Long Week .. No Post

A Lot of things have changed since I posted smething on my blog last sunday. Last post was a breezy one, was the outcome of what came to my mind at that particular moment when I was typing, and probably about backlogs in my mind about how and what I felt about stuff. But since that day,things have been looking up. Had a much better week than the last.
I have no particular reasons to be happy. Probably the fact that we won 2 matches in a row at the CS tourney against supposedly tough competetiors, or may be because I patched up things with a friend ( ok .. she initiated it AND I AM NOT PROUD OF THE FACT THAT SHE DID … THE MISTAKE WAS MINE ( happy now ?? :)) ) … but still we did kinda patch up ) .. or may be because Bhaiya got a second job at Pune ( something he was looking for .. for a long time ) .. or maybe because papa said “Meetu .. I think you are grown up enough now to take decisions on your own” .. or may be because I talked to Shivani for the fourth time in seven days ( ok .. the PCO bill is in four figures .. but it’s all worth it ) ..
Other than these there are a couple more things about which I would definately not like to post here .. because it’s somewhere on the line between blogging your feelings and showing off .. and already some people are of opinion that blogging is a means to do the later.. so I would avoid mentioning that incident ..
Other than that .. hmm .. did’nt follow the first day of Cricket match between India and Pakistan at Mohali; but read about it at CricInfo. I feel happy for Balaji. The guy has earned his place in the team in face of some tough competetion. I love the way he bowls. Seems like Srinath, not the action, but the heart. Never seems to give up, always has hope that his next delivery is going to rattle the stumps. Even while he is batting, you should see his face when he dispatches the quickest of seamers around the world for a six. For me, he is like a second Srinath. A bowler with a heart and a batsman with guts.



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4 responses to “Long Week .. No Post

  1. Who is ‘Meetu’??? Glad to hear you had a good week through!! πŸ˜€

  2. s

    “because it’s somewhere on the line between blogging your feelings and showing off” .. dude this is true .. many ppl think that .. fucktards ..

    oye how do we have a password protected private section on our blog.
    i guess we do not maintain any kind of diary like jayaram, and we dont post some very personal stuff on the blog .. so why not have one section only for us .. which only we can read or a very selective set of ppl can ???

    whats say dude ???

  3. Hey, atleast ucan get into 4 figures…I cant dare to …. PJN is not even paying me for rubbing my a** in CVIT…:(( well sam is rite… some personal stuff doesnt go newhere….just stays with us ..n then sm day I forget it ..and wat worse she wud ask smthin related to that after I have forgotten it … so smthin for ur Junior techies…

  4. Archana ,
    Meetu would be me .. That’s my pet name .. ;)) .. kinda girlish .. but can’t help it ..

    Sam ,
    I was thinking about something on the same line .. not tought to do technically.. but what we need to think about are the logistics .. If we actually want a diary kinda personal thing, a blog is no place for it .. can’t give a link to it .. and if no-one other than the write can read it .. I think a junk file in 200 would suffice ..

    Pati ,
    mentioned junk file above … if you do happen to get into my login someday you would see lots of them πŸ™‚ .. I hope that helps .. I use them a lot .. and other than that .. I believe I have pretty ok ok memory when it comes to such stuff .. and fortunately enough shivani’s memory is no good either .. so .. I don’t have much trouble in this regard .. but I hope my idea helps you ..–>

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