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Platinum gym !!

As I had touched upon the topic of gym-ing in my previous post .. I think it’s about time, I tell you people, how far have I progressed towards the muscular utkarsh.
He is just round the corner, as I see it .. and Far far far far far far far off .. as my gym instructor would see it. If the pain in my arm is anything to go by ( I am told that this happens when muscles are formed due to exercises ), I am very well on my way .. screw mr. instructor.
So what If I could not do the 50 dips as he asked me to do it .. he thinks it becomes easier if he says do 5 sets of 10 each .. I would like to see the hulk of the gym try to do it .. (For all I know , he just might .. I have seen him lifting 25 kg dumbles with quite an ease .. and if that happens .. you will have one more chance of marvelling at the wonderous phenomenon of putting utkarsh’s foot in his own over sized mouth ) .. Anyway .. I had just crossed the border into double digits, when something near my left shoulder snapped and begged me to stop .. for the love of God .. stop .. of course .. I can’t ignore such hartfelt pleas .. I AM human .. after all ..
so .. I told my instructor that I have done ( some quick thinking and random number generation engine in my mind gave me .. ) 28 push ups .. and am a little tired .. he said that is moderate effort for a starter .. and he is happy that I tried .. Something in my mind was telling me .. manipulative bastard ..
Anyway . my next task was to lift some 5 kg dumbbells .. should’nt be too tough .. only 5 kgs .. right ?? My instructor told me to count till 10 and do 5 sets of that .. As I said .. that did’nt make the process any easier .. Anyway .. with two hulky dumbbell shaped individuals on my side and two similar non living ones in hand .. I started counting .. The exercise was to lift the dumbbells over your head with one hand and then bring it down .. and then repeat the process with the other hand. I started couting .. right arm going up .. left arm going up .. 1 .. right arm going up .. left arm going up .. 2 .. .. .. .. .. .. after a minute .. right arm going up .. 12 .. left arm going up .. 13 .. right arm going up .. 14 .. left arm going up .. 15 .. and some time later .. right arm going up .. 22 , 23 .. left arm going up .. 24 , 25 .. and yes .. I did complete 50.
Next task was bar lifting .. For most of my life I had seen people lifting these bars with some weights attached at the ends .. and the bar that was given to me had no weights .. that seemed such a slap in the face .. I mean .. what do I need to do to get some respect from this man .. I mean .. did’nt I just do 28 push ups and 50 dumbbell lifts .. does’nt that count for anything ?? But you can’t argue with the instructor there .. he is , after all , your instructor .. you just do what he tells you .. however damm easy or tough it may seem to be .. So, I took the bar from him .. and the very next moment regretted telling him I was not so tired even after 28 dips and 50 dumble lifts. This bar .. well .. did’nt require any weights .. it was pretty heavy all by itself .. only an absolute hulk could lift this thing with weights attached .. and I have mentioned .. the hulk utkarsh is still round the corner and not at the platinum gym yet .. under the watchful eye of mr. instructor .. I staretd out yet again .. and paused twice before 10 to get a breather .. he said I had done pretty well for a first day .. WHAT ?? first day .. excuse me .. I am a fourth day pro .. ok ?? .. I CAN do better than this .. I shall prove you wrong .. mr. bulky biceps and 50 inch chest .. and I lifted the bar once more over my head .. and then down .. yeah .. I think I have done well for a first day .. and I restored the bar respectfully to it’s original position.
As I got out of the gym, I saw my bike outside .. my faithful companion .. right there when I need it the most .. I got onto the bike .. thanked Mr. Rooper for the best invention of all times .. the bike .. I pledged to come back the next day and give a repeat performance.



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Another one coming up !!

The time on my system clock says 8:19 PM.
It’s a Friday .. and I have undoubtably hit all time low in terms of spirits.
The approaching weekend is getting on my nerves. I have absolutely no plans for this weekend .. exactly like I had no plans for the weekend before this, and the one before that .. and one before that .. before that .. before that ..

If I had been in hyderabad, I would have things to do .. but somehow .. bangalore does not seem to be offering the same excitement that I had hoped for. Weekdays make me sick and weekends make me crave for that sickness.

And it’s not as though, I have’nt tried to do stuff ..
I did try for a language course .. but then .. I could not find a class .. I find all one to one tutions .. Which is probably the most boring way to learn a foreign language. I Have joined a gym ( yeah yeah .. laugh all you want .. I am not thin anymore and I need to shed some weight now .. And since I am on the topic .. Gyming does’nt make you fitter .. it only makes your arms hurt and makes you sleepy all day. ) .. but then .. gym is only 30 mints a day .. and not really the high point of my day.

Work-wise, I have decided to space out my remaining work .. I have a small thing left to do which has to be spread out over 10 days .. so that I have something to do for all 10 days .. otherwise I will be just idle for 9 of these days .. and GOD help me then ..

Basically My Life sucks here ..
Intrestingly .. I thought I will not grumble anymore .. but just could not stop myself from doing it today ..


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