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Farewell – 05

It’s all done with. Only the formality of examinations remain. No more classes. No more attendance. No more Professors. No more College. We are about to step in to the REAL world now. In some ways, this is supposed to be a good thing. I mean, this is what we have been waiting for ever since we first came across a computer. This is what we were groomed for, for four years. And now, as we are about to do what we always wanted to, we feel confident, we feel happy.
but If this is such a good thing, why do I feel that I am going to miss something. I didn’t feel a thing when I left school, may be because I always knew that I am going to be in touch with school friends through some way or the other. But this time, it’s different. Even though I know, that we are going to be in touch, it’s not going to be the same. No more of the over night BC sessions, no more bunking classes to play Games, no more of the BOYish stuff. We are expected to be MEN now, people who have responsibilities. In some ways, this transition from BOYS to MEN isn’t as natural as I had expected. I mean today I am, just a student, protected from the world, over pampered by my parents, looked after by sooo many people .. and just three months later I will be expected to be the person who looks after others. It’s kind of like what Ross said when he realized that he is going to be a father ” I always knew that I am going to have a baby … I just didn’t realize that the baby is going to have me ” .. Always thought that was funny .. unless it hit me . this is ME … this is US .. we have to grow up and live up to the expectations of our parents and college and everyone around us.
The Farewell party last night was FUN. The juniors had planned it really well and hats off to them for putting up the wonderful show. The “draupadi swayambar” was really great … as was the award distribution ceremony to our batch mates. The categories being .. “Beat tutor” .. “Best male couple” .. “Most handsome guy” .. “Most beautiful girl” .. “Miss Male” .. “Best Ragger” .. etc etc etc .. was good .. I got nominated in “Best male couple” ( ha ha ) with Roxy .. And really I was out of place there . I mean .. Roxy and Bansi have been a couple for as long as I can remember. They spend nights “talking” to each other .. they spend “quality time” with each other at restraunts .. they even don’t mind “sleeping” on each other’s beds .. ( tooo much information ??? ) .. It’s Okkkk ..But .. WHY GOD .. WHY ME ?? .. Thankfully we didn’t win .. would have been even more embarrassing.
Last night, the best part was the speeches, Adi’s was senti .. Imran’s was hilarious .. Dean’s was awesome .. PJN’s was mesmerising .. And the starting words from Khurana reminded me of the time we used to put in so much thoughts into sending the mails to the students about Amalgam and Felicity. It really did pay off. And the words from PJN “Thanx for proving us wrong about your capabilities” .. really made us feel happy .. The formal part of the ceremony was mostly blurry as we kept shouting on the top of our voices. Except during the speeches. Mallik had the guts to sing again. Piyush was as great as ever. He has become like Sachin. Great things are always expected of him. And he has never let us down. Whenver he has taken the mike in his hand he has given us memorable performances. I remember the “Aee mere vatan ke logon” during Felicity distinctly because that was the time I realized what a great singer he is. I even remember him singing during the failed Rock band performance during our first year. That was great too. The Rock band, that had come with all the preparations, didn’t perform because of sound adjustment problems. Piyush took the mike in his hands and mesmerised us all with “Some guys have all the luck”. That really was one hell of a performance. Other than the usual stuff, the candle lighting ceremony was fun. Dean just kept pointing out something or the other about almost everyone. Showering praises at deserving students and pulling some people’s legs. The function was fun and we enjoyed it to the maxim.
After that, the group photograph sessions followed. We had snaps taken with almost all our friends. I had the greatest urge yesterday to make up with a couple of people with whom I have had a fight during the past four years and some with whom I am still not on talking terms. But just couldn’t make it. Rakesh’s words “Some things that started here in college should better be left behind in college and once we graduate we should stay together as a batch with no unhappy memories” kept ringing in my ears. I will do it .. Definitely .. enough is enough .. I am just looking for the right moment ..:D ..
Parivesh asked me mid way through the formal part of the ceremony “Ro raha hai kya ??” and I replied with misty eyes ” nahin.. rounga kyun ?? “. He knew . I knew .. everyone knew .. this is it .. the end of college life and the beginning of Professional Life. Boys to Men .. Are we ready to face the world .. ohh hell YEAH ..



