RDB + Valentines’ Day Headaches!!

The second topic sounds more interesting to me right now .. especially since I am all blank right now after watching the movie. I normally get terrible hangovers after watching Aamir Khan movies ( not true with Mangal Pandey though .. ), but this one promises to be the Baap of all my hangovers .. I am tempted to go ahead and start with VD TIPS first ..
Anyway, in interests of continuity, I shall not change the order. I do know that I can shift + tab .. but as I say about ten times a day .. Too much Work .. 🙂

De Basanti

RDB completes a trilogy of films on similar themes, though this one is lot more dramatic and hence , appealing. Similar themes have been used with great success in Yuva and Swades. The trick which the film-makers have used is to appeal to the youth. Of course, the mushy romances and the stupid skin flicks still steal the show when it comes to the box office collections. Still, once in a while comes a movie, which would attract the attention of each and every Indian, not for it’s song and dance sequences or for it’s skin show or for it’s sex related jokes, but for the fact that it reminds him that he is an INDIAN, and the country belongs to him, as much as he belongs to the country. Movies like these make you question yourself, make you wonder what have you been wasting your life with so far .. with absolutely no remorse or guilt whatsoever.
Not everything in life has to have; as dramatic a solution as shown in RDB, but still the bottomline is, we should not be just blaming others for what’s wrong in the country. It’s our country too. The movie is not anti politics. The movie ends with the lesson – The politicians are not to be blamed for everything that’s wrong in the country .. We chose them .. either by voting for them .. or by not voting for a better candidate .. if they are corrupt .. then so are we .. they have come from amongst us .. So, next time you see something wrong with the country, with the city, with the society that you live in, with the things around you .. just go up and change it yourself rather than waiting for someone to come and save you. You are your own messiah.

Valentines’ Day
On a much, much, much lighter note .. Here are a few things that trouble guys in the age group 13-28 (extensible limits) during the dates 9th Feb to 14th Feb. Some Googling and Wiki-ing gave me this ..
9 -chocolate day
10 – Gift Day
11 – kiss Day
12 – Slap Day
13 – Hug Day
14 – Valentines Day 😉
Of course, I did’nt remember the days .. I have trouble remembering her birthday .. forget remembering the six days by name .. If left to me .. all days would be chocolate day .. but you can’t get everything in Life .. Sniff Sniff ..
anyway .. back to the list ..
1> The GIFT – You need to get her a gift .. the problem with this is .. the art of choosing a perfect gift. that’s not as easy as it Sounds .. Here is what your GF thinks when you buy her
– a card ( chhe .. too cheap .. can’t even spend some extra bucks for me)
– a Pen (cheap by all standards .. could’nt he just buy me a stuffed toy)
– a stuffed toy ( does this guy lack imagination or what .. all my friends get the same toy .. could’nt he buy me something that required something more than just going to archie’s and picking the nearest item )
– a choclate ( just a choclate ?? what does he think I am .. EIGHT ?? )
– a mug ( I already see enough coffee mugs during the breaks at office . what do I need another one for .. )
– a Ring ( VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO .. not ready for commitment yet dude .. letz just be friends .. can I still get to keep the ring ?? )
Of course , she would always be nice enough to never say these things to yor face .. girls are gentler (thatz what we like them to think), plus they can always use an extra pen / card / stuffed toy / mug to add to their collection.
As far as I understand, the trick is to get her something which she needs ( not just wants ) but yet, is unexpected. Of course this would require knowing a lot about her needs and wants and expectations .. but thatz what the day is about .. give some serious thought to the gift.
2> You see the long list of days at the start of this section .. well .. memorize them .. carve them on your chest, or to be less dramatic/romantic, put reminder on your cell phones, put post it sticks at your desk, but NEVER EVER forget them. Because, If you do, rest assured she will make sure that you don’t have to worry about the first point. This is true in most cases, but I shall not generalize it. Girls can be forgiving too .. but in most cases that means that even she forgot the day.
3> The Perfect Date .. Where is the big question. You have been with her all over the town .. and so you can’t take her to these places … because this is the BIG day .. this is the BIG date .. you can’t just treat her in any restraunt that you anyway frequent twice a week. this one has to be special. Do not panic, dear friend .. The best thing to do shall be to cook food yourself .. ofcourse .. it shall taste crap .. and would require lots of work .. but it’s still worth it. 🙂

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9 responses to “RDB + Valentines’ Day Headaches!!

  1. And now I worried! Why=oh-why did you have to post about the valentine day gifts? 😦

  2. good analysis dude..so what gift did u finalize on..:D

  3. but someone told me he had broken up with someone else?
    and yet tips for valentine?

    strange..very strange..

  4. ahh…that explains a lot! the hangover from the movie resulted in that conv!!

  5. @kunal ,
    it’s ok .. your is a different case . anything you buy won’t change her reaction ..
    @cmdebuzz ,
    Thanx 🙂
    @sandeep ,
    don’t ask me . ruined the day big time
    @jaya ,
    too complicated a question to answer here .. will discuss this at a appropriate place and at a appropriate time
    @Venki ,
    Screw YOU 🙂
    @archu ,
    movie not the _ONLY_ reason for the conversation .. had stuff in mind even before 🙂

  6. Hey, if you are into contests there is a great contest on YouTube for Valentines Day. The contest is to create a video for the holiday. Actually its two contests, one is to make a video talking about your great love and the second is to actually do an online video proposal called “Will You Marry Me?” Here’s the URL http://www.youtube.com/greatestlovestories?cm_cid=twb8. Right now there are very few entries so you might have a good shot at winning.

  7. Hello there, Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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