Truly INDIAN !!

You HAVE to read this ..

Alka’a Post

I wanted to leave a comment there, but the volume of comments on that page kind of scared me. Already there have been a zillion people who have said great things about the post, so let me just put my comment here (+ I need something to post about 🙂 )

The reason, as she has rightly pointed out, for India succeeding where our neighbours failed, is that we Indians are better than most, at recovering from the debris that British left for us. We have been great at preserving democracy, our police and legal system might have a few loopholes but they still are better than most other countries ( compring to countries that were under british rule like pak/bangladesh etc etc ) and we have been known to be amongst the best brains in the world ( courtesty India Daily ).
The mediocre thinking (Another couple of words borrowed from Alka’s Post) has been the reason why rural India/parts of India, is/are still under-developed. The sooner we realise this, the sooner would we understand that India is not just another country which has been gifted by Brit’s rule, but India is the only country that has overriden the effect of British rule to make itself a truly Global Player.
Intrestingly, some one had commented earlier on this very post saying that since this blog was about realizing the strength of Indians, it should have been written in Hindi. Good logic, but .. this kind of opens up another debate .. is English a curse to India, a parting gift from Brits in many jokes, that has hindered the development of our national language “Hindi”, or has it provided a platform to speak in a common language that everybody can understand. To me, the second argument makes more sense, but it’s still debatable.
Btw, I am thankful to British rule for one thing though, the Indian independence. Without the British rule in India, it would have been kind of tough to think of national integration and would have been tough the realize the power of the nation.
Thank you Brits.



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5 responses to “Truly INDIAN !!

  1. Aaj Independence day to nahi hai … fir bhi, why everyone is talking of India…
    Hmmmmmm, Avik ki mail ka asar hai 🙂

  2. Hey,
    Been a long time since I left something here. Yes, India’s succeeded to an extent, at recovering from Briton rule…..but I wouldnt say that we did anything for legacy to survive. It survived because it had to! Also, I wouldnt actually compare India’s improvement with our neighbours…..namely Pakistan/ Bangladesh.
    But may I add one thing…Shouldnt we actually realise that when the Britons left us, we were left with the most important thing….the name ‘INDIA’. Pakistan [east n west] wasnt seperated from India….India was divided into ‘India’ and ‘Pakistan’. We chose to keep the name India, and God that has been the best thing to happen to India. The world recognises us cos we are India. I cannot imagine a country named anything else make such a progress.
    Abt National Integration thing, I couldnt agree more. Hard to think of India being India w/o the British rule

  3. hola!

    have still got to read alka’s post. but sadly is it necessary for the british to consolidate the country that we have? and do you necessarily feel that english has helped us? see even in japan its only a rare minority that knows english but tell me they are behind us?

    consider these facts

    * before 1600, the indian subcontinent was *the* largest exporter of textile to the world; but by 1800 we were in the pitiable state of having to import cloth to meet our needs
    * same holds for many other industries of the subcontinent
    * english was just a way of producing cheap clerks for the british to run _their_ administration more smoothly. the english-educated indians acted as the best & cheapest interlocutors!
    * about the unification, maybe we might have been a separate countries or a subcontinent, so no point of talking about a unified country called india.

  4. Went to Verizon yesterday… you guys seem to have some very strict security policies !!!

  5. Utkarsh, thank you very much for providing link to my post and taking time out and writing a post on it. I am flattered. :-)–>

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