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What Now …

We had the demonstration for our Final year project yesterday noon and it went well. Now I feel like I have absolutely nothing to do. It’s like all of a sudden I have realized, that I have come to the end of my academic life, and I know that a lot of you would be pointing out “Learning never ends” and blah blah blah .. but what I was talking about was the “Class room studies”. All of a sudden I feel there is absolutely nothing left to do except prepare for the exams, appear for the same, and then go home. That’s it .. “The End” of College Life. No more CS, no more Age, no more night outs to study for the exam next day, no more night outs to just talk to friends .. I wonder what is life going to be like without all these, because so far, these very things HAD been my life.
Once I enter professional life, most of the time I would be busy with the office work and I don’t think I would get much time to catch up with my friends here in college. Some of my lucky friends are staying back in Hyderabad, while I would be off to Chennai. My friends in hyderabad have already made up plans as to where they will stay and stuff like that. I regret that I won’t be able to live with them. The worst part of all of it is, I have absolutely no idea who am I going to stay with at Chennai. A couple of people I like would be joining me in Chennai, and I hope that things are not going to be that tough. Aneway, thatz not for another 3 months .. So I still have lots of time to worry about that.
Right now there are more pressing issues that need to be addressed, like .. how to utilize my remaining few days in Hyderabad in a better way. I am already bored with this Batch Politics thing and doing stuff for the batch seems stupid now. For everything a person tries to do, there would be atleast five others who would be objecting to the purpose of that activity. And at the end, people here have made a habit of taking everything lightly and ending it with the over used “It’s OKkkkk “. Really friends, it used to be funny at first, now it’s more of an excuse for the pathetic bunch that we are. I have lost the will to do anything for the batch as such. Even when I attend the meetings, I don’t see the enthusiasm that used to be there a couple of years back. Probably my other friends ( Rakesh, Vidit, Sandeep and Pradeep ) are more optimistic in this regard. But I don’t see any point in the kind of activitites we are trying to come up with. Nothing works for us. However hard we try, at the end of it all .. it’s not going to make a difference to the thinking of our batchmates. I don’t want to blame others for this. Even I am this way. Afterall, the presumptions and feelings I have about my batchmates ( individually ) have been built over a period of 3 years and 10 months. I don’t see anything changing them. So, why try for this “Batch Bonding” thing. Whom are we trying to Fool ?? At the end of the day, I know that I would never trust person A, and person Z would always remain my closest friend. What difference do the batch meetings make ??
Tomorrow there is going to be a Class meeting. I wonder how may would show up for that. Someone came up with the idea of inviting Prof. Govindrajulu or Prof. Jawahar for the class, to just ask them about how to go about living life in Professional Arena and such stuff ( better phrasing of the sentence needed ), but people even have problem with that. I mean, what harm can possibly come out of listening to an old man with more than 30 years of experience talk about the philosophy of life. If anything, it’s only going to help us. Someone suggested that we give up the Farewell Dinner Fund to the Alumni Fund to be used as Scholarship fund. People have problems with that too. How important is that one day of dinner to people ?? We cant’ just let it go even when we know that it’s going to be used for a needy person’s Tution Fee. Someone came up with the idea of a Batch fund or a gdit2k1 fund, where students from our batch can donate some money out of the caution fee ( that would be reimbursed in June I guess ) which can be used for Scholarships for future batches. So far, the response to this has varied from outright rejection to moderate approval. I wonder what could be the response to this point in tomorrow’s meeting.
I am trying to keep my mind off these things and just help in whatever way possible int his “batch unity” thing. Tomorrow, duing the class meet, me, Vidit and Rakesh are planning on a special surprise. It’s supposed to be a comic 20 – 25 minute thing where we have plans to …. ok ok . It’s a surprise.
I am planning on doing a few things before I finally leave Hyderabad. One of them is to meet a few of my friends here whom I have’nt met for a long time. The list is long, but to mention a few .. Vinay ( he is a busy man .. I am sure he won’t complain ), Pranita ( well .. she just might kill me ), Kalyani, and if possible I should also visit Shakeel Uncle ( omg .. I doubt if they will recognize me now ), and Aseem’s relatives whom I dined with .. twice ( I am such an ungrateful A$$ ).
Aneway it’s 4:15 in the morning and I am hungry. The tea shop opens at 5:30. No idea if I’ll be able to hold the fort that long.

