Lifez like this ..

Ever thought of what you want from Life ?
The obvious answer is always succes, but the catch is the way you define success. Somedays back, I was wondering about this very question and the thoughts drifted to the evening in Shimla, when seven of us were discussing about our future dreams, our aspirations and whzt exactly we want to be in Life. If I remember right, I said I wanted to make lots of money, enough to own a resort in Goa.
Lately, I have been a bit disillusioned with the whole, money means everything in Life, thing. Is money everything ? I have asked that question to myself about a zillion times now and I keep getting different answers everytime. I may sound a bit confused, I AM confused. May be I am not very sure of what I want from Life. Parents, friends, relatives ..everyone keeps telling me, why don’t you try for XYZ company .. has a better pay packet .. why don’t you try for referrals .. you would get through. I am not really sure I want it. It’s not just the money, it’s the piece of mind that I crave. I know the work is going to be tough and I am just beginning to enjoy it. They are training us on .NET and the concepts which seemed like greek and Latin earlier and clearer now. I know as Comp Programmers and Developers we are expected to code day in and day out, to earn a hefty pay packet and have promotions every year and get to the rank of a PM .. and then what ??? Life ends there ???? or does it begin there .. Confused again ??
Ok .. think of it this way .. When in Life would you consider yourself successful? when you have earned enough money to fulfill all your material needs ( this was what my definition of success was ). Now, Somehow I feel that success can not be defined in monetory terms. It requires something more, something in the head. I think it’s being happy about whatever you do. It canbe in any damm company, but as long as you are happy about it, no amount of money can replace it.
We went to the beach a few days back and the rest of the gang went ga ga over the edibles available there, I just sat there staring at the ocean. I think Jayaram once wrote about the insignificance of our lives and compared it to a drop int he ocean. I think the sea teaches us a LOT of things. I am not going to get into the philosophical details of what I felt that day. The reason I mentioned the visit was because, as I sat there, I saw a old couple, walking hand in hand. They did’nt look very rich, just rich enough to pay off the month’s rent and buy food for the family on a daily basis. Yet, as they walked there, I sensed something I had always missed in sub urban couples. The feeling of togetherness, the feeling of belonging to each other, the feeling of Love. Now, THEY LOOKED HAPPY.



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5 responses to “Lifez like this ..

  1. hi meets!!
    was happy to see your new post and was hoping that your mood would’ve changed. but…..
    anyway, hoping to see posts from you more often.

  2. sahi kaha .. kayi bar hum doosron ki nakal karte karte apne aap ko bhool jate hain .. and later when we realize ki are yaar at that time I wanted to do something else … that feeling really hurts …

  3. hey utkarsh. great blog man. making ur presence felt on the web world, i guess…
    hows life in general? where are u?

  4. This explains the long pensive hours that u spend brooding while we go around enjoying the material pleasures of chennai.

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