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Green Tag .. Again

Since I made mistakes the last time I posted about the green tag, I’ve been told to re-do it .. So I decided to get off my Ass and actually do it today .. nothing to do right now aneway .. and i am bored ..
5 things that I resolve to do now on .. for the sake of environment
1> Will avoid using vehicles whenever I can
2> Won’t pluck leaves/flowers ( seriously … It’s about time I do that )
3> Will educate myself about alternative methods to avoid pollution.
4> Will tell people around me about the HUGE holes in Ozone Layer and it’s ramifications.

so … I pass the tag to Rocky, Maddy and Sri ( three of my most responsible friends ). You guys are supposed to come up with 5 things that would help the environment some way. It could be anything from as lazy as what I have written to as beautiful and thoughtful as what Archana has written.



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Chennai .. Finally ..

Never in my dreams had i hoped Chennai to be the way it is .. a friend told me sometime back that it’s nice and I laughed .. but it is. I know most of my friends would laugh at this too .. but being here in Chennai, I find it be pretty much like Hyderabad, though a lot more humid. People here are equally helpful, but that’s if you are able to get your doubts accross to them. And since we have Jayaram (who is learning Tamil faster than he ever learnt anything ) and Sreejith ( who, being a Mallu, knows a lot of Tamil ) with us, we have’nt faced many problems so far.
For the past 3 days here, I have met a large number of people, most of them are bright intelligent people from some of the better colleges in India. Though, we are not exactly friends now, but still, it’s nice to know them.
The weather here has been better than expected and it has rained twice in the last three days. Though it’s still humid, rains are always a relief. The places we have visited in Chennai so far are the shopping malls and movie halls ( that’s other than the hotel where our induction takes place everyday from 9:30 to 5:00 ). Saw “Batman Begins” yesterday. It’s nice, especially the subtle comic scenes. A must watch.
Other than that, Jaya and Arvind, went to see a house, a fully furnished one, that would cost around 12k .. but rejected it .. coz it was on top floor . with little ventilation. Jaya is heading the “house deciding committee” and Arvind is his Assistant. I doubt if they will every reach a decision, coz both have so varied mindsets when it comes to the factors they keep in mind, while deciding a house. While Jaya is more practical, Arvind is more “Dhinchak Dhinchak” ( jaya coined this .. ask him what it means ).
The induction programme started today, mainly dealt with finances and company policies etc. They got us an account in HDFC, which gives us many good offers. Can’t get into details .. “CONFIDENTIAL” .. he he ..
Still .. among all this fun .. missing home .. missing Shivani .. missing my friends back in Hyderabad .. and missing the college life.


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Green – Tag

Oh Nooooooo …
Smyts (Nice Blog btw .. love your template ) started a chain blog a few days ago and she tagged Archana and she tagged me …..this one’s about environment….

Archana’s fives that she’ll try her best to follow for a better environment around her
1. No more non-degradable things in the place she live in….she’ll minimize the use and finally try to stop it.
2. She confesses she waste a lot of resources – water and electricity included. she will feel the pinch now as she will start paying up bills….but thats no reason. she will try not to waste it anymore 🙂
3. Papers – she’ll use the back of a sheet to work out math or anything. she will not run to Waterstone’s to buy a workbook.
4. she cannot stand people who throw rubbish on the street. The next time she’ll see someone doing it [specially someone she knows], she shall usher them into not doing it.
5. The front of the house they’re going to move in is barren. They’ll bring in as many plants possible.

My take
1. WHAT ????
2. I don’t waste resources .. even though the electricity bill this time almost gave a heart attack to dad .. but IT WAS’NT MY FAULT
3. Papers .. ?? no more .. i switched to .txt and .doc long time back
4. that means I have to throw out almost every single person who I see on the street .. too much work .. I am tooooo lazy to do that .. sorry
5. I am not moving anywhere .. the place i live in is surrounded by lots of wild bushes and plants … which .. btw .. i suspect .. have snakes in them

And as a revenge .. I tag
1. Jaya
2. Maddy
3. Rocky

Ha ha .. farewell gift dudes .. 😀


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Kya Kute The Hum …

Got these pics as a parting gift from a relative … look gooood ..



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Sick .. Yet again

Got the word from the doc about this .. I am sick .. and it’s bigger trouble this time … apparently my haemoglobin count has gone down beyond acceptable limits which could be because of
1> Drugs ( My mom did’nt like the word much .. let’s just call it medicines )
2> Too much Alcohol (My mom did’nt like that either .. but can’t be a reason for me )
3> Some Crap I did’nt understand
4> Some more crap I did’nt understand ..

See .. only 2 out of 4 words rang the bell in my mind . so that’s all i remember about the meeting with doc. My grandma has another explanation for my situation .. she thinks it’s the result of “Buri Nazar” .. and I have had about 4-5 sessions of nazar utarna .. it’s fun .. and now I am wearing a black thread because it’s supposed to protect me from something

Aneway .. what I would remember about this past few days is ..
My mom crying at the mention of doc saying over the phone “it’s soemthing serious .. you people better come to clinic .. let me check the boy”
Dad saying at doc’s clinic “Beta .. could you please step out” .. to enquire how serious the situation is .. He did’nt want me to hear it ..

Aneway .. I am fine now .. a little tired though .. as is expected from a person with low globin count .. Should be fine in another 10 days.

Saw “A Walk to Remember” again today on HBO .. somethings just never change .. Love the movie .. love the songs ..


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