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Stupid stupid stupid ..

After an amazing talk with a friend just one night before, I had a BIIIG fight with another friend today. Actually it wasn’t as much of a fight, as a difference of opinion. He supports one group of people, and I BELONG to the other. And both can not co-exist. Can’t help it. I always knew that the day we discuss it, we would have a biig fight, but thanx to maddy it didn’t go as bad as I had thought initially. Anyway, at the end of it all, we are still friends and that’s more important. I don’t value anything more than friendship ( other than .. hmm .. a couple other things . ha ha ) and as long as we have discussions that end the way it did today, it’s all ok. Sorry If I said anything that hurt.
hmm .. other than that .. we seem to be busy discussing politics a lot. And not national or international politics, I am talking about Batch Politics. I better not say much, I am told I make too many inflammatory remarks. Last time I wrote a BIIG post and deleted it, because maddy told me that it was tooo rude and with 15 days to go, I shouldn’t be doing stuff like this. Anyway, I hope atleast the person whom I wrote it for, read it, before I deleted it ( yeah .. that is me .. EVIL EVIL ).
Council Elections are coming up in a few days, and I am seeing pretty much a repeat of what happened last year. And things, same as last year, have boiled over to Placements too. Juniors are having a tough time figuring out who should be their Placement Secretary. And Paddy says, that she doesn’t want a PS ( interesting .. Isn’t it ?? .. I wonder who would be attending all her 2 hour phone calls .. who would be running after her all the time to call more companies .. who would be following her all the time saying “Yes maam .. yess maam .. of course maam .. definately maam” ). I hope our juniors would understand how important a good Placement Secretary is, and would push a responsible person to do this. I am told that there is just too much infighting in their batch to come to a consensus .. but something has to be worked out, otherwise they are going to have a very difficult time during their placements.
During the Elections last year there were reports of a large number of incidents where some improper means was used to gain support and win votes. Apparently juniors (1st years ) were told that if they vote for person XYZ they would be given before hand information about Surprise Quizzes and such stuff. Another point, some people even reported that the candidate XYZ was telling northies that is he was elected he would make life better for north Indians. I have been living in this college for 4 years and I don’t see any part of college life which can be made any better. And why only north Indians, Why keep south Indians out .. ?? If there is betterment of life ( if at all ) .. shouldn’t it be same for north and south Indians. I wonder what were his crooked ideas. I supported candidate ABC all through the elections and didn’t feel the need for any other form of campaigning other than the one during the all batch meet where each candidate was supposed to present his agenda. But some other people ( read XYZ ) had been campaigning ( read .. whatever I wrote above ) for long before the agenda day and that went on till one day before the elections. As expected, XYZ won and we were thoroughly disappointed.
I am not sure, what XYZ did after winning the elections, because I kind of lost interest in all cultural activities after he won, mainly because I lost faith in the election process. So I don’t know whether he was a good cultural secretary or a bad one, but he lost all my respect the day I came to know, how he had been campaigning.
Anyway, it’s a thing of the past, and I don’t see any reason why I should even bother myself thinking about him. The college is doomed and would continue the downwards path until the day the “Free for all elections” rule is removed. I think that Faculty should screen the candidates, and also, if possible monitor the campaigning ( same as it was, before WE came up with the thought of , elections for,by the students ).
On a lighter note, I broke a GIRL’s headphones today. It wasn’t my mistake. It just happened. She wasn’t on her desk and I took her headphones to play Counter Strike. Just as I plugged them in, she came back and I returned it to her. After 5 seconds she came back saying that the pin is missing and I turned my head 30 degree NW to see the damn pin still attached to the headphone socket. I said sorry, but unfortunately the headphone was totally screwed up. We couldn’t fix it ( I tried, Vidit tried, Ranta tried ) however hard we tried. I put in all my engineering skills and Vidit at one point suggested that If I try too hard the headphone may work for 5 minutes and then there would be a short circuit. Imagine the girl listening to the music, happily, and then the stupid short circuit. I am going to take it to IN tomorrow to see if I can get it fixed. Rocky says “Chennai chala ja .. Vahan se usko parcel kar ke naya bhej dena ”
Another thing, I wrote the mail to ” palaniappan.x.subramanian ‘at’ ” for my offer letter. I didn’t take a Xerox of the letter than was sent to us and now I don’t have any doc to take to Chennai that can prove that I was actually selected. Hope some thing works out there.
Life is, otherwise cool .. hey . .. btw .. Happy Holi to all of you .. have a nice time .. and stay away from booze and drugs .. it’s bad .. 😀 ..


