Another Review : “Ahista Ahista”

I did not want to come across as a grumpy old-man who hates everything he comes across .. which probably explains why I decided against writing a review for the movie I saw yesterday .. but since Rakesh wrote one .. i thought probably i should follow suit.
He evidently liked Ahista Ahista and I hated it. I hated it so much that i got up half way through the second half to leave .. this was my second attempt to rescue myself .. my first attempt was thwarted by the friend who paid for my ticket .. And by the time I gathered enough courage to ask this friend again for permission to leave he was already apologizing for dragging me to the movie.
Actually , now when i think of it .. I don’t think the movie was so bad .. it’s just that we could have gone to “Anthony Kaun Hai” instead and were dragged to this one by a friend who had already seen AKH. So , basically we were all sulking all through the movie about how-great-it-could-have-been had we made it to AKH.
It’s just that every time a song started .. i found myself wanting to excuse myself to the bathroon just so that I could escape another masterpiece from Himesh Bhaiya. I did successfully manage it two times .. but around the third time people started doubting my kidneys and stuff .. so I thought that getting fresh air might be a better excuse.
Anyway .. the movie does progress “Ahista Ahista” and you can probably watch it once .. it is probably not as bad as KANK ( that is only a guess .. i did’nt see the end of AA to actually compare the two ). Atleast it does’nt have the shreaks and illogical romance and idiocity of a loser character.



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4 responses to “Another Review : “Ahista Ahista”

  1. Manoj

    I heard that the only good thing in the movie were the last 40 mins…:))

  2. hi buddy,
    thanx for giving the reveiw..
    im in so much go or not to go for it..
    but now i think it will not cause harm to watch it once…

    take care

  3. @Majji ,
    saale hamesha frustoo news hi dega .. 😀
    @Rocky ,
    Apparently the power of writing has been taken away to be replaced by the power of using only smileys .. 😀
    @vibhor ,
    Welcome to my blog dude .. I can’t post a comment on your blog because apparenly i require a windows Id for that. thanx for dropping by.

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