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First salary + The Art of ordering Food

first Salary
After having lived with the brick ( nokia’s some crap model ) for 3 years .. I have upgraded myself. I now own a sony ericsoon ( would’nt erixon be easier to write ?? ) .. K230i. Sleek handset, sexy joystick control .. huge display screen .. camera 4x zoom ( uhmm .. zoom does’nt work with 640*480 resolution .. the shopkeeper just forgot to tell me that ) .. mp3 player .. sound recording .. video recording .. IR .. everything .. just one minor glitch .. not enough memory .. just 12MB .. enuf for now .. I could have gone for an LG set prized at 10.8k .. the only additional feature it had was the xtra memory .. and I really don’t think I need that much memory. There are some other features .. but I have’nt gone into the manual yet .. actually I don’t need one .. I have Arvind ..
Aneway .. since I purchased the cell .. the bike thing will have to wait another month now .. :(( .. may be with next salary .. wow .. I am Independent now.

The Art of Ordering Food ( Inspired by jaya’s post on finding the house )
“Hello .. XYZ restraunt”
Me :: “Hello .. I wanted to order food .. home delivery”
Other End :: “yes sar .. ”
Me :: “ok .. write down the order .. ”
Other End :: “yes sar .. ”
Me :: “1 Plate Punner Butter Masala .. ”
Other End :: “yes sar .. ”
Me :: “1 Plate Dal Fry .. ”
Other End :: ” Yes Sar ”
Me :: ” And 6 Tandoori Rotis .. ”
Other End :: “Yes Sar .. ”
Me :: ” Yeah .. thatz it … ”
Other End :: “Sar .. address what .. sar ..” ??
Me :: “Note down .. ES1 .. ”
Other End :: ” EF1 ”
Me :: ” no no .. it’s ES1 .. E for elephant .. s for sexy .. ”
Other End :: ” sar .. ”
Me :: “Race course View .. Shristi Apartments .. ”
Other End :: “Ishti Apartment ..”
Me :: ” no no .. it’s shrishti ”
Other End :: ” trishtia ?? ”
Me :: “No no .. it’s shrishti .. S H R I S H T I .. shrishti .. ”
Other End :: ” ok sar .. dhrishti apartments .. ‘
Me :: ” are nahin yaar .. it’s S H R I S H T I .. S for sexy .. S H R I S H T I .. shrishti ”
Other End :: ” ok saar .. SHRISHTI Apartment .. right sar ?? ”
Me :: “Yes .. THANQ .. ” ** fooh ** ” Keep writing .. there is more ”
Other End :: “Yes Sar … ”
Me :: ” Main Velachery road, Guindy .. ”
Other End :: ” Yes Sar .. ”
Me :: ” yeah .. thatz it .. how long will it take to deliver”
Other End :: “Sar .. only 20 minutes sar . but Saar .. Order value saar .. very low saar .. more money order saar .. ”
Me :: “I think I have ordered for over 150 .. right ?? ”
Other End :: “Yes sar .. the bill is 160 Rs. Sar .. Atleast 200 for Home delivery Sar .. ”
Me :: ” But your home delivery menu says .. min amount shud be 75 .. ?? ”
Other End :: “Sar .. that is only for Guindy saar .. ”
Me :: “But we ARE in Guindy”
Other End :: “Sar . Velachery main Road Saar .. very far away Saar .. ”
Me :: ” But your restraunt is ON the Velachery Main Road .. ”
** A 2 second pause ( possibly in rememberance of the deceased in london bomb blasts ) **
Other End :: “Ok sar .. we’ll deliver saar .. only 20 minutes saar ”
Me :: “thanq .. ”
** Just as I am about to keep the phone down .. **
Other End :: “SAAR .. one minute saar .. saar .. delivery boy sar .. not know address .. tell him sar .. talk to him ”
Me :: ” ok .. fine .. give the phone to him ”
** some other guy takes over .. this one sounds like he has been woken up just to deliver our food **
Other End :: ” YES .. ”
Me :: ” Take down the address .. ”
Other End :: ” OK .. ”
Me :: ” it’s flat number ES – 1″
Other End :: ” EF – 1 .. ?? ”
Me :: ” Nooooooo . it’s E S ONE .. E for Elephant .. S for sexy .. one for .. ??.. one .. number one ..okati ( thatz telugu/tamil for one )”
Other End :: “okkk .. ”
Me :: “Race course shrishti apartment … ”
Other End :: “Dhrishti .. ?? ”
Me :: ” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
Other End :: ” Saar .. ??? ”
Me :: ” nothing … it’s shrishti .. S .. shrishti .. as in nature .. shrishti ?? ”
Other End :: ” nature .. ?? ”
Me :: “are teri .. $%^@#%&%^& ”
Other End :: “sar .. ?? ”
Me :: ” nothing .. S H R I S H T I .. shrishti apartment ”
Other End :: “ok saar .. same building sar .. near small temple sar .. ?? ”
Me :: ” YESSSS .. THANQ .. now can we please have the food ”
Other End :: “yes sar .. we’ll deliver sar .. only 40 minutes saar . ”
Me :: ” 40 minutes ?? i thought it was 20 minutes .. ”
Other End :: “Sar .. far na sar .. will take time .. ”
** Here there was a 2 second pause from my end. In rememberance of the terrorists who caused the London Bomb blasts **
Me :: ” Ok Fine .. just bring in the food .. and plz add 2 more rotis ”
** I was somehow more hungry now than I was earlier .. don’t know why **

That’s Lesson 1 on “The Art of ordering Food “.. keep visiting the blog for more



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Lifez like this ..

