U Rock

Today I had a conversation with Parivesh about Prof. Govindrajulu. Apparently today they had filled up the feedback form for his compiler’s class. And, as is the ritual, before the forms reach the academic office, Prof. Govindrajulu took a look at them and read them out loud. We always thought this was funny, because, ACCORDING TO RULE, the feedback form should reach academic office first and only the feedback report should go to the teacher. But he is Dean, academics, and a classic example of what a man in position of making a difference can do. Apparently the appreciation for our teachers has found a new phrase. Someone wrote ” YOU ROCK ” on the form. Gone are the days when students used to appreciate the hard work and dedication of the teachers with words like “knowledgeable” and “is experienced” and “intellectual” and “visionary”. Even Prof. Govindrajulu was perplexed at the usage of the word ROCK to describe his teaching. Old man that he is ( around 80 years ), probably thought it was an insult of O(n^infinity). He started calling students names, to which the students responded with enthusiastic zeal. Must have been a great scene, sure about that.
Anyway, whatever I wrote above is not the reason for this post. Parivesh pointed out one flaw in his teaching, which according to me was NOT a flaw. He says that he makes too many jokes in class and his jokes are usually at the expense of a student and hence are humiliating to that particular person. I think that as long as students take it in the right spirit it’s not humiliating and is actually enjoyable. I respect Prof. Govindrajulu for the kind of person he is. He is not a great teacher, I agree, but as a person .. I think he is a role model. What I find particularly nice about him is his modesty. Even at this age, he does not mind accepting his mistake. He always accepts his ignorance about something he doesn’t know .. and always says that he will find about it. The most important thing is that he DOES find out about it and comes back to the next class knowing more that the person who initially pointed out his ignorance on the subject. I appreciate his memory too. He remembers most of the books that he has read, PAGE BY PAGE. And add to that his zest to learn more and more, for which he keeps himself updated by reading all the possible science and computers’ magzines and new publications. Most of his classes are filled with references to these magzines, and not just the names, he would actually point out the page numbers and the summary of the article of interest too.
I agree that sometimes his jokes can be embarrassing to the student at the receiving end of it, but come to think of it .. he is afterall only trying to make the class a little more interesting. And if once in a while, he feels that he has hurt someone’s sentiments, I have SEEN him apologize about it in person.
All in all .. He does ROCK … and I hope he understands ( if he ever reads this .. :)) ) that this is an appreciation and by no means an insult. If in future, I could be even half as learned and knowledgeable a person as He is .. I would consider myself lucky.



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3 responses to “U Rock

  1. Dood sorry but he turned 65 this january..still some time to go before he becomes 80

    he is good as long as you dont want him to decide on somethings..he is not a good teacher and a worser far more indecisive administrator

    see rss told me you updated and here i am

  2. “he is not a good teacher and a worser far more indecisive administrator” – I couldn’t agree more.

  3. i agree with all you guys said above .. he is not a gret teacher .. and probably not a great administrator either .. but what I was trying to foucs on here was his human side . I feel he is role model as a person who wants to learn more and more and has the best memory too .. he is knowledgeable .. and definately .. a wonderful PERSON

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