Hello from Airtel !!

I have been a Airtel Customer for quite some time now and they continue to amaze me with their business tact ..
During the months of November , December and January my phone bill touched new heights, each month bill competing with the earlier months’ in a race to doom my financial fortunes .. they did partially succeed .. and during this period of three months I did not receive a single SMS/call from Airtel about offers/subscriptions .. the one time they called was around the 28th of each month to tell me that my bill has been generated and since i have crossed my credit limit, I should be paying by 30th of that month.
So, in February .. I decided that I have had enough .. No more frantic calling and sms-ing .. just stick to not more than 5 calls everyday and not more than 10 messages a day !! (Was HARD to say the least) .. and somehow Airtel’s policies changed towards me. I started getting offers / free subscription and what not ..

Offer 1 -> Dear Airtel Customer, We have a special Offer JUST FOR YOU. Make at least 5 calls everyday between 10AM to 5PM and win a chance to win a 29 inch color TV .. absolutely FREE
(yeah i get that dumbo .. WIN means FREE) Here you should know that Airtel had noticed that between 10 to 5 i was only receiving calls and had not made a single call between these timings for about 20 days ..

Offer 2 -> Dear Airtel Customer, NOW you can download your favorite ring tones for FREE. just dial #@%% and choose your ring tone (Note – standard call charges apply)
Screw you .. given the time it take me to get to the ring tone menu . it’s almost the same bill as having a heavy meal at Balaji

Offer 3 -> (Got this today) Dear Airtel Customer, We have a special offer just for YOU. This offer is extended to only a few select customers and you are among the lucky ones. You can now get your Hello Tune from amongst the top three Hello Tunes FOR FREE. We will play the top three at the end of this message and you can select you favorite tone. (This got me interested .. coz this was Airtel calling and i could download for free .. meaning absolutely no charge at all). Song 1 -> Something in Telugu .. ( Me .. “what the hell” ) .. Song 2 -> This one seems familiar but still Telugu .. ( Me .. “sucks .. !!”) .. Song 3 -> Aashiq banaya .. aashiq banaya (Me .. “Oh god .. please tell me this is a April Fool thing and they will play some nice song at the end of all this torture” )

But that is where it all ends .. Airtel did it once more time !!



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4 responses to “Hello from Airtel !!

  1. Airtel is the worst sms spammer company. I used to get spam sms from not only airtel but from random people. Over all this, i used to get crank calls from someone blabbering in telugu. Wait .. there’s more, a call everyday .. those prerecorded ones which you cancel just by seeing the number …

    Now i have switched to Hutch. Since i am a chalta rahe prepaid subscriber :-), they know i would stick with them so they dont spam me anymore 😀

  2. meetu,
    u have support from me 2. i m gonna write a post on my woes with airtel. c ya!!

  3. AIRTEL SUX bigtime, i say all AIRTELians shud shift 2 Hutch at once

  4. meetu…
    just check out the number of ppl havin trouble with airtel!! a whole blog has been devoted to it man!

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