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My Recent Past

In Chennai,
1> We took a day off from the schedule to go to Dizzy World. It had lots of rides . and as the name suggests, they do make you dizzy. Went to the giant wheel first, then a couple more swinging rides and then the baap of it all – The RollerCoster. This was probably the first time, I was on one of these things. Loved it, even though it was just for 35 seconds, those 35 seconds were worth the 350 odd bucks we had put for the entry to the park.
2> Next weekend, we visited Pondy .. Lovely place with cheap liquor. The rock beach (saw one for the first time) was awesome. I had about a couple of mugs of beer in the morning, and a breezer with a half pack of cigarretes in the evening. That was it for me. Did’nt want to get drunk there and spoil the fun for myself. the evening was a lot more eventful .. We understood and realized that we are not the frustoo-est people on the planet. There are many like us.
The trip was a much needed berak from the going-to-office-and-doing-nothing-sipping-coffee schedule. I needed to get away from the boring life and the unbloggable thoughts that had been troubling me for somedays. I had so much fun on the trip that when I came back, I just looked up to the sky and showed a finger to whosoever is scripting my life.
In Hyderabad,
1> I landed in Hyderabad on 14th morning. the Flight was fun (first time for me). Although it was not even close to the rollercoster ride ( Jaya told me the experience would be similar ) .. but still it was good enough. Another good thing .. my company is great .. they have provided us 10 days accomodation in Amrutha Castle. The good thing about this hotel is that they are also providing lodging to some Asian rowing teams who have come here for the Asian Rowing Championship. The people staying in my wing are all hot looking babes in skimpy outfits. Probably best 10 days of my life 🙂
2> It’s good to be back among friends. Rocky’s office is in the building next to ours and Maddy is’nt too far either. That leaves out Pop and Parivesh. They are just too far off to visit on week days, but will meet them asaift.
3> Since we had just landed in hyderabad, we had little work for the first few days as we were busy installing softwares etc etc etc. And no work, bugs me more than anything. So I decided to help myself with a contact manager ( actually Sreejith’s idea ). Is’nt too great , hardly functional. Did’nt do what it was supposed to do and I ended up making a simple search page. I wanted to add some more functionality which I could’nt do .. May be sometime later, when i am bored again.
4> My Module Lead was also surprised to see me working on .Net, when everyone else was busy looking for accomodation. Why should I worry about it .. I have Rocky, Mr. Responsible himself … I told my Lead that I’ll go to the house only to approve it .. rest all work has been outsourced.
5> I was on a one day fast yesterday .. no water no food .. could’nt actually keep up with it .. did have one cup coffee and one glass water before having a heavy dinner and 2 ice-creams.
sushmithaa’s interpretation -> I was on a fast, because I wanted work and hence I was on a hunger strike ..
anjana’s + Arvind’s interpretation -> since yesterday was karwa-chauth .. i was fasting for that.
Actual Reason -> Just wanted to see what the fuss was about. Many say “I feel great after fasts” and blah blah blah .. was’nt much better for me .. my trouser already feels loose.
6> My Module Lead could’nt see my sorry state any more and called me over to a conference in the evening and assigns me a biig module. Me and a senior, that is. Good, I finally have work.

Interestingly .. all these days .. when I did’nt have work .. I did’nt blog .. Now I have Work .. strange .. 😉



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Literary Delight .. + A mind with no work

A Few Poems First
Found these on KOPOS'(Change – 1) Blog ..
I Find them really awesome.
A Depressed Soul , My Friend , and Stranger
Nice Poems KOPOS (Change – 2) .. just wished I had access to a few more of your recent poems.
The last poem in your blog is dated June 3oth.
This one comes from Manas Saran -> The One thing I can’t Do
Awesome Poems guys .. hoping for more of these ..
Now, moving onto more philosophical stuff .. 😉
A mind with no Work
Is a devil’s workshop .. yeah I know that .. but the devil in me has been bored and has been used to his full potential. Basically, even he is jobless now.
I had phases like this in college, when I had absolutely no work ( uhmm .. well .. all of the 4 years were like this .. but let me just pretend that I did work some times ) .. and then all of a sudden some work would crop up and I would make a lazy face and say “Chhe .. more work ??” .. Pankaj would try giving me work for FYP ( ditto for Parivesh during Virtual Lab and DIP ) .. and then soon realize that it’s just not possible to extract work out of me. I was happy then. Basically because I had other work to do, which meant
1> CS
2> Chatting
3> More CS
4> More Chatting
5> Crime Library . com
6> AOC
7> More of Crime Library . com
8> Coffee Breaks
But now, with (Limit -> 0) access to internet and Games, the only glimmer of hope comes through the all mighty .. Thanx to who ever came up with the idea of blogging and thanx to people like Ranta and Jaya, who started the culture in our batch , I have atleast something to do at office.
But even then, people just dont’ post enough stuff. I have already gone through
Rocky’s-talks-to-everyone-blog (twice)
Maddy’s once-upon-a-time-blog
Jaya’s Stupid-Philosophical-Funny-Blog
Google’s-Technical-but-Linux-Only Blog
Sayantika’s Tragic-Blog ( both(-Dreamy) of them )
Chandu’s Will-Post-From-My-DeathBed-Blog
Sam’s Moved-To-MSN-and-smwhere-else-and-smwhere-Else-so-many-blogs-that-I-am-confused-Blog.

Add to that KOPOS’s (change – 3) Poetic Blog and Manas Saran’s Please-Post-Something-Blog ( both of them write beautiful poems but not often enough ).
Ahh . I forgot .. I even went through my own-Stupid-Old-Crappy blog ( including the archives ).
Guys this is a humble request to please post as much as possible.
If you really want to get an idea of how frusto I am, after the drought of posts from you guys’s end .. please visit .. Kunal’ Post – My Comment .. Kunal has obliged, I request the rest of you to do the same.
PS -> At the end of the complicated copy pasting process of blog links onto my Post Body, this kind of looks like My Blog Roll. 🙂


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Truly INDIAN !!

You HAVE to read this ..

Alka’a Post

I wanted to leave a comment there, but the volume of comments on that page kind of scared me. Already there have been a zillion people who have said great things about the post, so let me just put my comment here (+ I need something to post about 🙂 )

The reason, as she has rightly pointed out, for India succeeding where our neighbours failed, is that we Indians are better than most, at recovering from the debris that British left for us. We have been great at preserving democracy, our police and legal system might have a few loopholes but they still are better than most other countries ( compring to countries that were under british rule like pak/bangladesh etc etc ) and we have been known to be amongst the best brains in the world ( courtesty India Daily ).
The mediocre thinking (Another couple of words borrowed from Alka’s Post) has been the reason why rural India/parts of India, is/are still under-developed. The sooner we realise this, the sooner would we understand that India is not just another country which has been gifted by Brit’s rule, but India is the only country that has overriden the effect of British rule to make itself a truly Global Player.
Intrestingly, some one had commented earlier on this very post saying that since this blog was about realizing the strength of Indians, it should have been written in Hindi. Good logic, but .. this kind of opens up another debate .. is English a curse to India, a parting gift from Brits in many jokes, that has hindered the development of our national language “Hindi”, or has it provided a platform to speak in a common language that everybody can understand. To me, the second argument makes more sense, but it’s still debatable.
Btw, I am thankful to British rule for one thing though, the Indian independence. Without the British rule in India, it would have been kind of tough to think of national integration and would have been tough the realize the power of the nation.
Thank you Brits.


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