A Request to $temp

Coming from a blogspot background does wonders to the confidence of a guy in differentiating spam comments from real ones. While most of jayaram comments would automatically be considered spam by any spam filter, most of Rocky’s comments would be ignored given the small text size and uniformity and generosity of :)s.
But Lately, I am getting some real Spam comments .. and when I say real.. they are not just real .. they are embarrassingly real. Imagine getting Viagra promoting ( no .. I did not get that ) or comments which help you “explore the intricacies of a woman’s body” ( I did get that .. ) .. but the latest one is a real embarrassment .. it says .. “Tips on how to get pregnant”. Now, while the Viagra promotion still has a far fetched relevance to a 24 year old guy like me .. How am i supposed to react to Tips on getting pregnant. If anything, I might be more interested in tips on avoiding pregnancy
I request a reader, who is either courageous enough to fool the company proxy logs, or one who doesn’t have a company proxy to worry about ( hereafter referred to as $temp ), to look up getting–pregnant dot blogspot dot com . and tell me if it has anything of relevance for a guy.
As if spam comments were not enough in making me doubt if my blog is a p-o-r-n site .. the search results do clear the doubts decisively.
For the uninitiated, WordPress tells you what search results helped readers to get to your blog. Now, I do remember writing a post about “the Conversation with a stranger“, but .. how does a search engine give out that post as a result when someone searches for the words “How to Make love to a stranger” (btw, who ever searches something like that) .. or the less porn-oriented “How to make friends with a stranger”. I request $temp to kindly look into this too.
A few others that beats me are ..
free hello tones in airtel – 2
To-lets at hyderabad – 1
how many km in an hour – 1
trick to apply free airtel hello tunes – 1
how to cancel hello tunes in airtel – 1

Of course, I don’t have anything to do with To-Lets in hyderabad, or with hello tunes in Airtel and what kind of a weirdo searches for “How many km in an hour” .. what is that even supposed to mean ??

People , probably accidentally land on the bangalore traffic appraisal certificate in this post while searching for “how many minutes in an hour” ( Another one i got ), which is still understandable. Also searching for “bitter Sweet symphony” might lead to my blog ( the chances are 1 in a zillion and i would like to see the search engine that returned by blog for that search ).

Ohh yeah .. in between all this hoopla . i forgot some other group of words that people searched for to get to my site .. “Rani mukherjee Sex Scene” .. HOW HOW HOW ?? Help $temp !!



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6 responses to “A Request to $temp

  1. I return your comment…
    “Bah! Spam encourager…”

    By writing about all such searches, you are encouraging the search engines to mark your blog as one with all such content…. πŸ˜‰

    And you call me spam encourager, bah.. πŸ˜›

  2. The weirdest search term that I have seen for my blog is “How to Kill Kunal” followed by Kunal Murder Song πŸ™‚

    now seems some guy is seriously after Kunal.

  3. lol. i would like to see how you can get pregnant. rofl

  4. guys .. it just got weirder ..
    check this out .. !!

    how to shape french beard 1
    shape of french beard 1
    french cut beard 1
    and yes .. look up this too ( site referral 😦 )

  5. AnferTuto

    Hola faretaste

  6. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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