Words ..

“True Love Never has a happy ending .. because true Love never ends.”

Just got the above message on my cell and I was thinking about posting something. Inspiration, they say, comes with small things. And I was inspired by this message to post what follows.
Have you ever wondered how often it happens that you say something and then just forget it. But your words have so much effect on someone that he/she remembers it forever. It happened for me with Shivani, a few classmates and a lot of friends. I just can’t believe how much small things done / said by me have altered their thoughts about me. And the best part of all of this is that just after saying / doing it, you never feel anything special. It’s only after a long time, when the person comes back to say and says thanx for that particular day ..believe me it’s an awesome feeling.
Unfortunately ( for me atleast ), it’s not just the good stuff that people remember about me. There is a lot of stuff that I’ve said about people to their faces that they have taken to their heart. Now I wish I had’nt said them, but I can’t take them back. All I can say is “sorry” which most people don’t want to hear. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but when I see something I have this irrepressible urge to just blurt stuff out. I sometimes end up saying stuff that hurt some people. Has happened to me a lot of times in the past and still I haven’t learnt my lessons. I can’t be diplomatic and come to think of it, I am harboring hopes of a managerial position in my life. If I can’t control myself, I wonder what kind of a stupid manager I’ll make in future.

Jayaram, a few days back, asked me take a look at his collection of poems ( which, I doubt, were his ). That got me started on this poetry thing. Jayaram says ” Poetry speaks to you “. Well I found one which does speak to me .. have a look at this.

Somewhere between time and space
You will discover that very special place
A magical kingdom not hard to find
Where the residents are all sweet and kind
So filled with love for all mankind
For that somewhere between time and space
Lies not in heaven but here on earth

For this inner space is located right here
In a very familiar neighborhood
Called our heart, our mind and our soul
Where all residents give of their gift of love
And is their one and only goal
                                      - Joseph P. Martino


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2 responses to “Words ..

  1. PRC

    dude… atleast u came to know ur mistakes and atleast u took a decision never to do this… repentance is the first step to realisation of ur mistake and u have taken that first step!!

    do dont worry much yaar!! life goes on and there will be many such situations and u can look back at this very post and think over that u should not repeat the same mistake again!!

    in a way just think that this happened for ur good so that u realized that these kind of things is a mistake very early!!

  2. Life teaches in its own way and everything that happened in the past is an experience to learn from…..the most important thing is that you are learning from it….so dont worry too much or dont think too much about it….its past, let it go…
    and CHEER UP….
    Once,I told something to someone and it changed his entire life….Its actually very funny…will put up a post about it in a short while.

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