Long time No See

It’s been a really long time that I have posted anything here. One of the reasons for that has been that my life has changed drastically. Took me some time to cope with the flood of new things in life. But, now I guess .. things are getting back to normal for me.
Funny things happen when you are in your early twenties and have lost your first job (read .. unceremoniously kicked out of office ). You start looking at things differently. You start hating corporate culture. You download “office space” and watch it a zillion times over. You see the construction workers and wonder if they recruit. Most questions asked to you are with the sympathetic tilt of the head. You repent the fact that you would be ashamed of working as a waiter, who .. by the way .. is presently earning more than you. New schemes pop in your head .. what if I could open a restraunt .. people have to eat .. right ?? .. or may be .. I should start giving tutions to high school students .. ahh .. forget it .. why spoil the country’s future .. or may be I can open a software company and recruit friends ( who will actually work ) and in a few years buy the company that fired me.
And then out of nowhere, one interview call and it all changes. You study so hard that if you studied half of that much in college, you would have probably got the gold medal from YSR Reddy. More calls .. calls calls calls all day .. there are days when all you do is attend calls and answer to “Tell me about yourself” about a hundred times. It’s all like a flashback .. it’s all similar to what happened during placements .. and yet .. so different.
One mistake and you regret it for your life .. thats what corporates do to you.
Anyway .. things are not still at their best ( atleast on the job front ) .. but good thing is atleast I have offers now ..
The good thing abut the past one and a half month has been it has brought me closer to Life. It’s good to hear from people that “I believe in you” .. and “Take it easy .. it will all be over .. you are too good for Verizon anyway ” .. and top of all .. from my mom .. “It’s ok beta .. don’t worry about it .. you anyway hated the work they were giving you .. so just lay back for a while .. go out.. watch a few movies .. bike hai na .. ladki ghumao .. khana khao .. so jao “.
I could not stop laughing for about half an hour about that remark 🙂



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5 responses to “Long time No See

  1. He he =)) =)) thats so sweet … hey damn it, remove the Chennai, Tamilnadu tag from ur profile…… X-(

  2. Take it easy .. it will all be over .. you are too good for Verizon anyway

    hmm…that should make you happy

  3. ladki ghumaao bhai!! sab teek ho jayega….just relax and take life as it comes….

  4. hey Utkarsh,
    take it easy…there’s so much happening in life…its like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham…

    anyways, chillax……

    please do reply me……..

    Abhinav Bhatnagar

  5. wow. cute post. losing a job. boredom. ppl advising. lakdi ghumao. i believe in u. good going! all the best to u and thx for dropping by my blog.–>

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