My Sassy Girl -> Yet another review

Released in 2001,and publicized for long as the “best movie that Korean Cinema has to offer” .. I wonder I did’nt know about it for 4 years ..
I have no words to describe a movie this good. Because whatever I write will not be enough to describe what I felt after seeing the movie. It was awesome .. nothing less than that.
See these pics .. after all a picture is worth thousand words .. 🙂

I would love to be the guy here .. but .. ahh .. stupid long distance love ..
“See that far off mountain .. Will you climb up there and tell me if you can hear me from there ??
“Why does the ball keep hitting my face ?? “

See it if you believe in Love ..

and before I forget .. “Fate is building a bridge of chance for the ones you love” ..



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4 responses to “My Sassy Girl -> Yet another review

  1. s

    will ya recommend this to me .. i guess you know my situation well .. hardly able to control myself .. dun wanna get senti ..

  2. as I said .. See it if you believe in Love .. 🙂

  3. hai Utkarsh….hey Thanq u 4 visiting my blog….hmmm! hey i m in luv…n trust it….n ur last lines r superb n its true….:)

  4. s

    awesome .. saw it last night .. but still all scenes .. moving in front of my eyes ..
    keep posting reviews dude ..
    and do recommend me .. if you see more like this ..

    u said .. see it if you believe in love .. shud have said ..
    “see it if you dont believe in love .. you’ll start believing “

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