Green Tag .. Again

Since I made mistakes the last time I posted about the green tag, I’ve been told to re-do it .. So I decided to get off my Ass and actually do it today .. nothing to do right now aneway .. and i am bored ..
5 things that I resolve to do now on .. for the sake of environment
1> Will avoid using vehicles whenever I can
2> Won’t pluck leaves/flowers ( seriously … It’s about time I do that )
3> Will educate myself about alternative methods to avoid pollution.
4> Will tell people around me about the HUGE holes in Ozone Layer and it’s ramifications.

so … I pass the tag to Rocky, Maddy and Sri ( three of my most responsible friends ). You guys are supposed to come up with 5 things that would help the environment some way. It could be anything from as lazy as what I have written to as beautiful and thoughtful as what Archana has written.



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3 responses to “Green Tag .. Again

  1. Hi Utkarsh,
    Indeed this is a good effort of yours to come up with ideas that help in improving our environment. I am also putting up one idea which may not sound too solid but its really easy to do and by this we can do something for our country.


    Never ever throw any paper, wrapper, or any unwanted item on roads, offices, stations, surroundings…always use a dustbin…..and if you dont find one, throw away what you want to throw at your home dustbin… may sound too weird…but i guess, if everyone does this, our country will also be very neat and clean….and we know we always complain our country is so dirty…..

    I guess things can work this way…..To be frank, this is not my idea….this one originally belongs to a friend of mine….and i really liked this viewpoint… i thought it would be nice to share it….

  2. abe meri mail ka reply kyun nahi kiya … library main tere nam pe ek book issuede hai :)) kya karna hai uska

  3. Very good effort. Its really nice if we can get such simple and workable ideas to keep our environment clean.

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