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Time check

It’s 1:03 on my system clock .. and yes .. I am in Office on a sunday.
Those who have known me since college would vouch for the fact that it would take chains and bulls to get me to work on a sunday ( the same instruments that were suggested by Prof Govindrajulu to get Parivesh to POPL class .. or was it Compilers ?? .. damn it .. I should have paid more attention to what subject was being taught in classes )
But yet .. here I am .. sitting all alone in the office .. working 😦
And the problem is .. that I can’t be working only .. because I will need to reboot the lab machine everytme I change something in my code to make sure it works and each reboot takes about thrity minutes .. during which I can’t do anything other than wait for it to be up again.
Those who know me will also vouch for the fact that I am always prepared for such situations .. and so .. I have brought my currently-reading-book to office .. Getting an insight into Adolf Hitler’s mind is all that I need in such situations .. btw .. is there anyone from Lucent who is reading this who can tell me whom do i need to talk to get the AC switched on .. it’s getting so hot in here ..
Yes .. I have Jagjit Singh/Coldplay/MLTR/Metallica/Iron Maiden/GnR/Led Zep/Floyd/PJ and Mr. Willian L. Shirer for company .. but still .. this is not my idea of a perfect Sunday.
Lucent gave us all a copy of some magazine called “The smart Techie” .. at first I thought this is what they give for appraisals and like ( did’nt you see the ad where some guy was given peanuts for performance incentive .. it could happen .. you never know .. ) .. but later I found that it was because there was an article on Chitra Kasthuri ( Lucent India head ) in the Women Achievers section of the mag and hence the distribution. How relieved I was at gathering this is something any SE can understand.

*********** shirsha probably might not want to read here on 🙂 *****************
These days I am noticing something very weird in my behaviour on Orkut .. Sometimes when I open my homepage … there is a smiling face on the friends list .. and as easy it would be to close the window and get back to work .. I don’t do it .. hoping that it would magically disappear .. but it does’nt .. of course I keep refreshing the page so that orkut would take care of removing the pic from my presence .. and it does eventually fade out .. as expected .. and I get an urge to go to the larger window of my friends list to see if the face is still there .. somedays I am lucky .. somedays .. not so much ..
********** ok shirsha .. you can read here on .. 😀 **************************

My brother is gifting me a digi-cam .. yayy .. A Panasonic DMC-LS2 .. I have’nt had time to look it up online .. but whatever little I have managed to look up .. look-wise it seems alright ..

Ok .. the damn lab machine is up now .. and I have to get back to work ..
I hope the rest of you had a more eventful weekend and not one which involved waiting for a stupid machine to respond to pings.
And India-eng match is supposed to start in an hour .. fine .. i have something else to do ..
and I need to order a pizza for lunch. Can I BE any more like trash ??



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Elder Siblings and marriages

Do you all have elder siblings who just refuse to marry ??
I do .. and a rather annoying one too ..
Unfortunately.. I can’t do anything about it .. plus I am not very sure how it concerns me in the first place .. yes .. he would be getting married and all .. and I would be getting a bhabhi .. yes .. but .. how will that change me ??
But since that is not going to happen in the near future, probably my friends who have married off their elder siblings at a younger age would help me understand some other things that concerns elder sibling marriages .. ??
Basically the question is, Am I supposed to be all buddy buddy with her … or am I supposed to be very respectful and all ?? here are possible scenarios .. what am I supposed to do when this happens ??
1> Should I be all good boy with her .. you know .. like “namaste bhabhi .. pai lago bhabhi .. aap kaisi hain bahbhi” types .. or do i reveal my true colors and start with .. “hey that was cool .. have you tried vodka btw ” ?? ..
2> Can I safely tell her about my (mis)adventures of college life and beyond .. or do I just save that up for the deathbed kind of scenarios ??
3> Can I safely assume that she won’t mind me staring at her sisters ( if she has any ) .. or do I just play the “accha-bacha” gag I am so good at ??
4> Can I reliably trust her with some information like “bhabhi, I am going out for a late night movie .. Please make sure that mummy papa never find out about it” or do I hop out of bed and jump the boundary and run off and hop back in after the movie ??
5> Can I tell her “bhabhi, I am going out to attend a bachelor party that I have arranged for a dear friend Rocky .. ohh yeah .. we have a stripper there .. oh yes .. she would be good .. I personally selected her .. anyway .. got to go .. will be late” or do I come back the next morning and blame rocky for getting into a fight with Maddy because of which Maddy had to be admitted to a hospital ??
6> Would it be too weird to be with her in a mall and stare at some girl and ask with all seriousness “Bhabhi, do you think this girl will slap me or use her sandal when I ask her out ?” or do I just let the girl pass from right in front of me trying to answer the same question in my head .

These are the questions that make me a little nervous towards this alliance that might be hitting my family sometime in the near future , given , my bro finally says yes to a girl.
It’s not so goody goody as it seems .. unfortunately .. I haven’t clearly enough understood how much will the proposed union effect me.


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All play and no work !!

