Tech Tech Tech …

So what the hell am I doing these days .. other than blogging that is .. ??
Bolero tells me that I have been chatting .. but ofcourse he does’nt know that my chat friends are either effected by virus infected comouters or are themselves sick with viral fever or have HUGE assignments and project work to do .. somehow I think that is all an excuse these people make for not coming online .. so that they can stay away from me .. :)) ..
aneway . so .. the original question was .. what am I doing these days .. ??
During the past 7 days I did 3 things that were to my interest .
1> Wrote the FYP report .. well .. that’s the only thing I do in my FYP .. write reports . not finished it yet . ( Maddy .. if you are reading this .. the first thing I’ll do as soon as I finish this post is to complete the report .. Promise 🙂 )
2> Made a Clan Video for CS .. came out pretty well .. but then Shiben made a zillion times better video the very next day .. so I am thinking about making another one which comes atleast close to what Shiben has done ..
3> Made a blog update notifier .. Now on I’ll get a mail every night at 4:00 AM .. telling me whose blog has been updated .. 🙂 .. Helps me .. Now I don’t have to increase the visitor count of blogs that have’nt been updated.

Enough work for one week .. is’nt it ..
Feeling too sleepy now .. may be I should sleep now .. will do the report tomorrow ..



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5 responses to “Tech Tech Tech …

  1. The third deed you did….very helpful indeed!! U ROCK is a fantabulous comment…who rocks??? the professor rocks!!
    Another thing, MEETU….No idea why I like calling you Meetu…but Meetu, Meetu is a really cute little sweet name Meetu!! Meetu…Meetu…Meetu ;D

  2. sorry to tell you but the 3rd deed you did been done already

    a cutting edge technology called RSS invented just 3 years ago already does it!!

    If you have atom feeds then too this tech works…all you need is a rss/atom reader or if you use opera then you dont need that too..opera has an integrated rss/atom feed reader and lets you know within minutes of someone updating his/her blog

    effectively that reduces your work to zilch?
    I know you will reply saying “satisfaction of having done on my own..crap crap crap”
    save it
    i am in a really good mood for trolling today

  3. Archana ,
    Plz don’t call me meetu .. it’s embarrasing enough that my friends in college have come to know about the “dark secret” that is my name and now you too .. I think it’s a little too girly .. nice name for a girl but not me .. and if you ask me why I was named meetu .. it’s the mistake of a stupid little girl in my colony .. her nick was “mithoo” and mom thought that was a nice name .. so she made up her mind that her next child will be named mithooo .. thankfully with time .. that changed to Meetu .. otherwise I would have been living in a cage eating green chilly all the time ..

    Jaya ,
    FUB !!! .. ;)) .. yeah . did it on my own ..and more importantly d id SOMETHING ON MY OWN ..

  4. Meetu…..I will never stop calling you Meetu, Meetu :))

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