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Blocked !!

What do you do when you have a blogger’s block ??
I have not found anything worth posting for the past two months .. and yet .. SOOO much has happened ..
During the past two months .. I have actually written and deleted four posts .. because after finishing the post I realized that I did not feel so strongly about it as I had thought I did (Reservations, for instance) .. I also deleted some posts that got a bit too personal (love life .. for instance) ..
how does one keep one’s blog free from emotions and yet write posts that reflect what one feels ..

Basically , Lost the touch ..

A few things that came to my mind when I started posting in the past were
Reservations , Love Life , emotional turmoil 1 , Leaving hyderabad , Sucky sucky sucky bangalore , stupid Long training hours , new comapny , new team , Living with family , GOOD ( and free ) food , Good (and free) Lodging , trips to hyderabad , emotional turmoil 2 ..


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