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Back to Hyderabad

Got the date of reporting at Hyderabad Office Yesterday . finally .. Have to be there on 17th of October.

Been so lost with myself lately ( not busy actually . just did’nt bother to check my mails ) that I forgot a couple of close friends’ birthdays .. and both of them seem to have taken a vow to not talk to me .. ( if you are reading this .. sorry again .. ) .. aneway .. no amount of persuasion can help my case much .. I did screw up .. I know .

Uhmm .. not feeling too good today .. Fucking mood swings ..



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Kahani mein TWIST hai !!!

For all Linux fans, the latest news article on Slashdot would come as a cold shower on a winter Sunday morning. I love Linux, no doubt .. but I admire M$’s for all the mud slinging that it has survived and for still ruling the market in almost all sections. The article reports finding of a VIRUS FOR LINUX . So .. for all the Linux fans, who have been boasting of Linux as a “Virus Free OS” and M$ as the “most buggy OS that can be made” .. it might seem a bit odd that the Virus was targeted at Linux and has no impact on any of the Windows Files.
I know that we should not jump to conclusions here, as the infected binaries were available from a Mozilla trusted site and not from ..AND I KNOW that M$’s buggy codes come from MSDN .. the point is that it’s highly possible that in near future Linux would itself turn into a far more buggy OS than M$. Linux lovers proclaim “Linux’s security model is so well designed that it can never be breached” .. but it seems it’s not that secure either.
By the way .. the Virus was originally reported in 2002 but has had minimal impact on any business, has come to my attention only through the article on Slashdot.
By the way .. Symantec says the security threat is very low .. the “Wildness” “Damage” and “Distribution” have been classified as LOW.


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Heights of Creativity or Lack of it .. + Life @ Alpha center, 150-151, North Usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai

I can see huge Posters,all over chennai, that make me post what I am about to. What is it about Sex, that it sells ? Even though your product has nothing to do , even remotely, with it but yet .. even a vague reference to it and you have everyone’s attention. And I am not just talking about products as in material products, think about it .. the recent spate of movies ( atleast the ones coming from the economic capital ) have nothing but skin show. Nowadays, you need not think of a storyline to make a movie, forget the special effects and all technical details of film making .. all you need is a heroine who is willing to give four smooches ( unfortunately to the ugliest of heroes at most times ) , is willing to wear minimal clothing and is ready to give a beach/stable/rooftop/bed scene. If you have a hero with a reasonable good physique and who is equally willing to wear minimal clothing .. it’s added flavour.. Add to it a few suggestive dialogues .. and few sex-related jokes and bingo .. you have got the perfect movie which you can promote as a “Family entertainer”.
My recent experiences at “Salaam Namaste” and after seeing the Gym ads all over the city .. I can’t understand if it comes under creative license or is it just misusing the license to show something that is bound to attract everyone’s attention.
Btw .. Sorry to all Preity and Saif Fans .. but the movie sucked BIIIG time. I could have just gone to the movie with Parivesh and Kunal and have played “Guess the FRIENDS episode”. Everything was a copy from FRIENDS. Starting from Saif’s character ( a cook who is cleanliness freak . huuh .. where have I heard that before ), to the immensely senti dialogue ( I don’t like you because you are fat etc etc etc .. I like you inspite of all that .. are comeon guys .. atleast change the flavour) to the Joey’s Chairs changed to white to suit Arshad Warsi’s house and mood .. idiots could’nt even enact the awesome “Ahhhhh” of relaxing on the chairs. Somehow, every scene in the movie reminded me of some FRIENDS episode and I am sure I am not THAT crazy about FRIENDS either.
the Giant posters all over chennai have some weird theme .. Picture this .. -> A women ( in her early thirties) and the line written next to her is “First time he coaxed me to do it .. now it’s the other way round” .. A guy ( aged somewhere around 25 – 26) and the line next to him reads “The more I do it .. the better I get at it” .. another one with a happy looking chap ( as if he just got paid .. ) reads “Everyone in college seems to be doing it” .. If you think all this is suggestive .. what will you call this .. A girl ( a GIRL .. not a woman) with the line ” I have tried all the positions .. it feels great” .. Beleive me none of them had even a remote reference to the GYM ( not even a small logo) they were supposed to promote, till a week back. Whatever happened to the good old wonderful world of innocent kids and well dressed aunties in ads. I am told, it’s all about brand imaging .. but I feel, that ads like the ones I mentioned above create short term impact .. and then after a while you forget such things .. the brand’s image life is’nt long .. but remember the Dhara Ad with the kid who runs away from home and then comes back to eat “Jalebis” .. these are the kind of ads that make us fall inlove with the product.

Change of Topic ..
Let’s take a minute off to know whats happening in My Life .. ( is’nt much anyway )
Among the good things to have happened to me during the last few days are

  • I saw “Iqbal” .. awesome movie .. much better than the hot sellers in theaters these days
  • Successfully created Views on my comp ( for all you lesser mortals who don’t understand what that means .. it means I have been able to get the copy of Project code from File repository to my local machine)
  • The Reliance i-Phone at home is back to usable condition.

Now the Bad things that have happened to me during the past few days ( have patience .. it’s a BIG list )

  • I have screwed up my cell phone .. First a Giant wave (ok .. was’nt a giant wave .. just some extra pull from the moon ) on the beach drenches me and then my cellphone which was on my lap is found two minutes later in a small hole filled with water. It’s screwed up BIG time. Sometimes it fails to recognize the sim, sometimes the sim works on other cells, sometimes other’s sims work on my phone, sometimes my joystick stops working, sometimes my keypad stops funcitoning, (actually a lot of these sometimes occur at the same time). To add to that .. I dropped my cell yesterday ( I have no idea why I am still carrying it around aneway ) on the road and the ir port glass is missing + my cell phone now looks like it was excavated from Harappa rather than manufactured in Korea.
  • I have’nt touched Visual Studio for anything other than seeing the flow of a code which I did’nt write and I have to document. They told us at the meeting today that documentation is essential for all freshers at all companies .. would like to see my friends’ take on that. Essentially I have’nt coded even a single like during the past week.
  • I have Sreejith sitting next to me who seems to think that our joined desk is to be shared in propotion to our weights. Hence he takes up three-fourths of the space and still keeps pushing me till I am almost under the table near the CPU.
  • I saw “Mangal Pandey”
  • As if that was’nt enough .. I watched “My Wife’s Murder”
  • And as though that was’nt enough either .. I watched “Salaam Namaste” too .
  • I am planning to watch Choclate and James.
  • I almost went for a Tamil Flick .. ( Yeah I am that despo for something good )
  • I still have’nt recieved my HSBC credit card
  • I have to pay 9000 for the plane tickets which i paid for using credit card. Now my parent’s are not coming. Cancellation means refund next month.

By the way .. I am not writing about how frustrated I was, the day I could’nt create Views on my computer .. because i know atleast two people who said I would blog about it .. and it feels good to do something unexpected.


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Frustrated ..

I am bored and exhausted and frustrated

I worked till 1:30 in the night yesterday (today??), and I am still at the same place where it all started at 8:00 in the night. “Object must implement IConvertible”.

Me, a few days back, “The time that we put in does’nt matter .. results matter”.

And I have absolutely no results for the work yesterday. It’s not the time that matters to me, what I feel bad about is the fact that I spent so much time trying to find out what was wrong and still I could’nt do it.

Life does’nt get more boring than this.

I wish I knew what was wrong. The Procs seems to working fine, the Service Layer function seem to working fine, and yet when I put them together, it does’nt work. WHY ??

Any help ?? 🙂


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