Coffee at Barista

A friend recently pointed out that I don’t look the type of guy who would ( actually the word was ‘could’ and hence more demoralizing ) sit all by himself at a coffee shop or for that matter eat alone. I knew that it was totally true. There have been days when I have’nt had lunch / dinner because I did’nt have company. I just can’t eat alone. Call it insecurity, call it stupidity whatever . but that was what I did.
This was till yesterday, until I decided to go ahead and do it. I biked for some distance, thinking about strange things. I did’nt even know where I was heading to. At each crossing, I randomly chose a direction and a couple of times I went in to one-ways , only to be chased out by the traffic policemen. Anyway .. I was’nt thinking anything about the destination of this drive .. and It felt GREAT. I had managed to find some secluded spots near Airport Road (which I am sure I would never be able to retrace) .. and without the honking cars and disturbing autos, the places felt great.
I someow managed to find my way back to Airport Road and decided that I wanted some coffee and I would I spent some time with myself.
So … I had coffee all by myself .. walked into a book shop at Leela palace .. and sat for about fifteen minutes listening to the STC open talk , bought three books and joined the Oxford Book club, which means that I would be invited for book reading sessions and book releases whenever they happen at Oxford.
Was a different kind of experience for someone who has been sufferring from the herd-mentality all his life. Felt good to break out !!



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11 responses to “Coffee at Barista

  1. Sometimes, spending some time with yourself puts many things in different perspectives.. You may also chance upon a radically different outlook to life.

    But at one point I disagree with you. Spending some time in a book shop all by yourself does not mean spending time alone; you have so many books to keep you company. Some days I prefer that to being with friends 🙂

  2. ShallowOcean

    books and coffee and being all by yourself…nothing can be better!!
    you had a real great day :)…this sort would be a perfect idea for me to spend a holiday 🙂

  3. staying alone and being yourself does give some time to look within and explore yourself … but after a while it sucks 😦 ..

  4. skp

    Alone sucks …. but u njoied it this time … thats all matters….did all the Hyd comanies showed u a finger … why the hell dont u comeover here…..

  5. @KD ,
    The book thing was’nt about being alone .. it was just that i had finished my present stock .. and needed some more books . just that I was there all by myself with no HUMAN company :d
    @Shallow ,
    It did seem like a GREAT day .. I never thought being alone would be like this ..
    @Rocky ,
    “Explore myself” :d .. yeah sure ..
    @skp ,
    Dood .. it’s been just one year and i have already been in three companies .. Want to stick to this one for some time ..

  6. seriously_frivolous

    Been there done that! But in a far off place without the hustle and bustle on the city. Its transquilizing!

    But dood, where could you find this silence zone near airport road. Lemme know..would love to make a visit 🙂

  7. sometimes its also good to just take your bike and find a long long road…like the one to mehdipatnam..just that traffic shud b less..and keep going on the bike..on and on..and enjoy the wind..

  8. @seriously_frivolous
    Only if I could retrace my way back to the calm .. was’nt actually around airport road .. i went quite some distance .. and being rather new to bangalore , had a tough time finding my way back home.

    @sandeep ,
    the road before you get to Mehdipatnam is quite perfect for the kind of ride .. but tough to find such a place around here 😦

  9. hi utkarsh…
    spending time with one self has the gretest feeling..u know why becoz at that time u find urself..u talk with ur conscious and when u do that all ur misery resolves bcoz u are close to ur really self..
    so have a great time enjoying ur company with coffee and books…
    take care…..

  10. what you said looks good in text..but I cant get myself to do it..Man is created as a social animal u c..:-p

  11. @Mona
    thanx for droping
    Talking with myself .. not something I am very used to .. but got to do it for the first time on this occasion.
    And I am looking forward to the next time when I would be able to go out and enjoy by myself.

    @Roopa ,
    thanx for dropping by ..

    not everything works as created ( my programs .. for example ) .. unfortunately !! .. and when you are in short supply of good company .. you have to resort to such measures ..
    and it does give you a chance to look things differently ..

    PS : your blog name is funny 🙂 .. somehow the prominent words in the name seem to be PAIN and THOUGHT 😀 !!

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