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Nice story

Found this on Rakesh’s Blog .. Loved it ..

An eight-year-old child heard her parents talking about her little
brother. All she knew was that he was very sick and they had no money
left. They were moving to a smaller house because they could not afford
to stay in the present house after paying the doctor’s bills. Only a
very costly surgery could save him now and there was no one to loan them
the money.

When she heard daddy say to her tearful mother with whispered
desperation, ‘Only a miracle can save him now’, the child went to her
bedroom and pulled a glass jar from its hiding place in the closet.

She poured all the change out on the floor and counted it carefully.

Clutching the precious jar tightly, she slipped out the back door and
made her way six blocks to the local drug Store. She took a quarter from
her jar and placed it on the glass counter.

“And what do you want?” asked the pharmacist. “It’s for my little
brother,” the girl answered back. “He’s really, really sick and I want
to buy a miracle.”

“I beg your pardon?” said the pharmacist.

“His name is Andrew and he has something bad growing inside his head and
my daddy says only a miracle can save him. So how much does a miracle

“We don’t sell miracles here, child. I’m sorry,” the pharmacist said,
smiling sadly at the little girl.

“Listen, I have the money to pay for it. If it isn’t enough, I can try
and get some more. Just tell me how much it costs.”
In the shop was a well-dressed customer. He stooped down and asked the
little girl, “What kind of a miracle does you brother need?”

“I don’t know,” she replied with her eyes welling up. “He’s really sick
and mommy says he needs an operation. But my daddy can’t pay for it, so
I have brought my savings”.
“How much do you have?” asked the man. “One dollar and eleven cents, but
I can try and get some more”, she answered barely audibly.
“Well, what a coincidence,” smiled the man. “A dollar and eleven cents
— the exact price of a miracle for little brothers.”
He took her money in one hand and held her hand with the other. He said,
“Take me to where you live. I want to see your brother and meet your
parents. Let’s see if I have the kind of miracle you need.”

That well-dressed man was Dr Carlton Armstrong, a surgeon, specializing
in neuro-surgery. The operation was completed without charge and it
wasn’t long before Andrew was home again and doing well.

“That surgery,” her mom whispered, “was a real miracle. I wonder how
much it would have cost?”

The little girl smiled. She knew exactly how much the miracle cost …
one dollar and eleven cents … plus the faith of a little child.


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The highwayman

I read this poem back in highschool ( If I am right ). Heard it today again. It’s a nice reading.

Part One

The wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees,
The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas,
The road was a ribbon of moonlight, over the purple moor,
And the highwayman came riding
The highwayman came riding, up to the old inn-door.

He’d a French cocked-hat on his forehead, a bunch of lace at his chin,
A coat of the claret velvet, and breeches of brown doe-skin;
They fitted with never a wrinkle: his boots were up to the thigh!
And he rode with a jewelled twinkle,
His pistol butts a-twinkle,
His rapier hilt a-twinkle, under the jewelled sky.

Over the cobbles he clattered and clashed in the dark inn-yard,
And he tapped with his whip on the shutters, but all was locked and barred;
He whistled a tune to the window, and who should be waiting there
But the landlord’s black-eyed daughter,
Bess, the landlord’s daughter,
Plaiting a dark red love-knot into her long black hair.

And dark in the old inn-yard a stable-wicket creaked
Where Tim the ostler listened; his face was white and peaked;
His eyes were hollows of madness, his hair like mouldy hay,
But he loved the landlord’s daughter,
The landlord’s red-lipped daughter,
Dumb as a dog he listened, and he heard the robber say –

“One kiss, my bonny sweetheart, I’m after a prize to-night,
But I shall be back with the yellow gold before the morning light;
Yet, if they press me sharply, and harry me through the day,
Then look for me by moonlight,
Watch for me by moonlight,
I’ll come to thee by moonlight, though hell should bar the way.”

