Thatz the name of my latest Favorite song .. from the movie Iqbal.
The moment we got internet at our apartment a couple of days back .. one of the first things done was to download this song.

Somethings and some people make me wonder though … Is there anything like hoping for “too much” .. hoping and trying for what you can’t get .. hoping and trying for what never was , is’nt and never will be yours ..

Siddhrth in DCH
“Is raet ko dekh rahi ho … Jitni bhi koshish karo ise jyada pakadne ki . utni hi ungliyon ke beech se nikal jaati hai ” ..
( see this sand in my hands .. the more you try to hold it within your palm . the more it will slip out between your fingers )

How true ..



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5 responses to “Aashaayen

  1. but is there something that can never be yours, if you have willed enough and work hard for it.

    the human brain, hope and will are such a wondrous combination. they have never been used to the max, but whenever a part of them have been used, they have always given wonderful results.

  2. utky n kopos,
    there are a lots of things the human mind wants but can never get it……we could even spend a lifetime looking for things that dont exist, wanting things that are not necessary…..

  3. hi Utkarsh,
    i believe life is all about dreams and hopes……..isn’t it!!!!

    and ur blog….it really is perfection petrified………i’m too lazy too maintain it…but i’ll work on it…

    Happy New Year dude

    Abhinav Bhatnagar

  4. why does ur last name sound like u r maharashtrian? And hope is a cooool thing. Bas if u dont get the results well, dil pe mat le yaar! U know na… if u aim for moon and still dont make it, u sure hit some nice star!

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