Ever thought of what you want from Life ?
The obvious answer is always succes, but the catch is the way you define success. Somedays back, I was wondering about this very question and the thoughts drifted to the evening in Shimla, when seven of us were discussing about our future dreams, our aspirations and whzt exactly we want to be in Life. If I remember right, I said I wanted to make lots of money, enough to own a resort in Goa.
Lately, I have been a bit disillusioned with the whole, money means everything in Life, thing. Is money everything ? I have asked that question to myself about a zillion times now and I keep getting different answers everytime. I may sound a bit confused, I AM confused. May be I am not very sure of what I want from Life. Parents, friends, relatives ..everyone keeps telling me, why don’t you try for XYZ company .. has a better pay packet .. why don’t you try for referrals .. you would get through. I am not really sure I want it. It’s not just the money, it’s the piece of mind that I crave. I know the work is going to be tough and I am just beginning to enjoy it. They are training us on .NET and the concepts which seemed like greek and Latin earlier and clearer now. I know as Comp Programmers and Developers we are expected to code day in and day out, to earn a hefty pay packet and have promotions every year and get to the rank of a PM .. and then what ??? Life ends there ???? or does it begin there .. Confused again ??
Ok .. think of it this way .. When in Life would you consider yourself successful? when you have earned enough money to fulfill all your material needs ( this was what my definition of success was ). Now, Somehow I feel that success can not be defined in monetory terms. It requires something more, something in the head. I think it’s being happy about whatever you do. It canbe in any damm company, but as long as you are happy about it, no amount of money can replace it.
We went to the beach a few days back and the rest of the gang went ga ga over the edibles available there, I just sat there staring at the ocean. I think Jayaram once wrote about the insignificance of our lives and compared it to a drop int he ocean. I think the sea teaches us a LOT of things. I am not going to get into the philosophical details of what I felt that day. The reason I mentioned the visit was because, as I sat there, I saw a old couple, walking hand in hand. They did’nt look very rich, just rich enough to pay off the month’s rent and buy food for the family on a daily basis. Yet, as they walked there, I sensed something I had always missed in sub urban couples. The feeling of togetherness, the feeling of belonging to each other, the feeling of Love. Now, THEY LOOKED HAPPY.


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Office Office

15 days into the training and i have realized the true purpose of such trainings. It is pretty much same as first few classes at college. Here too we have people from different backgrounds, some are ECE, some EEE and some IT majors and the proficiency with which they deal with computer related subjects varies. I believe, these classes are meant to bring everyone at same level. We, CSE B.Techs, are expected to be good at everything they are teaching and though some of what they teach appears stupid, the other classes are eye openers. Most of our energy in the classes is spent trying to keep our eyes open and rest is drained off in playing pinball and solitaire. But some others have found better ways to keep themselves awake, which means sending netsends to the whole workgroup which means the entire project team under training ( 34 people ). And with grls also trying their hands at the utility, some guys have more than one reason to spam our screens. Some of these guys ( the second variety ) happen to be seated pretty close to me and I can’t miss noticing the expression on their face whenever they send the supposably “humorous” messages. I personally think they are trying too hard to impress the girls .. but whatever .. their life .. their keyboards .. but dammit .. my monitor.
Aneway .. the only good time of the day is the lunch hour. We used to get pretty good food when we used to go to mahabalipuram for training, but now since the training has shifted to Mylapore .. the food is’nt that good. But aneway, free food is always welcome. The coffee break is also ok ok, but Coffee with no snacks is like watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. without Chandler .. tasteless.
Most of the people in the project group are pretty talented. Most probably the assessment tomorrow will bring out the silent performer. As for me, I am least bothered about the test. Dont’ know why, but now the tests are not scary to me .. may be college hangover. 😀
Other than that, did’nt get to explore Chennai much since the last time I posted about it ..but from what I see .. it’s pretty well planned .. lots of tree cover. But the problem here is the ugly traffic. It’s a mix of the traffic I saw in Kanpur and Delhi. In Kanpur, on any 100 mt. stretch you are bound to bump into atleast 5 people and no apologies are expected and none given. In Delhi, If you come within 5 mts of even touching a car, while on a bike, the owner will jump out of his car and thrash you to hell. Here, You are bound to bump into 5 people and all 5 will atleast give you the look as if everything is your fault. Somehow the Autowalas here seem to be James Bond relatives .. they drive the autos like 007 drove his car. But ofcourse, every now and then … even they too get the look.
Aneway .. It’s about time I go back to home now . dinner must be ready ..


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