All of a sudden, from working 14 hours in a day .. I am down to no work at all. And the change has been very steep. Till Friday, I was covered from head to toe with the list of things to do and today .. it’s all done .. I have nothing else to work on. Feature submitted one day before the deadline and all formalities completed.
Now .. the next big question .. what next ??
People who have seen me jobless would understand the trauma I am going through right now. No work is probably the ugliest thing that can happen to me. Last time when this had happened, I got so pissed off that I was writing a phone book manager for myself .. ( of course another reason for that was that I had lost my phone around that same time. ). This time I am thinking of giving a try to a crap project I once started doing all by myself but never did anything beyond thinking about what to do.
But that is only a time pass thing and not something that would keep me busy night and day .. and hence I am back to the same question .. what next ?? .. Unfortunately, other than Kunal . . most of my favorite bloggers have very much given up on blogging .. I have found a few blogs here and there that are interesting .. but somehow the idea of personally knowing the blogger and then reading his/her blog appeals to me more than the idea of reading random blogs. Rocky is on Vacation .. and I am hoping that once he is back .. I can expect few more rocking posts from him. Maddy is on a self-imposed blog-xile and has not blogged for quite some time. Unni, of course remains a rather lazy blogger .. and has blogged once in the past 2 months .. Jaya has totally given up blogging .. no idea why .. And Ranta has one post in about 3 months. So, basically .. I am short of interesting reads ..
Have been listening a lot to Jagjit singh of late .. thanks to poppy for the songs. I don’t think I ever paid much attention to his lyrics .. but now I LISTEN to his songs. Every word is so beautifully and artistically woven into a gazal that you cannot stop yourself from admiring the brilliance of the lyricist and marvel at the meaning of such songs. The head banging stuff is totally off my play list as of now ( didn’t I post something about wanting to turn “bad” a couple of weeks back .. chha .. mood swings .. haven’t had a hair cut still though). I have also got hold of songs from Indian Ocean and another band called PennMasala ( check this out .. you will admire the brilliance of the concept ).
A couple of close friends asked me about my breakup .. and as usual .. I just tried to sidestep the question. But they are very persevering ..
Today morning I woke up and realized that something was defiantly wrong .. and in the end realized that my right hand index finger was hurting .. And the first afterthought was .. Gosh .. she used to have the same .. although .. her pain was more generous to her index finger and more cruel towards her thumb .. but still .. very much part of the hand .. right ?? ( And now as I type .. I find the pain slowly inching towards my thumb now .. )
It feels so weird to be not with her !!


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Maam .. err … Mera number kab aayega ??

The first few days in college are supposed to be the most memorable ones for anyone. Especially for someone living in hostel (compulsory @ IIIT .. though a few in our batch would deny that .. 🙂 ) amongst new friends with the common factor of the fear of seniors being the sole uniting factor (at least for a start)
I distinctly remember my first few days in college .. and what I most fondly remember were the ragging days. Before I even stepped inside the college, I was instructed by a few friends who were already in other colleges to be cheerful and happy all the way. Because, it’s inevitable .. has to happen .. the seniors will screw you .. you can either cry all the time or be happy about it and remember it with a smile later on in life. And even though, I must admit, that some seniors did seem hell sent .. it was an overall nice experience. If made to recollect my fondest memory of those days .. it would have to the DCH after movie adventure.
It so happened that a few happy seniors one day asked me and a few lucky ( ? ) others to join them for a movie. I , of course, said yes ( like i had an option 😀 ) and went through. Sitting next to the biggest prankster of all, Puneet Vohra, I think I enjoyed the movie more than I would have otherwise. At one point he asked me if I was ok with getting up and dancing right there in the middle of the movie. For someone like me, who is born with four left feet, dancing was an equivalent to Greek and singing ( my friends will vote for this opinion of mine ) an equivalent to Latin. Anyway, with all the courage in my heart I got up .. but by this time Puneet was nice enough to call me back ( I don’t think I would have gone to that hall ever again in my life had I danced back then ). Anyway, the actual fun began after the movie ended. Well .. fun for Puneet and co .. for me .. ehh .. well .. lets see.
We got back to college .. and were walking back to the hostel when the senior gang noticed a rather famous ( and I must add .. VERY good looking ) female of their batch with a group of her friends. Her friends, must be hereon, be read as A and co. I don’t know what got into Puneet’s head, but he asked me to walk past that group, not look back , not talk to anyone , not wish anyone ( as was the cutom ) and say the words “Maam .. mera number kab aayega” .. Having just got back from a movie like DCH makes a person rather adventurous ( much against his actual persona ). I said yeah sure .. why not .. seems do-able .. is’nt it .. and started walking towards them . By the time I got near them, I think I was sweating .. and had fully realized what I had gotten myself into. The words seemed to be stuck somewhere in the internals of my stomach, truly refusing to come out. I could have very well just murmured the words, inaudible to any human , but in times of adversity .. bravery replaces commonsense in the mind of young daredevil. By that time I had come right next to them .. so .. I gathered all my available resources of courage and shouted ( yes .. SHOUTED ) .. “Maam ..” and after that followed a 30 second pause during which I felt about a zillion eyes on me .. trying to understand what this pencil thin guy was upto. I knew I had to say something .. and that something had to come out real fast .. Faster than the fast advancing ‘A’ .. and I said , still walking next to them, and very skillfully avoiding their sideways glances .. “Mera number kab aayega” .. and added a smile for the effect.
What followed this .. is a sorry tale of a cheerful guy .. who was made to run up and down the three storied OBH building .. about 78 times in two hours .. so that his Bio-data ( 🙂 ) was , at first , in a presentable state or , in the end , in a readable state. I think I learnt the art of mis-spelling every god damn word that day. And also, those up and down trips did wonders to my already athletic body. Since, this torture was not enough, for the nature of my crime demanded more, I stood in ‘A’’s room for about .. what .. I think another hour or so .. trying to explain my case ( It is difficult to explain a non-existent case .. you see ) .. and at the end of all that .. went back to my room sobbing.
God .. those were the days ..


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