Raskullz Vs. US

This is a sincere request to all my clan members a.k.a Sam, Jaya, Bansi, and Shetty to NOT read any further ..

Today we have a match against the Raskullz, ug3 guys. They are a good clan and seriously speaking I am scared that this is going to be my last serious clan game in IIIT. We are not that good, u know. Ok, we are the lowest seeded team to qualify for the quarters, but does’nt change the fact that we are the “lowest seeded team” in the last eight and stastically speaking we should be out in this round itself before we cause any more upsets. I have stats to prove and support what I am saying .. Raskullz have Rao, who is beyond doubt the best sniper I have seen, after Saiki that is. They have Major, who is a great player with assaults and so is ORB. Other than that they are pretty much Ok ok .. but even their “ok , ok players” are better than our best players ( I don’t know who is our best player ) .. I am told Sreejith has been telling them our strategy .. and frankly speaking I did’nt know we had a strategy for any game ( and mind you, I am the clan captain, the one who is supposed to make some strategies ).. I wonder what the hell has he been telling them ..
Aneway I came to know that this game was today at around 4:00 in the evening and I got serious that I have to play wll for this game .. You want to know how serious I got .. I SHAVED .. that’s how serious I got .. I put on my V-neck T-shirt ( one that I have’nt used and hence washed for over a month ) and I consider it a lucky charm ( don’t ask me why ) .. I came to lab ..send off a fiery email to the Raskal team .. here it is ..

Hi guys ,

We have a match tonite , could you sugguest some time and map.
For us, we would like to play anytime after dinner ( say, around 10:30 ).
But We have to discuss the map .. ๐Ÿ˜‰


To my surpise the reply came pretty quickly saying that they were not in a position to play the game tonite because they had a project demo today .. I can’t tell you how happy I was to read this ..I get to live another day as the captain of a “clan” . another day of pride .. another day of admiration for my clan’s headshots and another day of seeing my clan video .. but then .. Sreejith intervened in the sweet world of mine .. saying . “YOU HAVE TO PLAY THE GAME TODAY” .. so .. I sent another mail to raskals .. here it is ..

Hi guys ,

I talked to the organizers .. they say we can’t delay this any further ..
we HAVE TO PLAY TONITE .. thatz the exact words .. no font change
or capitalising from my side .. aneway .. if you have demo tonite .. we
can play after your demo .. anetime you are free .. say around 12:00 or
even 12:30 ..( labs close at around 1:30 . so can’t delay any further )

our preference stays the same .. inferno ..server will be at 5.6 .. and
the server passwd would be maps123 ..

c ya then .. all the best .. gl + hf .


I was kind of hoping that they would reply saying “F**K the organizers .. we can’t play tonite .. you get a bye if you want to win that way” .. Poor souls .. did’nt know thatz the only way I expect to win a game against them .. Aneway .. The devil that sits over the shoulder of all humans came to life .. and suggested that I stir it up a little .. how about making the organizers seem like Satan Avatars to the Raskullz .. but before I could make a move .. the angel that was sitting over Pati’s Shoulder ( he is one of the Raskullz ) was supposable working over time and he sent me a IM saying that since dust2 and inferno are not acceptable .. ltz play Aztec .. now in case ou don’t know .. Aztec is a Sniper map .. and they have Rao .. it was like agreeing to commit suicide and I did agree ( after talks with team mates a.k.a Sam and Jaya .. ) ..

Now here I am .. 2.5 hrs to go before the match starts .. and waiting for Raskullz to unleash hell .. I am not afraid .. I am scared .. I hope I get atleast one frag tonite ..

************* LATEST UPDATE ********************
we lost the game .. and I kind of think that it was because of me .. If I had not been so nervous .. we could have done it .. consider the final score yaar .. it was 13-10 .. and at one point we were leading 10-7 .. they won 6 games in a row .. too bad .. we should have played much better as CTs . I was so nervous as CT that I ws unable to control the mouse for about 4-5 games .. and the score line read 0-5 for me .. but then .. better sense prevailed and we were somehow able to level the score 6-6 as CT .. but I am sure we could have done much better than that .. had someone else played instead of me .. aneway .. enough said and done .. life moves on .. was a Good game .. and I’ll remember this game because it was one game where we played really well .. and could have won .. but … AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH … it’s not an ego issue or anything .. just the fact that we lost .. and are out of tourney .. will never be able to play CS as a clan again .. never an official game ever for us .. I feel bad .. jayaram says .. we will create CS servers at Verizon and play there .. ;)) .. good idea .. will see how far that idea goes ..
aneway .. Good game Raskullz .. GG .. all the best ..



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2 responses to “Raskullz Vs. US

  1. Hey Meetu ๐Ÿ˜€
    Don’t worry. I trust you guys to cause an upset. ๐Ÿ™‚
    All the best!!!

    Hope to see you as the top fragger.

  2. Hey Utkarsh , i dont think u ever sounded so scared , other than when u were watching horror movies.Man , u’ll do great , dont worry , ALL THE BEST!!

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