Kahani mein TWIST hai !!!

For all Linux fans, the latest news article on Slashdot would come as a cold shower on a winter Sunday morning. I love Linux, no doubt .. but I admire M$’s for all the mud slinging that it has survived and for still ruling the market in almost all sections. The article reports finding of a VIRUS FOR LINUX . So .. for all the Linux fans, who have been boasting of Linux as a “Virus Free OS” and M$ as the “most buggy OS that can be made” .. it might seem a bit odd that the Virus was targeted at Linux and has no impact on any of the Windows Files.
I know that we should not jump to conclusions here, as the infected binaries were available from a Mozilla trusted site and not from Mozilla.org ..AND I KNOW that M$’s buggy codes come from MSDN .. the point is that it’s highly possible that in near future Linux would itself turn into a far more buggy OS than M$. Linux lovers proclaim “Linux’s security model is so well designed that it can never be breached” .. but it seems it’s not that secure either.
By the way .. the Virus was originally reported in 2002 but has had minimal impact on any business, has come to my attention only through the article on Slashdot.
By the way .. Symantec says the security threat is very low .. the “Wildness” “Damage” and “Distribution” have been classified as LOW.



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10 responses to “Kahani mein TWIST hai !!!

  1. Its funny that you are knowing abour Linux Viruses now, they existed since long, only that they wont execute on their own. I mean like you are browsing some files and suddendly a popup, “I will shutdown you machine, do whatever you want!”, kinda things don’t happen.

    BTW as you said, presense of Virus indicates the popularity of OS may be some one just wanted to show Linux is becoming popular 🙂
    BTW did you check mozilla’s response about patching speed?

  2. was expecting a comment from you .. ;)) .. after all Linux ka mamla hai .. I am sure .. next in line would be Nirnimesh and Ranta ..
    Aneway .. as I said .. it has nothing to do with the popularity of the OS .. it’s just that I was shocked to see that there ARE VIRUSES for Linux .. strange .. and as I read on .. I found this is not THE FIRST one .. there are few more .. but definately not as many as Windows has to offer .. the point I was trying to make is that Linux is’nt that SECURE either and hence the point that all Linux Addicts make that “it’s the Best OS ” .. might be more of a boast than a fact ..

  3. Again, My comment:) We don’t say Linux is the best OS or anything, just that its better than M$’s for most of my needs and other geeks need.
    I would at times not agree at pushing Linux Desktop in its current state to users, believe me people struggle with Windows UI and Linux should be difficult to switch if its not ‘easier’ to use: thats my viewpoint.
    I commented on someone’s blog, M$ is to software industry as America is to the world (politics), they are very powerful, and they want to hold the command over others thats why some people hate them. The holding of power is good for them, but not for the whole world.
    whats your opinion?
    BTW I love MAC OSX UI, I appreciate the Desktop and most probably my laptop should be an iBook or Powerbook only 🙂

  4. dude .. start using windows then .. because in some days .. windows will copy their GUI into the next release .. ( call it Vista or LongHorn .. or whatever )

  5. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

  6. looks like a war going on here …

  7. i am bored of this stupid linux vs M$ war..
    people should use what they want.. why force your opinions on other people? live and let live!!

  8. @ Vardhman ,
    It’s ok yaar .. Letz not start a war on Lin – Win again .. both rock ..
    @ Mini ,
    Was I supposed to decode the hmmm ??
    @ Rocky ,
    Not a war dude .. just a conflict of opinion .. and letz leave it there .. as Kunal said .. “Live and Let Live”
    @ Kunal ,
    abe tu philosophical kab se ho gaya ?? .. chill dude .. a Healthy Discussion with facts is a welcome change from the world of Documentation and Researching for our future services.

  9. i love u khare 🙂
    my partner in games and OS :*

    waise i feel its not about OS or security or any particular company. Its just the community spirit and josh 😉

    Do you think… all these talks about security and stability will stop, if windows become a lil safer. No they wont. After all everybody is after making money. Didnt u read about Linus Trovalds issue about royalty on Linux name?

    we should always keep in mind while pushing the OS. Who is the user? is it used on a desktop or on a server? Do developers make applications only for developers?
    How much a service provider company stresses on easy of use?

    And something about copying stuff. Has anyone thought about difference in Unix and Linux???

    People have started making money by providing customized flavours of linux.

    wait for the year 2006, things will be clear. till then have a nice fly Linux Desktop Boasters.

    i will always say.. appreciate the good, be it anything or from anyone 😉

    cya later

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