Saas , Bahu and Sarees and WI – SA Series ..

I often wondered whether the soaps that we see these days are even close to what we have in real life.But my questions were answered on 15th of May. I was all alone at home and the door bell rang. I opened the door to see a gorgeous 20 – something standing outside. She looked like a character from The Saas Bahu Kahani serials which means, A Loud Saree and fitting jewellery and HEAVY makeup. I always thought that the prettiest thing I had ever seen was the Kareeena Kapoor Poster, but this was different .. this was Life like .. this was more “touchable”. She handed me something, no idea what and asked about mom and dad. Usually, it rarely happens that pretty girls look at me .. forget about talking and I was as dumbstruck as I could be. The only words I remember were “Uncle .. Aunty .. Marrige ..” and something about 20th of May. I think the words I uttered were “No .. yes .. No .yes .. Ahhh ” and as she left “OH MY GOD” ( I distinctly remember this one .. coz I thought I said it loud enough for her to hear ). Aneway .. when she left .. I came to know that she lives in my colony ( I had never seen her before ) and had come to deliver her younger sister’s marrige card. Then it hit me .. Ohh no ..she is married. Chha .. Useless me. Aneway .. as my mind wondered into the reason behind her getup .. I understood how much the soaps have inspired the “modern” Bahu.
Aneway .. The other “interesting” thing on TV these days was the SA – WI series .. where SA took the series 5-0. I wonder if any other outcome was expected. The WI fans seemed to be disappointed. I expected them to win atleast one of the matches ( The Hat-trick one ) .. but then .. stupid idiots could’nt even make 2 runs in 6 balls ans lost 3 wickets all the same. The are probably the worst team in the arena right now other than Bangladesh. Other than a few patches of performances here nad there from Gayle and Lara, they really have’nt done anything substantial this season. The dead rubber matches were so boring to watch that most of the times I had to switch to something else which was less predictable.
And that’s where Saas Bahu came in ..totally unpredictable .. Nothing governs the show .. No logic sense .. the tragedies seem like comedies and comedies seem like tragidies .. And pretty girls dressed up like 50 year olds while the young ones look to be modelling for some jewellery shop or may be the Saree shop. One thing that Miss Kapoor has succesfully done is .. she has made sure that the males are as often humiliated, and shown as time pass props, as possible. This seems to have impressed the ladies in each and every house in India .. Good formula .. works perfectly.



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5 responses to “Saas , Bahu and Sarees and WI – SA Series ..

  1. I pity u… watching the idiot box all day can be really taxing. Playing half an hour of CS will be more entertaining that all those soaps and shampoos 😀 Come back to hyd.. we can play CS!!

  2. Ladkiyon ki kami rehgayi kya that you started getting attracted to an aurath??

  3. sreejith ,
    half an hour of CS is better than most things in the world .. probably the only things that comes close to beating half hour of CS is one hour of CS .. waiting to play sm multiplayer again.. getting bored with the stupid bots here ..
    Archana ,
    you should have seen her to understand what I was talking about .. she did’nt look like she was married .. she looked soooo damm cute .. If I knew she was “Aurat” .. probably would have asked her how old her daughter is 😀

  4. Oh my God!!!! The vacation has spoiled you….find work soon 😛

  5. come soon dude, okaa s gonna beat your team

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