Time check

It’s 1:03 on my system clock .. and yes .. I am in Office on a sunday.
Those who have known me since college would vouch for the fact that it would take chains and bulls to get me to work on a sunday ( the same instruments that were suggested by Prof Govindrajulu to get Parivesh to POPL class .. or was it Compilers ?? .. damn it .. I should have paid more attention to what subject was being taught in classes )
But yet .. here I am .. sitting all alone in the office .. working 😦
And the problem is .. that I can’t be working only .. because I will need to reboot the lab machine everytme I change something in my code to make sure it works and each reboot takes about thrity minutes .. during which I can’t do anything other than wait for it to be up again.
Those who know me will also vouch for the fact that I am always prepared for such situations .. and so .. I have brought my currently-reading-book to office .. Getting an insight into Adolf Hitler’s mind is all that I need in such situations .. btw .. is there anyone from Lucent who is reading this who can tell me whom do i need to talk to get the AC switched on .. it’s getting so hot in here ..
Yes .. I have Jagjit Singh/Coldplay/MLTR/Metallica/Iron Maiden/GnR/Led Zep/Floyd/PJ and Mr. Willian L. Shirer for company .. but still .. this is not my idea of a perfect Sunday.
Lucent gave us all a copy of some magazine called “The smart Techie” .. at first I thought this is what they give for appraisals and like ( did’nt you see the ad where some guy was given peanuts for performance incentive .. it could happen .. you never know .. ) .. but later I found that it was because there was an article on Chitra Kasthuri ( Lucent India head ) in the Women Achievers section of the mag and hence the distribution. How relieved I was at gathering this is something any SE can understand.

*********** shirsha probably might not want to read here on 🙂 *****************
These days I am noticing something very weird in my behaviour on Orkut .. Sometimes when I open my homepage … there is a smiling face on the friends list .. and as easy it would be to close the window and get back to work .. I don’t do it .. hoping that it would magically disappear .. but it does’nt .. of course I keep refreshing the page so that orkut would take care of removing the pic from my presence .. and it does eventually fade out .. as expected .. and I get an urge to go to the larger window of my friends list to see if the face is still there .. somedays I am lucky .. somedays .. not so much ..
********** ok shirsha .. you can read here on .. 😀 **************************

My brother is gifting me a digi-cam .. yayy .. A Panasonic DMC-LS2 .. I have’nt had time to look it up online .. but whatever little I have managed to look up .. look-wise it seems alright ..

Ok .. the damn lab machine is up now .. and I have to get back to work ..
I hope the rest of you had a more eventful weekend and not one which involved waiting for a stupid machine to respond to pings.
And India-eng match is supposed to start in an hour .. fine .. i have something else to do ..
and I need to order a pizza for lunch. Can I BE any more like trash ??



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16 responses to “Time check

  1. a smiling face.. of whom ?? Pyaar ho gaya kya tujhe phir se ?? 🙂

  2. Shirsha

    Ok i so didn’t get the reference, dude! Thing is, am getting dumber than u, so u need to tell me more explicitly!
    And really..? is that happening to u again!?
    And am guessing u chose to work on the sunday..

  3. nice Chandler touch 🙂 and dude, here is the review of your new digicam – http://www.dpreview.com/news/0601/06010410panasonicls2.asp

  4. Hey ~

    I refuse to work on Sat / Sun unless smthg is gonna drop on my head .. and anyway , i make sure i’m inaccessible friday night on …

    btw , i dont see any reason why elder siblings should get married ( i am an elder one … so !!! )… but yes , u could treat ur bhaabi as a friend …

  5. @Rocky ,
    it’s ok dood .. 😀

    @shirsha ,
    the explanation is shall be made availabe on a less public forum 😀

    @KD ,
    dood .. thanx for the review .. i will look it up when i have time . 😀

    @Deepa ,
    I don’t know how to answer to “utkarsh .. you are coming tomorrow .. right ?? ” .. need to learn to do that ..
    and yes .. all elder siblings should get married asap .. 🙂

  6. i thought only sales guys had to work sundays too to meet their nos. it sucks man, it really does, working on a sunday.

  7. I worked for the first time this weekend. sob sob.

    Glad that I’ve company 😀

  8. Shirsha

    Harr harr.. i know secretly u like seeing that smiling face [;)]

  9. @Appu ,
    naah . we SEs are equally unlucky too .. 😀

    @sumanth ,
    Glad that I had company .. 😀

    @Shirsha ,
    Can’t I just refer to you as S … I have to type and correct myself about 3 times everytime I reply to your scraps .. 😀

    @S ,
    well .. ok .. I can admit that much .. !!

  10. I used to think my waiting time of 5 minutes per reset was too high 🙂 I feel so much better now

  11. How did rest of Sunday go??Still at work only??

  12. @vardhamaan ,
    dood .. i would be distributing sweets if the damn machine rebooted in 5 minutes . 😀

    @ayshwarya ,
    thanx for dropping by ..

    yes .. still at work 🙂
    and the rest of the sunday was as crooked as the start of it . finally went back home at about 11 in the night.
    did’nt feel like a weekend at all ..

  13. Shirsha

    Yeah S is anyday better than the obnoxious ‘Sirisha’ form that my name at times takes!

  14. I thought I had it bad cuz i work saturdays.. this makes me feel better

  15. @Shirsha ,
    point noted .. 🙂

    @Aditi ,
    so far i thought only sadness seeks company ..
    seems like even frustration seeks company .. 😀

  16. hey thats bad..
    working on sundays also..and that at a time where all busy preparing for festivals….

    anyways…hope you had a great time out there..
    take care..

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