Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

“Kaal se pehle wohi tha,
Kaal ke baad wohi,
Jaane kitni sadiyon se,
Le raha wo teri.”
– BodhiTree



The song is definately inspired by Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. Of course, there is a negative time lag between the release of these two pieces of work (which, by the way, are the opposite end of the spectrum of brilliance), but the guys at XLRI ( Bodhitree ) are brilliant people. For all we know, they might have invented a time machine, travelled in time .. came to the August of 2006 .. saw KANK and headed back to the past, all inspired for a new song .The relation is pretty obvious .. the movie goes on for a spiritually damaging and physically unhealthy THREE HOURS AND FORTY FIVE minutes.

I can’t understand what I hate more about the movie, the mindless romance of Shahrukh and Rani Mukherjee or the irritatingly stupid role offered to Big B. Last time I checked, Big B was the Indian Movie Icon. Of course, he had lowered his standards by acting in every commercial which came his way, but with this movie, AB Senior has definately managed to hit an all time low in terms of showing how low he can fall just to be a part of a big banner. His role, as described by the Review team at TOI ( not sure ) was that of an old skirt chaser. I did’nt think it would be that bad, until I actually saw the movie. He has been shown making lewd remarks at ladies and having Sex with women who might be on Playboy’s payroll. I don’t understand the role in the context of the movie. While playing no part in the main story line of the movie, all AB senior has managed to do is to pull his faithful fans to the movie theaters and earn the ire of people like me, who don’t understand what he was doing in the movie in the first place.

As If AB senior was not enough, Shahrukh offers another reason to hate the movie. I don’t understand the reason why he married Preity in the first place, and once he did, what made him hate her so much all of a sudden. No explanation has been offerred to this rather questionable aspect of the movie other than the fact that Preity is a night-life loving Editor in Chief of a Women’s magazine ( but the start of the movie shows that he did’nt like her much, even before she got this job). The Explanations are not clear on the other side as well. Why does Rani not like Abhishek, a perfectly loving and caring husband ?

I also had trouble understanding why was Shahrukh so grumpy all through the movie. He , as i understand, was supposed to potray a loser .. and if that was the case, I would expect a loser to be a little more short of self confidence than to yell at strangers and snap at his kid at every given opportunity. And if he was’nt suppose to potray a loser, then why was he acting like one all through the movie.

And the end, while being predictable .. like all Karan Johar specials, is one which raises more questions than it answers. Is it really right to have relations outside marriage if you are not happy with your present partner. I definately believe that it’s human nature to be attracted to more than one person at a time, but .. going to the extent of being in a physical relationship with one of them , while already in a legal relationship with another one .. is immoral .. if not sleazy.

My understanding of human realtions is probably not the best .. I am not a great relationship manager myself .. but I do have mind to understand what is right and what is DEFINATELY wrong in a relationship. While definately giving importance to yourself , once in a while, you should also be caring and sensitive towards your partner’s life and needs.

If Karan Johar really believes that the way to go for all people who are having trouble in marriages, I would like to ask him to spare a thought for the poor offsprings of such troubled relations who suffer the most in case of a breakup between his/her parents.

Bottom Line : Absolute Crap .. Performance wise .. Everyone is ok .. The only reason you can watch the movie is if you want a three hour forty minutes of uninterrupted sleep (though Karan Johar can’t gurantee that either .. thanx to a periodic five minute shreak from atleast one character in the movie) .. I would rather advice people to get the Music CD and listen to the SONGS (the only good thing in the movie) and not waste money on the Crap of the century. I have never seen a movie so hell-bent on doing what it says in its’ title.



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3 responses to “Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

  1. Now I am scared of watching the movie… I have tickets booked for tomorrow … 😥 Hope I survive!

  2. why oh why did u even go to see a karan johar movie! u had been warned enough.

  3. @Kunal ,
    Think by now you must have seen the movie .. waiting for your review ..
    @sreejith ,
    the reason i was there was because good friends had already paid for the ticket .. 😀

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