What Now …

We had the demonstration for our Final year project yesterday noon and it went well. Now I feel like I have absolutely nothing to do. It’s like all of a sudden I have realized, that I have come to the end of my academic life, and I know that a lot of you would be pointing out “Learning never ends” and blah blah blah .. but what I was talking about was the “Class room studies”. All of a sudden I feel there is absolutely nothing left to do except prepare for the exams, appear for the same, and then go home. That’s it .. “The End” of College Life. No more CS, no more Age, no more night outs to study for the exam next day, no more night outs to just talk to friends .. I wonder what is life going to be like without all these, because so far, these very things HAD been my life.
Once I enter professional life, most of the time I would be busy with the office work and I don’t think I would get much time to catch up with my friends here in college. Some of my lucky friends are staying back in Hyderabad, while I would be off to Chennai. My friends in hyderabad have already made up plans as to where they will stay and stuff like that. I regret that I won’t be able to live with them. The worst part of all of it is, I have absolutely no idea who am I going to stay with at Chennai. A couple of people I like would be joining me in Chennai, and I hope that things are not going to be that tough. Aneway, thatz not for another 3 months .. So I still have lots of time to worry about that.
Right now there are more pressing issues that need to be addressed, like .. how to utilize my remaining few days in Hyderabad in a better way. I am already bored with this Batch Politics thing and doing stuff for the batch seems stupid now. For everything a person tries to do, there would be atleast five others who would be objecting to the purpose of that activity. And at the end, people here have made a habit of taking everything lightly and ending it with the over used “It’s OKkkkk “. Really friends, it used to be funny at first, now it’s more of an excuse for the pathetic bunch that we are. I have lost the will to do anything for the batch as such. Even when I attend the meetings, I don’t see the enthusiasm that used to be there a couple of years back. Probably my other friends ( Rakesh, Vidit, Sandeep and Pradeep ) are more optimistic in this regard. But I don’t see any point in the kind of activitites we are trying to come up with. Nothing works for us. However hard we try, at the end of it all .. it’s not going to make a difference to the thinking of our batchmates. I don’t want to blame others for this. Even I am this way. Afterall, the presumptions and feelings I have about my batchmates ( individually ) have been built over a period of 3 years and 10 months. I don’t see anything changing them. So, why try for this “Batch Bonding” thing. Whom are we trying to Fool ?? At the end of the day, I know that I would never trust person A, and person Z would always remain my closest friend. What difference do the batch meetings make ??
Tomorrow there is going to be a Class meeting. I wonder how may would show up for that. Someone came up with the idea of inviting Prof. Govindrajulu or Prof. Jawahar for the class, to just ask them about how to go about living life in Professional Arena and such stuff ( better phrasing of the sentence needed ), but people even have problem with that. I mean, what harm can possibly come out of listening to an old man with more than 30 years of experience talk about the philosophy of life. If anything, it’s only going to help us. Someone suggested that we give up the Farewell Dinner Fund to the Alumni Fund to be used as Scholarship fund. People have problems with that too. How important is that one day of dinner to people ?? We cant’ just let it go even when we know that it’s going to be used for a needy person’s Tution Fee. Someone came up with the idea of a Batch fund or a gdit2k1 fund, where students from our batch can donate some money out of the caution fee ( that would be reimbursed in June I guess ) which can be used for Scholarships for future batches. So far, the response to this has varied from outright rejection to moderate approval. I wonder what could be the response to this point in tomorrow’s meeting.
I am trying to keep my mind off these things and just help in whatever way possible int his “batch unity” thing. Tomorrow, duing the class meet, me, Vidit and Rakesh are planning on a special surprise. It’s supposed to be a comic 20 – 25 minute thing where we have plans to …. ok ok . It’s a surprise.
I am planning on doing a few things before I finally leave Hyderabad. One of them is to meet a few of my friends here whom I have’nt met for a long time. The list is long, but to mention a few .. Vinay ( he is a busy man .. I am sure he won’t complain ), Pranita ( well .. she just might kill me ), Kalyani, and if possible I should also visit Shakeel Uncle ( omg .. I doubt if they will recognize me now ), and Aseem’s relatives whom I dined with .. twice ( I am such an ungrateful A$$ ).
Aneway it’s 4:15 in the morning and I am hungry. The tea shop opens at 5:30. No idea if I’ll be able to hold the fort that long.


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