Literary Delight .. + A mind with no work

A Few Poems First
Found these on KOPOS'(Change – 1) Blog ..
I Find them really awesome.
A Depressed Soul , My Friend , and Stranger
Nice Poems KOPOS (Change – 2) .. just wished I had access to a few more of your recent poems.
The last poem in your blog is dated June 3oth.
This one comes from Manas Saran -> The One thing I can’t Do
Awesome Poems guys .. hoping for more of these ..
Now, moving onto more philosophical stuff .. 😉
A mind with no Work
Is a devil’s workshop .. yeah I know that .. but the devil in me has been bored and has been used to his full potential. Basically, even he is jobless now.
I had phases like this in college, when I had absolutely no work ( uhmm .. well .. all of the 4 years were like this .. but let me just pretend that I did work some times ) .. and then all of a sudden some work would crop up and I would make a lazy face and say “Chhe .. more work ??” .. Pankaj would try giving me work for FYP ( ditto for Parivesh during Virtual Lab and DIP ) .. and then soon realize that it’s just not possible to extract work out of me. I was happy then. Basically because I had other work to do, which meant
1> CS
2> Chatting
3> More CS
4> More Chatting
5> Crime Library . com
6> AOC
7> More of Crime Library . com
8> Coffee Breaks
But now, with (Limit -> 0) access to internet and Games, the only glimmer of hope comes through the all mighty .. Thanx to who ever came up with the idea of blogging and thanx to people like Ranta and Jaya, who started the culture in our batch , I have atleast something to do at office.
But even then, people just dont’ post enough stuff. I have already gone through
Rocky’s-talks-to-everyone-blog (twice)
Maddy’s once-upon-a-time-blog
Jaya’s Stupid-Philosophical-Funny-Blog
Google’s-Technical-but-Linux-Only Blog
Sayantika’s Tragic-Blog ( both(-Dreamy) of them )
Chandu’s Will-Post-From-My-DeathBed-Blog
Sam’s Moved-To-MSN-and-smwhere-else-and-smwhere-Else-so-many-blogs-that-I-am-confused-Blog.

Add to that KOPOS’s (change – 3) Poetic Blog and Manas Saran’s Please-Post-Something-Blog ( both of them write beautiful poems but not often enough ).
Ahh . I forgot .. I even went through my own-Stupid-Old-Crappy blog ( including the archives ).
Guys this is a humble request to please post as much as possible.
If you really want to get an idea of how frusto I am, after the drought of posts from you guys’s end .. please visit .. Kunal’ Post – My Comment .. Kunal has obliged, I request the rest of you to do the same.
PS -> At the end of the complicated copy pasting process of blog links onto my Post Body, this kind of looks like My Blog Roll. 🙂



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21 responses to “Literary Delight .. + A mind with no work

  1. abe Poorna will like it more if you call him using his nick name KOPOS…

    and didnt you forgot to write the blog which you visited most… or may be commented most ..

  2. Whew! That was one frustu post…
    btw, how is my blog, preparing-for-cat blog?? please elucidate!

  3. @Rakesh ,
    Fine .. point taken ..will call him KOPOS.
    and .. Which Blog did you mean when you said, most visited ?? Kindly elucidate 🙂
    @Kunal ,
    had no new words for your blog. the only thing that comes to mind when I think of you is the CAT exam. you may attribute this adjective to that.

  4. s

    Msn spaces is IN these days …
    plz update ur links … and yeah .. its been a confused state but now you know iw ont move 😉
    its MS.

  5. dude, ask rocky and maddy.. they’ll tell you that i do everything, everything apart from preparing for cat.. or just wait a few days and then you’ll come across the truth yourself!

  6. Oye Utky!!! Go check my blog!!hdjb

  7. 🙂 Yea blogs are fun… its the only thing i can access from office except google… and thanks to u and rocky, my blog looks like a chatting space 😉 42 comments!!!

  8. @Rakesh ,
    The changes have been made (to be read the same way as “May the force be with you” )
    @Kunal ,
    Fine .. no more CATter . now on you shall be not referred to as a perspective IIM student.
    @Sam ,
    Sure dude .. will update MY links as soon as I find them.
    @Archana ,
    Grrrrr .. don’t spoil my good name .. and wht is hdjb .. ??
    @Sayantika ,
    you have’nt obliged with a new post .. Grrr to u too

  9. Yeah have been quite busy yaar … but I always keep updating my dreamz blog … u can check them out… although they are mostly stupid! 🙂 So when are u landing in hyd? a couple of days i suppose ….

  10. Oye! This is great. Me gets a mention on your list. Gee Thanks. 🙂

    No problem rakesh and utkarsh, you can call me kopos or poorna 🙂

  11. @Sayantika ,
    Dreams are never stupid, they are just something you have always wanted to see or had imagined sometime and did not actually see it. Dreams are a reflection of what you actually feel.
    @Poorna ,
    Thanx man , and great new post.

  12. Yea you are right but not always na … most of my dreams aren’t what I wish for … and moreover they won’t be fun if they were so obvious, right? 😉 at least I can afford to be stupid and silly in my dream 🙂

  13. pretty bored .. huh ????

    n jobless too .. might i add ????

    😛 …..

  14. Hi … he’ll be reaching hyd by sunday evening …

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  21. Tapavendvak

    For a second everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said, “Look mate, don’t ever do that again. You scared the daylights out of me!”

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