He rose upright in the stirrups; he scarce could reach her hand,
But she loosened her hair i’ the casement! His face burnt like a brand
As the black cascade of perfume came tumbling over his breast;
And he kissed its waves in the moonlight,
(Oh, sweet black waves in the moonlight!)
Then he tugged at his rein in the moonlight, and galloped away to the West.

Part Two


He did not come in the dawning; he did not come at noon;
And out o’ the tawny sunset, before the rise o’ the moon,
When the road was a gypsy’s ribbon, looping the purple moor,
A red-coat troop came marching-
King George’s men came marching, up to the old inn-door.


They said no word to the landlord, they drank his ale instead,
But they gagged his daughter and bound her to the foot of her narrow bed;
Two of them knelt at her casement, with muskets at their side!
There was death at every window;
And hell at one dark window;
For Bess could see, through the casement, the road that he would ride.


They had tied her up to attention, with many a sniggering jest;
They bound a musket beside her, with the barrel beneath her breast!
“Now keep good watch!” and they kissed her.
She heard the dead man say-
Look for me by moonlight;
Watch for me by moonlight;
I’ll come to thee by moonlight, though hell should bar the way!


She twisted her hands behind her; but all the knots held good!
She writhed her hands till here fingers were wet with sweat or blood!
They stretched and strained in the darkness, and the hours crawled by like years,
Till, now, on the stroke of midnight,
Cold, on the stroke of midnight,
The tip of one figure touched it! The trigger at least was hers!


The tip of one finger touched it; she strove no more for the rest!
Up, she stood up to attention, with the barrel beneath her breast,
She would not risk their hearing; she would not strive again;
For the road lay bare in the moonlight;
Blank and bare in the moonlight;
And the blood of her veins in the moonlight throbbed to her love’s refrain


Tlot-tlot; tlot-tlot! Had they heard it? The horse-hoofs ringing clear;
Tlot-tlot, tlot-tlot, in the distance? Were they deaf that they did not hear?
Down the ribbon of moonlight, over the brow of the hill,
The highwayman came riding,
Riding, riding!
The red-coats looked to their priming! She stood up strait and still!


Tlot-tlot, in the frosty silence! Tlot-tlot, in the echoing night
Nearer he came and nearer! Her face was like a light!
Her eyes grew wide for a moment; she drew one last deep breath,
Then her finger moved in the moonlight,
Her musket shattered the moonlight,
Shattered her breast in the moonlight and warned him-with her death.

He turned; he spurred to the West; he did not know who stood
Bowed, with her head o’er the musket, drenched with her own red blood!
Not till the dawn he heard it, his face grew grey to hear
How Bess, the landlord’s daughter,
The landlord’s black-eyed daughter,
Had watched for her love in the moonlight, and died in the darkness there.


Back, he spurred like a madman, shrieking a curse to the sky,
With the white road smoking behind him and his rapier brandished high!
Blood-red were his spurs i’ the golden noon; wine-red was his velvet coat,
When they shot him down on the highway,
Down like a dog on the highway,
And he lay in his blood on the highway, with a bunch of lace at his throat.


And still of a winter’s night, they say, when the wind is in the trees,
When the moon is a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas,
When the road is a ribbon of moonlight over the purple moor,
A highwayman comes riding-
A highwayman comes riding, up to the old inn-door.


Over the cobbles he clatters and clangs in the dark inn-yard,
And he taps with his whip on the shutters, but all is locked and barred;
He whistles a tune to the window, and who should be waiting there
But the landlord’s black-eyed daughter,
Bess, the landlord’s daughter,
Plaiting a dark red love-knot into her long black hair.


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Losing .. 6 years back and Now !!

