Green – Tag

Oh Nooooooo …
Smyts (Nice Blog btw .. love your template ) started a chain blog a few days ago and she tagged Archana and she tagged me …..this one’s about environment….

Archana’s fives that she’ll try her best to follow for a better environment around her
1. No more non-degradable things in the place she live in….she’ll minimize the use and finally try to stop it.
2. She confesses she waste a lot of resources – water and electricity included. she will feel the pinch now as she will start paying up bills….but thats no reason. she will try not to waste it anymore πŸ™‚
3. Papers – she’ll use the back of a sheet to work out math or anything. she will not run to Waterstone’s to buy a workbook.
4. she cannot stand people who throw rubbish on the street. The next time she’ll see someone doing it [specially someone she knows], she shall usher them into not doing it.
5. The front of the house they’re going to move in is barren. They’ll bring in as many plants possible.

My take
1. WHAT ????
2. I don’t waste resources .. even though the electricity bill this time almost gave a heart attack to dad .. but IT WAS’NT MY FAULT
3. Papers .. ?? no more .. i switched to .txt and .doc long time back
4. that means I have to throw out almost every single person who I see on the street .. too much work .. I am tooooo lazy to do that .. sorry
5. I am not moving anywhere .. the place i live in is surrounded by lots of wild bushes and plants … which .. btw .. i suspect .. have snakes in them

And as a revenge .. I tag
1. Jaya
2. Maddy
3. Rocky

Ha ha .. farewell gift dudes .. πŸ˜€



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4 responses to “Green – Tag

  1. Utky….You were supposed to leave your five takes, not comment about my five takes. I know you are lazy….now do it all over again,this time with your resolutions. And the pictures there, I turned my computer to a 90 degree angle to look at them. Who are those cute boys there? I’m sure not you ;D

  2. he he masssst khare …. gud God I didnt get this one abt the trees n stuff….rather got the songs thing….so i guess its time to move to south … muhahaha I know u will Chennai … u mite be angry everyday abt the weather but u will love it πŸ˜€ .. c ya man

  3. archana ,
    ok .. now it makes more sense ..will do that .. first thing tomorrow .. πŸ˜€
    game ,
    yaar, chennai is’nt as bad as it sounded .. it’s ok ok .. good crowd .. good movie halls .. good shopping malls .. and since it’s raining .. weather is also good .. it’s nice here ..

  4. abe yeh tags kya hote hain … aur achcha laga Chennai ke bare main padh ke …
    ab at least “Cheeee Nahiiiii” types ko joke to nahi padhne ko milenge :)… aur Hyderabad kab aa raha hai ??

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