Innovative Ways to do some Social Service

1> Around the month of June, July, August .. there would be an Ad in the newspapers all over the country about something called as CAT. It would ask you to appear for the best management institues in the country. But, smart as we are, we have other things like Social Service on our minds. What we do is, Apply for the examination and not appear for it. You may wonder how that comes under social service .. Well .. the answer is simple .. We are all Smart people .. we would top CAT if we appeared .. now .. the guy who misses out by one because of smart asses like me .. well .. I am doing some social service for him .. pretty simple and whole hearted effort to make life better for an individual .. so what say guys .. how about not appearing for CAT, after having filled the Form, next year on ??
BTW .. don’t worry about the thousand-hundred bucks .. God’s watching .. he will pay you back

2> Let’s imagine, that you went to Bangalore for a family function .. Let’s assume that the family function is a Cousin’s Marrige .. How can we do Social Service in this scenario .. well .. pertty simple again .. what we do is .. We book a ticket for Rajdhani from Bangalore to Hyderabad .. and at the last moment decide to come by bus a couple of days earlier. Now .. the Social Service does not end here .. what you actually have to do is to _NOT_ cancel the ticket . wondering how is THAT community service .. well .. think about the poor guy who wanted to travel inRAjdhani all his life and finally had enough money to pay for the ticket .. and just because of someone like me and you .. he was pushed to waiting list .. now . because you did’nt show up .. the lucky guy finaly achieves the dream of his life by travelling in Rajdhani … You might be wondering that you could have done social service even if you had cancelled the ticket .. that way .. you would have done social service to people in Bangalore . who are rich and don’t need social service … now since you did’nt cancel your ticket . the berth was given to someone not in bangalore but to someone in someone in a poorer city .. now .. you would be wondering what happened to the 1050 bucks .. well .. don’t worry .. God’s watching .. he will pay you back.

3> _THIS_ one is for all of you who are still in college and are about to pay mess fees. YOU can not pay mess fees and pay on a daily basis to the mess walah .. this way .. you are paying him for his _DAILY_ bread and butter .. now all you smarty pants would think that this is not big deal and you would be refunded the amount at the end of year along with caution deposit .. herez the trick .. when they give you the caution fee check which is a measly 5.5k ( and should have been 7.0k if mess refund was included ) .. you don’t fight back .. see .. pretty simple … now you are doing the biggest community service ever .. you are paying the poor mess wallah TWICE .. for the wonderful food he had provided us for four years .. ahh dear old mess .. what would I have done without it .. aneway .. do not worry about the 1,500 .. God’s watching .. he will give it all back.

There are a few more forms of social service that I could have included here .. but God ( My Module Lead ) is watching ..

BTW .. in case you are wondering who would be the sensitive guy, who would have done
these great acts of kindness, the answer is your’s truly.

PS -> you may want to replace the words “sensitive guy” in the last sentence with “stupid ass” … totally upto the reader.



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7 responses to “Innovative Ways to do some Social Service

  1. Please do some more social service and post more and more for poor bored souls like me

  2. dude, here’s another kind of social service. can u lend me some money? i promise to pay you back…in future(i wont cheat. God’s watching)

  3. Pradeep , good one .
    U can lend me some too, though u dont have to limit urself to 1,500 . Dont worrry ” God’s watching , he’ll pay you back ” πŸ˜‰

  4. Can u finish my coding work for me? As Kalyani says, Don’t worry, God’s watching πŸ™‚

  5. Do u even remember who paid for ur ticket?? passing off my community service as yours! Gods certainly watching.

  6. hi..its a great blog you have here..which company do you work for? where did you do your engineering from?

    I would love to meet you you know..not in that kind of way..just normally do give me your number

  7. MS

    Hey!!That was a Nice n Hilarious one….
    By the way i can suggest you one more way of doing social service…..Post some references to other nice blogs in your posts….For instance you can refer mine (which I’ve created fresh, being new to the blogging fraternity) @

    Remember πŸ™‚ God’s watching…’ll get your referral share also πŸ™‚ Juz kidding….

    It was a good one from you dude…Take care

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