I know it’s not a big deal, it was JUST a game, but what was the worst thing about the game yesterday was how easily it brought back my worst memories from six years back. Everything seems to be following the same route, Every incident that happened back then happened again yesterday, and to be totally honest, the freakish coincidence is that the words used back then and NOW are the same, though the sets of lips have changed.
I know for sure that what I said above does’nt make much sense to you, because many of you were not there with me 6 years ago, and those of you who were are not here with me now.
Flashback -> Let me take you 10 years back, I was selected for house cricket team for the first time. I can’t tell you how happy I was then. It was rather uncommon for 9th standard students to be selected in the team unless they were pretty good although I did’nt get a look in, because of the 13 selected only 9 were supposed to play and the question of me playing was totally out of question as I was the youngest. Those were the days when House brothers mattered more than blood relations. I watched and watched with total amazement, as my elder brother took apart the my house’s bowlers. It was a hard decision to make.At one side was my brother and at the other was my house, the house I was representing. He had totally smothered the bowlers, yet our batsmen had done enough to pose worries for the final few overs. I watched as my brother went to take the a drink break and finished a glucose pack in one go. Still 4 overs to go and 30 runs to get. He had batted for the most of the innings with the kind of gut and determination and flamboyance that we associate with Sachin ( Ok I know I am drawing huge comparisons, but believe me that day he did seem like a Sachin Avatar ). I watched as he hit our best bowler for 3 boundaries in row and then again in the final over, with 3 runs to get on the last bowl, I watched him dance down the track, as he struck a delightful flick to the square leg boundry for a four. I watched and I watched with awe the kind of jubilation that triggered. He was all over the place, people was carrying him over their shoulders and I had never seen him happier. He got the best cricketer award that year, something that was considered more “cool” than getting the “best student” award in his batch.
All through my cricket years ( 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th ) .. I tried to emulate him, with little success. The reason was’nt that I was not GOOD, it was just that our bowlers were just too good for the opponents to make life troublesome for us batsmen. WE always won. Winning the matches in Tenth and Eleventh was like a walk in the park. We always won. But then Twelfth happened. We were the firm favorites. But the final match opponents had given tough competition to us in one of the practice games, and I as team captain tried to maintain the team moral by saying that it was a fluke and we can easily beat them. But believe me, somewhere deep within my heart I thought that if anyone can beat us, it would be these people. I remembered my brother’s efforts in his last game. The day had won him accolades and the possible reason for my inclusion in future teams was because I was Paritosh’s younger brother. I was scared that I won’t be able to live up to the expectations of emulating my brother. More than that I was scared that this was going to be my last game in school, the last official cricket match I ever play, the last day I could be captain be a winning team. ( you may want to compare these words with what I wrote yesterday before the match with Raskullz ). I was so nervous before the match that my team mates had to actually push me to open the innings ( I was the innings opener, and I was known to be always ready for facing the opponent’s best fast bowler ). I was so scared that day that the first ball I faced almost took an edge. I survived but then slowly began to loose hope. The match was lost to me even before it had begun. We were chasing 85 in 15 overs. I held one end of the innings together while I watched my partners change. The best partnership I had was with the number 8. I made a couple of bad calls that resulted in two run outs and then even while playing, I could’nt take my eyes off Shivani who was sitting just outside the boundary ropes. I missed so many shots and so many bad balls went unpunished that I hated myself after the game. But then, even though we lost, a lot of people came up to me and said “Well played” some went on to say “Mr. XYZ played horribly .. You lost because of him” .. some went a step further and said “You guys deserved to win .. no idea why you lost”
Yesterday during and after the match, it was the same. I distinctly remember atleast two three incidents where it was because of me that we lost a round. If I had killed Major while Jaya was diffusing the bomb, we had that one in, I had that idea in mind, but just messed it up. And again when it was down to 2 v 3 when they had planted the bomb, I killed all three of the opponents but yet delayed to ask Vidit to diffuse the bomb and the damn bomb exploded. Same old mistakes, same old comments. Sreejith told me today ” you played well .. XYZ could’nt keep the site defended” .. but that does’nt change the final outcome .. does it .. the fact is that we lost .. and I LOST .. yet again and pretty much the same way as I did six years back.


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Raskullz Vs. US

This is a sincere request to all my clan members a.k.a Sam, Jaya, Bansi, and Shetty to NOT read any further ..

