Body Art ??

Ok people , I need help ..
I have decided that I have had enough of the medium hair, clean shaved , good boy look.
It’s time to change to evil.
After all, I am nearing the end of my bachelor days .. with my brother possibly getting married start of next year and my dad already pressing for a family marriage ( you know, the thing where elder brother marries the elder sister and younger brother marries the younger sister ) .. I feel that I don’t really have much time to do something substantial about my looks.
My efforts at growing hair were always thwarted either by people who said that it would look messy or by my Ex who had something against long hair. But, this time I have to be strong about this. I have taken the first step towards stardom .. I haven’t had a hair cut since the rather forgettable one in late July .. and given my uncle and aunt are very sporting .. I think I stand a chance to escape any further plan-damaging till I go home for diwali. Then, of course, I will need a major excuse to avoid the hair cut.

Anyway, since my hair-raising hair growing plan might just eventually fail, I have decided to try out something different. How about a tattoo .. Of course .. I won’t be adventurous enough to try out a huge one, but just a small one on my arm might be good for now ??
Anyway, I need to know, I know I am going for the evil look and all .. but does the tattoo getting process hurt .. I know body piercing does .. Of course it would .. they put things through your skin and is bound to hurt .. that is why it is off my to-get list. But a tattoo seems do-able. ? what say ??
how cool would this be ?

PS -> I just realised how long it’s been since i handled HTML πŸ˜€



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9 responses to “Body Art ??

  1. ahh, a post that invites comments longer then the post…
    ok here goes, my suggestions:

    1) long hair would be ok till diwali, then have a mohwak styled..
    2) colour your hair.. let imagination run riot.. red, blue, yellow, even pink!
    3) from now on wear only torn jeans
    4) and frayed t-shirts… shirts are out
    5) some gold/silver chains around your neck (take inspiration from circuit)
    6) ear-rings are a must for the evil-look
    7) after tatoo, think about body-piercing too
    8) wear heavy boots, that go clunk-clunk when you walk
    9) wear a belt so thick, that it looks you are hiding a dagger inside, and actually hide a dagger inside

    and main suggestion

    10) do not keep a french beard πŸ˜› I still remember the french beard you styled in final sem πŸ˜‰

    and yeah I am vella right now… do not take any of my suggestions πŸ˜€

  2. skp

    “by my Ex”

    I am sorry !!

  3. long hair .. long hair .. long hair .. resist all pressures and grow ur hair longer and longer πŸ˜€

  4. @KD ,
    dood .. i said Evil .. not porn star !!

    @skp ,
    it’s ok dood .. 😦

    @mythalez ,
    yes .. very much on the right track here πŸ™‚

  5. playboi

    get spikes ..

    rough beard .. kind that comes when u dont shave for a week.

    coupled together, they will give u a nice Bad Boy image.

  6. Family marriage !! Yeh kab hua !! Waise achcha hai … Look for a family where there are three sisters … Hamare jaise logon ka bhi kuch bhala ho jayega πŸ™‚

  7. @playboi ,
    dood .. you alive ??
    bhai kahaan hai aaj kal ??

    @rakesh ,
    hmm . interesting thought !!
    Will see what can be done !! πŸ˜€

  8. accept it, some people are just not meant to be evil. You will look like a cartoon if you get a tatoo. But if you are insistent, a flower or a butterfly or even a teddy bear might suit your gentle personality ;))
    And btw growing hair is a real pain. not recommended. i just had a hair cut 😦

  9. seriously_frivolous

    Ha..I had the same hair rising problem. Finally managed to convince my parents, my special some one but had to eventualyl cut my long hair coz ppl at work said they cant take me seriously if I have long hair! So much so..for freedom of empression 😦

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