All play and no work !!

All of a sudden, from working 14 hours in a day .. I am down to no work at all. And the change has been very steep. Till Friday, I was covered from head to toe with the list of things to do and today .. it’s all done .. I have nothing else to work on. Feature submitted one day before the deadline and all formalities completed.
Now .. the next big question .. what next ??
People who have seen me jobless would understand the trauma I am going through right now. No work is probably the ugliest thing that can happen to me. Last time when this had happened, I got so pissed off that I was writing a phone book manager for myself .. ( of course another reason for that was that I had lost my phone around that same time. ). This time I am thinking of giving a try to a crap project I once started doing all by myself but never did anything beyond thinking about what to do.
But that is only a time pass thing and not something that would keep me busy night and day .. and hence I am back to the same question .. what next ?? .. Unfortunately, other than Kunal . . most of my favorite bloggers have very much given up on blogging .. I have found a few blogs here and there that are interesting .. but somehow the idea of personally knowing the blogger and then reading his/her blog appeals to me more than the idea of reading random blogs. Rocky is on Vacation .. and I am hoping that once he is back .. I can expect few more rocking posts from him. Maddy is on a self-imposed blog-xile and has not blogged for quite some time. Unni, of course remains a rather lazy blogger .. and has blogged once in the past 2 months .. Jaya has totally given up blogging .. no idea why .. And Ranta has one post in about 3 months. So, basically .. I am short of interesting reads ..
Have been listening a lot to Jagjit singh of late .. thanks to poppy for the songs. I don’t think I ever paid much attention to his lyrics .. but now I LISTEN to his songs. Every word is so beautifully and artistically woven into a gazal that you cannot stop yourself from admiring the brilliance of the lyricist and marvel at the meaning of such songs. The head banging stuff is totally off my play list as of now ( didn’t I post something about wanting to turn “bad” a couple of weeks back .. chha .. mood swings .. haven’t had a hair cut still though). I have also got hold of songs from Indian Ocean and another band called PennMasala ( check this out .. you will admire the brilliance of the concept ).
A couple of close friends asked me about my breakup .. and as usual .. I just tried to sidestep the question. But they are very persevering ..
Today morning I woke up and realized that something was defiantly wrong .. and in the end realized that my right hand index finger was hurting .. And the first afterthought was .. Gosh .. she used to have the same .. although .. her pain was more generous to her index finger and more cruel towards her thumb .. but still .. very much part of the hand .. right ?? ( And now as I type .. I find the pain slowly inching towards my thumb now .. )
It feels so weird to be not with her !!



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3 responses to “All play and no work !!

  1. Shirsha

    Post-break-up guys are the most whiny and mind-numbingly boring! and thats exactly how u sound today… Grr.. what happened to interesting posts!?

  2. dude, start writing more.. much more … the more you blog, more you will be occupied 🙂 and rocky comes back today … even I hope he has some interesting anectodes… even I have the same complaint, a severe crunch in reading material is going on ….

  3. @shirsha ,
    🙂 .. mood swings .. hopefully wilbeb ack with something interesting when i get over the present state of my mind.

    @KD ,
    dude .. you are my only hope .. kindly keep blogging .. I will try to keep myself occupied with something to write .. 😀

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