Today we have a match against the Raskullz, ug3 guys. They are a good clan and seriously speaking I am scared that this is going to be my last serious clan game in IIIT. We are not that good, u know. Ok, we are the lowest seeded team to qualify for the quarters, but does’nt change the fact that we are the “lowest seeded team” in the last eight and stastically speaking we should be out in this round itself before we cause any more upsets. I have stats to prove and support what I am saying .. Raskullz have Rao, who is beyond doubt the best sniper I have seen, after Saiki that is. They have Major, who is a great player with assaults and so is ORB. Other than that they are pretty much Ok ok .. but even their “ok , ok players” are better than our best players ( I don’t know who is our best player ) .. I am told Sreejith has been telling them our strategy .. and frankly speaking I did’nt know we had a strategy for any game ( and mind you, I am the clan captain, the one who is supposed to make some strategies ).. I wonder what the hell has he been telling them ..
Aneway I came to know that this game was today at around 4:00 in the evening and I got serious that I have to play wll for this game .. You want to know how serious I got .. I SHAVED .. that’s how serious I got .. I put on my V-neck T-shirt ( one that I have’nt used and hence washed for over a month ) and I consider it a lucky charm ( don’t ask me why ) .. I came to lab ..send off a fiery email to the Raskal team .. here it is ..

Hi guys ,

We have a match tonite , could you sugguest some time and map.
For us, we would like to play anytime after dinner ( say, around 10:30 ).
But We have to discuss the map .. 😉


To my surpise the reply came pretty quickly saying that they were not in a position to play the game tonite because they had a project demo today .. I can’t tell you how happy I was to read this ..I get to live another day as the captain of a “clan” . another day of pride .. another day of admiration for my clan’s headshots and another day of seeing my clan video .. but then .. Sreejith intervened in the sweet world of mine .. saying . “YOU HAVE TO PLAY THE GAME TODAY” .. so .. I sent another mail to raskals .. here it is ..

Hi guys ,

I talked to the organizers .. they say we can’t delay this any further ..
we HAVE TO PLAY TONITE .. thatz the exact words .. no font change
or capitalising from my side .. aneway .. if you have demo tonite .. we
can play after your demo .. anetime you are free .. say around 12:00 or
even 12:30 ..( labs close at around 1:30 . so can’t delay any further )

our preference stays the same .. inferno ..server will be at 5.6 .. and
the server passwd would be maps123 ..

c ya then .. all the best .. gl + hf .


I was kind of hoping that they would reply saying “F**K the organizers .. we can’t play tonite .. you get a bye if you want to win that way” .. Poor souls .. did’nt know thatz the only way I expect to win a game against them .. Aneway .. The devil that sits over the shoulder of all humans came to life .. and suggested that I stir it up a little .. how about making the organizers seem like Satan Avatars to the Raskullz .. but before I could make a move .. the angel that was sitting over Pati’s Shoulder ( he is one of the Raskullz ) was supposable working over time and he sent me a IM saying that since dust2 and inferno are not acceptable .. ltz play Aztec .. now in case ou don’t know .. Aztec is a Sniper map .. and they have Rao .. it was like agreeing to commit suicide and I did agree ( after talks with team mates a.k.a Sam and Jaya .. ) ..

Now here I am .. 2.5 hrs to go before the match starts .. and waiting for Raskullz to unleash hell .. I am not afraid .. I am scared .. I hope I get atleast one frag tonite ..

************* LATEST UPDATE ********************
we lost the game .. and I kind of think that it was because of me .. If I had not been so nervous .. we could have done it .. consider the final score yaar .. it was 13-10 .. and at one point we were leading 10-7 .. they won 6 games in a row .. too bad .. we should have played much better as CTs . I was so nervous as CT that I ws unable to control the mouse for about 4-5 games .. and the score line read 0-5 for me .. but then .. better sense prevailed and we were somehow able to level the score 6-6 as CT .. but I am sure we could have done much better than that .. had someone else played instead of me .. aneway .. enough said and done .. life moves on .. was a Good game .. and I’ll remember this game because it was one game where we played really well .. and could have won .. but … AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH … it’s not an ego issue or anything .. just the fact that we lost .. and are out of tourney .. will never be able to play CS as a clan again .. never an official game ever for us .. I feel bad .. jayaram says .. we will create CS servers at Verizon and play there .. ;)) .. good idea .. will see how far that idea goes ..
aneway .. Good game Raskullz .. GG .. all the best ..


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