Sati ???

I had long talks with Jayaram about how backward Gorakhpur is .. and I would always try to prove that it’s not as bad as it sounds. But my own confidence was shaken today morning by a newspaper report about “sati” at a nearby place. I wish it was just a misrepresentation of facts .. but NOOO .. it was just as I had read about in the books .. A Lady was burnt alive, about 15 days back, because her husband had died. The Local Policemen here tried to make every possible effort that the reports don’t get leaked to the press because that would mean that the law and order situation has deterioted (which is a joke in itself).
And it’s not just Sati, apparently ( according to TOI report on 23rd May ), four kids – two girls and two boys were married to PUPPIES ( thankfully .. not in GOrakhpur ..but in remote Assam .. I think ) just to please GODS.
I had a HUGE discussion with my mom, just a week back, about uselessness of this POOJA and KATHAs and such similar things. I feel that these things serve little purpose beyond filling up the Pujari’s pockets and tummy. We had one such Katha at home, on Monday .. and sitting through it .. I realized that we have been doing nothing but listening to some Age old story about people and events whose aunthencity I really doubt. And at the end of it all .. We ( along with all those present ) were expected to pay a hefty “Dakshina” to the Pujari .. If it was not for my grand-ma who keeps silencing me time and again with senti details about God and stuff .. I would have had the same discussion with the Pujari.
By the way .. With what I wrote above, I do not question or even wish to question .. the existence or non existence of God .. I just hate the way the Pujaris and Sadhus and Pandits .. use religion to fulfill their purpose ..



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5 responses to “Sati ???

  1. Read your current posts and older ones too! “What am I doing these days” made me smile, when you “forced” yourself to stop enjoying lots of female comapany. :-):-):-):-)
    But you must not feel bad about your place “Gorakhpur.” These things can happen anywhere. Why not remember Chauri Chaura, Gautam Budhdha’s Mahanirvana, Magahar, where Kabir Das is resting in peace,Munshi Prem Chand’s house, Sahara India’s chairman and founder, many national and internation players such as Narendra Hirvani, many hockey players and Badminton players. 🙂 For such a small place and with no incentive from government, these are not bad achievements.

  2. Man this sucks …… cmon ppl make India a better place to live re …… I was shocked and was in anger when I heard that Dara Singh A**H*** killed some Australian Guy and his son …. ppl trying so hard to push India up there ….. and a single guy like him gives an impression to all Australians how idiotic and cruel ppl we are…

  3. All these things happen even today and we call India a developing country. I see education as the only solution to these problems. That, by far, is a dream.
    We have such poojas at home too…the same story again and again since the past 5 years. These are done out of fear of God not for the love of God!

  4. hey meetu! i saw on NDTV today that the ‘sati’ might actually have been a SUICIDE, an act by the woman who didnt want to live without her husband. it is only many days after her death that this sati story got circulated.

  5. Sulagna

    Nothing has changed,neither is anything going to change unless each one of us change.So,either all of us change or get hold of a damn time-machine and retire to some 2000B.C.Ideal place indeed!

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