Elder Siblings and marriages

Do you all have elder siblings who just refuse to marry ??
I do .. and a rather annoying one too ..
Unfortunately.. I can’t do anything about it .. plus I am not very sure how it concerns me in the first place .. yes .. he would be getting married and all .. and I would be getting a bhabhi .. yes .. but .. how will that change me ??
But since that is not going to happen in the near future, probably my friends who have married off their elder siblings at a younger age would help me understand some other things that concerns elder sibling marriages .. ??
Basically the question is, Am I supposed to be all buddy buddy with her … or am I supposed to be very respectful and all ?? here are possible scenarios .. what am I supposed to do when this happens ??
1> Should I be all good boy with her .. you know .. like “namaste bhabhi .. pai lago bhabhi .. aap kaisi hain bahbhi” types .. or do i reveal my true colors and start with .. “hey that was cool .. have you tried vodka btw ” ?? ..
2> Can I safely tell her about my (mis)adventures of college life and beyond .. or do I just save that up for the deathbed kind of scenarios ??
3> Can I safely assume that she won’t mind me staring at her sisters ( if she has any ) .. or do I just play the “accha-bacha” gag I am so good at ??
4> Can I reliably trust her with some information like “bhabhi, I am going out for a late night movie .. Please make sure that mummy papa never find out about it” or do I hop out of bed and jump the boundary and run off and hop back in after the movie ??
5> Can I tell her “bhabhi, I am going out to attend a bachelor party that I have arranged for a dear friend Rocky .. ohh yeah .. we have a stripper there .. oh yes .. she would be good .. I personally selected her .. anyway .. got to go .. will be late” or do I come back the next morning and blame rocky for getting into a fight with Maddy because of which Maddy had to be admitted to a hospital ??
6> Would it be too weird to be with her in a mall and stare at some girl and ask with all seriousness “Bhabhi, do you think this girl will slap me or use her sandal when I ask her out ?” or do I just let the girl pass from right in front of me trying to answer the same question in my head .

These are the questions that make me a little nervous towards this alliance that might be hitting my family sometime in the near future , given , my bro finally says yes to a girl.
It’s not so goody goody as it seems .. unfortunately .. I haven’t clearly enough understood how much will the proposed union effect me.



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13 responses to “Elder Siblings and marriages

  1. Abe Yahan shadi bhi pakki nahi hui aur tu bachelor party kara raha hai .. kaash ki teri bhabhi hoti jinke saamne teri khinchayi kar sakta.

  2. jayaram

    there’s no hope in this world..earlier i thought that all those barbs i kept throwing at ppl caused breakups..but in your case i didnt even say anything even once..of course just mentioned the occasional rumor but that is all right..

    chalo atleast satisfying to know that there arent any chromosomes that would have turned to children that are now not turning to children as a result of me..and smart ass where do you think i am accessing net from? happier days might be ahead for my net access thought..

  3. Shirsha

    hey, here’s a tip that I used, an eye for an eye, i know that sounds revengeful and all! But look at it this way, if she is reserved, u be reserved, if she is cool, u be cool, if she is cold, u be cold.. err! no dont be cold!
    and for God’s sake no ‘namaste bhabhi’ & ‘paye lago bhabhiji’! aren’t u ashamed of getting that fake!?

  4. YES YES YES…this is only after reading the first line…

    let me get back to reading the whole post πŸ™‚

  5. @rocky ,
    are hui nahin to ho jayegi .. tension na le ..
    aur nahin bhi hui .. to tere naam ki ek bachelor party to organize kar hi lenge

    @jayaram ,
    Verizon providing net access .. kya baat hai kya baat hai .. πŸ˜€

    @Shirsha ,
    “ashamed of getting that fake” .. uhmm . not really πŸ˜€

    @KD ,
    I knew you would be the one who would who would understand the agony the best ..

  6. ab bechare maddy ki kya galti? use hospital kyun bhej raha hain?
    shaadi rocky karega, roj pitai rocky ki hogi, hospital jaane ki zarurat use padh sakti hain … πŸ˜‰

  7. hey utkarsh,
    thanx for giving such a wonderful thought…

    you dont have to think so much of ur brother’s union or how you with ur bhabhi..
    what i think bhabhi and devar do share some special relation as when my elder sister is about to marry her devar use to have tease her and tell her every single things.. espacially thos ethat he cant share with his family…
    be relax dear…bhabhiya bahut achchi hoti hai..

  8. when i asked u today about ur brothers marriage i did NOT read this post. the coincidence is freaking me out!! anyway one of the first things my bhabhi(my cousin’s wife) asked me was if i had a girlfriend!! and she asked that after seeing me in person :)) hope u get one like her πŸ™‚

  9. @KD ,
    yaar .. rocky to vaise bhi ghar pe pitega hi .. aut MAddy ko peetne ka bahana chaiye tha . isliye πŸ˜€

    @mona ,
    “be relax dear…bhabhiya bahut achchi hoti hai..”
    πŸ™‚ .. ok . if you say so .. πŸ™‚

    @Sreejith ,
    umeed pe duniya kayam hai .. πŸ˜€ let see how this all turns out

  10. from my experience … yes to (almost) all the above queries .. bhabhis are the coolest .. they can’t say anything and would support in almost any issue …

  11. Ahh I sympathise with your older brother on the marriage pressure
    other then that…i guess it depends on how comfortable u are with your bhabhi

  12. @parry ,
    that makes me feel a little better ..
    lets hope this turns out to be true .. but all this will come only when my bro says yes to marriage πŸ™‚

    @Aditi ,
    why is everyone sympathise with my bro and no one with me .. 😦 ..

  13. Paritosh(ur elder sibling)

    Hmm boy, u seemed to be so concerned bout my marriage, good to know that, well let ur time come thn i will see or take my advice don’t ever let the person whom u love go away, u can marry earlier and not wait searching for that girl whom u wish to marry……….so take my advice, go find love rather than sitting on computer and blogging……..hmmm don’t worry bout bachelor parties b’coz i guess my abd ur friend circle is more concrened bout the drinks, smoke and of-course the good babes coming in marriages….same like us…

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