Perfection Petrified !!

I am making no conscious effort to censor a part of my life that I don’t feel great about. It’s just that it comes involuntarily.
First things first ..
I have decided to change the title of my Blog.
Now on .. it’s going to be “Perfection Petrified” .. So .. all you unfortunate people who don’t have anything better to do than to add my Blog’s title to your blog roll, You may want to change it from the confusing alphanumeric sequence to something more readable. If you are wondering why am I doing this .. Well .. Change is inevitable and variety is the spice of life. You can’t just continue to have the same blog title and get comments on some M$ fanatic’s page which says “51n15t9r .. not sure he has killed even a mosquito till date” .. screw you .. what about the numerous killings in dust2, aztec, Usp_map, inferno .. screw you again !!
aneway .. Second things second ..
In case you still have’nt read this .. you may want to go through the link below ..
she’s only 83, Cradle Robber .. Made me think .. whether a long life really is what I want .. of course, Tony Long presented a very hilarious and funny picture .. but on a serious note .. do we really want to live THAT long. Sreejith rightly said that he would rather prefer a short happy life than a long boring life, which ends up in being a burden more than anything else ( Not that he is any less of a burden now .. weighs more than 1 ton ) .. but I have to agree with sreejith in this regard .. who wants to live till 200. There is nothing that you cannnot achieve in the 80 odd years that America says is the Average life span in there. Letz clear up some space for the yournger generation ( talking to you .. all you fatsos ) ..
Time for a change of topic before someone points out that I can be counted among those with tummies ..
Few things have changed since the last time I posted ..
1st .. i bought a bike .. Hero Honda Glamour .. pretty cool looking and gives me a reasonably good average .. A Bit expensive though .. but it’s ok .. worth the money !!
2nd .. a couple of close friends had a small accident last monday .. quite freakish .. must thank the inventor of Helmets .. and people sitting around me keep scaring me that I am the next in line .. ( out of the 4 in our cubicle .. 3 already had accidents .. ) .. been trying to convince myself that Iam a safe driver .. but somewhere deep deep deep down I know that I need a helmet ..
3rd .. As far as work life is concerned .. nothing much has changed .. which is not a very good thing .. I never was a work freak .. and calling myself a workacholic would be an exxageration .. but of late .. work has become kind of repetetive .. I won’t say it’s boring .. but it’s not something I am very happy doing !!
4th .. Love Life .. My mother has conviniently forgotten that I talked to her about the girl in my life .. ( according to some even I have forgotten that I have a girl in my life .. ) everytime I call her she keeps telling me that she is looking for girls for bro AND ME ( oh my god .. am i marriable age already ?? ) .. Yesterday she called and asked how much did I weigh ..I told her 68 Kgs .. and she asked me to reduce weight else I won’t get married .. what the hell .. I am not a girl who has to be slim and smart and sexy to get married .. I am a guy and one of the advantages of being the uglier gender is that you would get a girl even though you are a fat, ugly, disgusting Pig .. only thing is that you have to have a job .. and tadaaaa .. you are done ..
By the way .. any pointers on how do i start talking to my mom ( again ) about the issue shall be appreciated .. took me a hell lot of guts to speak to her once about it .. wonder how will I ever do it again ..
F1 F1 F1 ??
or may be F2 ?? πŸ˜€



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6 responses to “Perfection Petrified !!

  1. Use F5 == refresh..
    And buy a helmet!
    And a simple query, why “Perfection Petrified”

  2. πŸ˜‰
    this time start with the line “Ma, ek ladka hai…”
    I bet ki tumhare senetence ke pure hone se pahle hi Aunti poochegi ki “when will I get to meet the girl, you were talking about last time” πŸ™‚

  3. set explain on;
    select ne.ne_id,ne.quip_name clli,,ns.manufacturer,ne.status,c.card_id

    anyone know sql? plz help

    did anyone know that utkarsh went to a pub with a friend..ended up forgetting the friend..and instead danced with some guys he met at the bar counter?? did someone say happy and gay?

  4. errata.. i weigh “1 Quintal” and not “1 ton”. This error is particularly disturbing because it carries weight πŸ˜€

    reminder- buy the damn helmet!

  5. ‘I am a guy and one of the advantages of being the uglier gender is that you would get a girl even though you are a fat, ugly, disgusting Pig’ ….. now that is modesty personified! Proud of you Utky!–>

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