later on.

Question 3 -> Should we have expectations .. Is it fair to have expectations from people around you.
Answer -> Yes .. expectations are a way of expressing my trust and faith in the person concerned. and beause I expect something from people makes them answerable to me …. similarly i expect them to expect stuff from me .. and hence show their trust and faith. Hence expectations make sure that a relationship is answerable both ways. I guess if people expect something from me and because I am answerable to them .. it keeps me on my toes all the time and helps me make the decision of right and wrong because I know the wrong would be offending to the person concerned.

Everybody has the moments in one’s life when he realises that he/she has made a mistake in doing something that he/she really should’nt have. we all get carried away .. after all we are all “normal” humans and however hard we try we can’t be “mahatamas” .. I guess I am trying to say that we all make mistakes .. but don’t you think that a better person realises his mistakes and makes amends for it … and the sooner we do it the better .. I did it .. did’nt I ??
what do u say .. ??



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My Sassy Girl -> Yet another review

Released in 2001,and publicized for long as the “best movie that Korean Cinema has to offer” .. I wonder I did’nt know about it for 4 years ..
I have no words to describe a movie this good. Because whatever I write will not be enough to describe what I felt after seeing the movie. It was awesome .. nothing less than that.
See these pics .. after all a picture is worth thousand words .. 🙂

I would love to be the guy here .. but .. ahh .. stupid long distance love ..
“See that far off mountain .. Will you climb up there and tell me if you can hear me from there ??
“Why does the ball keep hitting my face ?? “

See it if you believe in Love ..

and before I forget .. “Fate is building a bridge of chance for the ones you love” ..


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Page 3 -> Movie Review

“Kitne ajeeb rishte hain yahaan pe ..
do pal milte hain .. saath saath chalte hain …
jab mod aaye to bach ke nikalte hain ..
kitne ajeeb rishte hain yahan pe”

It was a nice movie. We all, lesser mortals, wonder all the time about what is Page 3 life actually like. After seeing the movie, one thing is for sure .. most of us won’t fit in there. Acting wise, all have given a so so performance other than the “vinayak Mane” Character ( Atul Kulkarni ) and the guy who portrayed the off beat dutyfull Police officer ( Upyendra Limaye ) .. nothing much to write about there .. but rather than the story and the direction of the movie .. what I liked about the movie was the theme. It tells us, hopefully the truth, about the life of Page 3 Socialites. The rich and famous as they are called, are famous at a price. The power play, the affection and the fake sympathy .. all only to remain in the party circle and more importantly, on Page 3.
Konkana Sensharma ( got her name now ) gives a wonderful performance, trying to explore the world of these elite personalities as a Page 3 journalist, and her first hand experiences make her regret her decision to do this.
Good movie, but only if you have time on hand and/or you are extremely bored.

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Words ..

“True Love Never has a happy ending .. because true Love never ends.”

Just got the above message on my cell and I was thinking about posting something. Inspiration, they say, comes with small things. And I was inspired by this message to post what follows.
Have you ever wondered how often it happens that you say something and then just forget it. But your words have so much effect on someone that he/she remembers it forever. It happened for me with Shivani, a few classmates and a lot of friends. I just can’t believe how much small things done / said by me have altered their thoughts about me. And the best part of all of this is that just after saying / doing it, you never feel anything special. It’s only after a long time, when the person comes back to say and says thanx for that particular day ..believe me it’s an awesome feeling.
Unfortunately ( for me atleast ), it’s not just the good stuff that people remember about me. There is a lot of stuff that I’ve said about people to their faces that they have taken to their heart. Now I wish I had’nt said them, but I can’t take them back. All I can say is “sorry” which most people don’t want to hear. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but when I see something I have this irrepressible urge to just blurt stuff out. I sometimes end up saying stuff that hurt some people. Has happened to me a lot of times in the past and still I haven’t learnt my lessons. I can’t be diplomatic and come to think of it, I am harboring hopes of a managerial position in my life. If I can’t control myself, I wonder what kind of a stupid manager I’ll make in future.

Jayaram, a few days back, asked me take a look at his collection of poems ( which, I doubt, were his ). That got me started on this poetry thing. Jayaram says ” Poetry speaks to you “. Well I found one which does speak to me .. have a look at this.

Somewhere between time and space
You will discover that very special place
A magical kingdom not hard to find
Where the residents are all sweet and kind
So filled with love for all mankind
For that somewhere between time and space
Lies not in heaven but here on earth

For this inner space is located right here
In a very familiar neighborhood
Called our heart, our mind and our soul
Where all residents give of their gift of love
And is their one and only goal
                                      - Joseph P. Martino


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Black -> Movie Review

I am not a movie buff, but of all the movies I have ever seen, I think Black is amongst The Best. Sunil summed it up pretty well in the end “If this does’nt win an Oscar .. what will”. The story is definately a brave deviation from everyday masala movies or for that matter most of the movies that we see. The experience of seeing Black was like seeing ‘Anand’ for the first time, except that it was more close to life than Anand. I am told that this movie is inspired from a real life story of someone named Hellen Keller. Something like this has happened in someone’s life and think about it, it most probably happens to blind and deaf people everyday.
Black is a story from the heart, for the heart. Even a guy like me, who takes life on a day to day basis, a rather happy go lucky attitude, finds it touching. It tells us how exactly is the world for a blind and deaf person. Imagine being in a room, where there are no lights and everyone speaks in a language which makes no sense to you, basically because you yourself have no idea what conclusion to draw from the sounds you are hearing. That’s what life is for these people, every minute, every hour, every day, every year, all life.
And then, comes into little mitchell’s life, GOD. She calls him, her teacher. At first she has trouble understanding what teacher means, but he teacher her that too. Her first words maa, papa, and then teacher. Just goes to show the importance of these three people in her life. Slowly she learns everything that she needs to. And then she even goes on to become a grad student, thanks to the guidance of her teacher.
For me, every scene was a experience worth remembering. The movie has been rather beautifully picturized. At no part of the movie would you feel bored or would feel that the movie has come to a standstill. Especially since the start of her college life, the movie has become from being good to a classic. I liked the part in the movie where she appears for her interview. When asked what is knowledge for you, she replies for me “knowlwdge is my teacher”. Another scene which I liked a lot was the part where her mother sees her using the spoon for the first time, and says to Mr. Sahay ” you have made a fine lady out of my daughter, thank you .. “, and then breaks off crying. Yet another scene, where she talks to her mother on phone to tell her that she has failed in her exams yet again, I think that was rather beautifully picturized. I think that the scene where Amitabh reads her speech on her sister’s engagement party is also good. And at the top of the list of wonderful scenes, the speech in the end on her graduation day from Rani mukherjee is simple superb.
Acting wise, for me, I feel the lady playing the role of Rani’s mom did a SPLENDID job. Rani and Amitabh are pros and great acting IS expected from them and they do deliver the results with a power packed performance. But the surprise package is the girl playing young mitchell ( Ayesha Kapoor ?? ). She was definately great at her part. She did seem to bring out the helpnessness in Mitchell pretty well.
Overall, a must must must must must must must see movie. A great story, wonderful performances and great direction .. what else can you ask for ?


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