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Innate Superficiality ..

I was having this conversation with a girl yesterday about the Sanjay Dutt thing .. she says he looks sooo innocent .. now . dear lady .. he is the guy who is charged with having links with the D gang .. remember .. ?? He is charged with helping the Memons with Arms .. remember ?? But leaving all that aside .. He should be let go because he ‘looks’ innocent ?? .. And for those who say he is a ‘reformed’ man .. don’t base your arguments on the movies he does .. Munnabhai was a MOVIE .. a fiction .. And wasn’t there an audio tape leak some couple of years back that showed that he still had links with dawood ??
I am yet to come across a girl who likes a member of the Indian cricket team for his cricket-ing skills .. All the Dravid fans, dhoni followers, Yuvraj admirers, Sachin devotees amongst the ladies are there because of their looks .. I mean, even at the height of their careers, The Kaifs and Nehras never had even a fraction of the following amongst the females as all the above mentioned ones have even during injury or off seasons .. Can someone explain this to me ??

And lets not just blame the girls for this kind of behaviour .. We guys have been just as superficial .. Wonder why Steffi Graf was always more popular than Monica Seles or why Sharapova still is the hot favourite and crowd puller at tournaments and not Sabatini .. ??

I still remember discussing Sania Mirza during college .. the conversation started and ended with her looks .. even as she slipped in her rankings to rock bottom.

We try so hard to be not superficial .. and yet, we so obviously .. ARE !!

PS -> I am discovering a new song on my play list everyday now .. thanks to the unrate-all thing in WMP .. Aerosmith Rocks !! Dream On ..

PS_2-> My orkut scrapbook has turned into a fmaily reunion party .. Almost everyday I find some cousin and or aunt pinging me on orkut .. I think I better start taking care of what I post about now .. this post was the first step in that direction 😛



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Gym problem + The Bleeding Bond ..

I have recently started gym-ing again in an effort to get life back on track .. and it is as painful as it ever was. No .. not the actual gym-ing part .. it’s the waking up early morning at 7:30 part .. Well .. even the gym-ing is not a very delightful experience but still .. it’s manageable.
I have figured out an innovative way to keep my mind off the actual exercise and hence end up doing a higher number of presses, lifts and pushups etc. The idea is to sing .. not out loud .. but in my mind .. as slow as possible .. this has helped me while I do the exercises because I am not actually thinking about the numbing pain in my shoulder or thighs. But as I found out, one has to be rather careful about the song selection .. else it can lead to disastrous results.
Today at the gym .. there was this nice looking cute girl doing the treadmill ( well .. not actually DOING the treadmill .. just exercising on it ) .. and the gym-ing equipment I was using was rather close to the place where she was exercising .. Unfortunately , the songs that were filling my head were “Ain’t that a Bitch” and “Back off Bitch” .. as you would notice, both these songs involve using the word bitch time and again ..
As it happens , around the time I reach the point where I have achieved the 10 lifts of the bar .. I happily let out air from my mouth .. and with that ( sometimes ) the word from the song. For the first time when I let out the word Bitch I think it was rather loud .. because she heard it and since no one was around who could be called a bitch she stopped the machine and looked at me .. very surprised. Since I didn’t know what to do about it .. ( she didn’t ask anything after all ) .. I continued with my second set of the lifts .. This time when I was finished with the set .. the word that came out was .. well .. again .. Bitch .. This time she seemed really offended .. and I thought an apology was expected by her. Again, I didn’t know where to start .. so I just let it go .. but she was in mood for all this non sense. She said “Excuse me .. did you just call me a bitch .. Twice?? ”
now .. as you would see .. the answer to the first part of the question (Excuse me) would be “Yes” and to the second part ( did you just call me a bitch) would be “No” .. but Around the time she had finished the second question I had just muttered the answer to the first part .. So basically it just came out like
She : Excuse me .. did you just call me a bitch
Me : Yes
and after that .. I didn’t have much of a chance ..
I was just looking at her horrified face .. no one goes to gym, expecting to be called a dog or a bitch .. And I didn’t have a chance for an immediate apology .. She left the machine next to me .. and went to the treadmill that was at the other corner of the gym ..
Anyway . I did explain the situation to her a little later .. much to her amusement .. and she said that she thought it was weird that some one was calling her names in the gym .. 🙂

Bleeding Bond ..
Saw Casino Royale on Friday .. nice movie .. significantly different from the usual Bond movies that we have seen all our lives. This time Bond seemed more human .. more prone to make mistakes .. more egomaniac .. more over-confident and more prone to fall in love. He did have a super car .. but this one was not made to jump around places like the Pierce Brosnan car .. this was a more normal car .. and this bond did have a major accident in this car. He bled in almost all action scenes, unlike the earlier Bonds who came out of all situations without a scratch on their suits.

anyway .. there was this scene in the movie where I was reminded of Rocky .. here it is ..
Eva Green had just met Daniel (Bond) and she had the look of a very smart lady who wouldn’t let Bond take all control of the mission they were to embark upon.
Eva Green : Don’t worry Mr. Bond. You need not worry about me being attracted to you.
Daniel : Don’t worry, you are not my type ..
Eva Green : smart ?
Daniel : Single

I was probably the only one who had burst out laughing at that .. :).


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Beach party …

Come on .. just one drink won’t make me drunk ..

shut up .. you ass .. if I finish this glass and be able to walk straight after that .. I shall pat myself on my back ..

Crap .. you can’t do it .. walking straight .. try looking straight for two minutes first ..

I can look straight .. I can definatley look straight .. but why do I see two of that guy sitting at the other end ??

What do they put on the floor here .. it seems awfully slippery .. is’nt it ?

Naah . focus .. focus .. look straight ..

Yes .. I can look straight .. how difficult could it be ?? .. looking straight .. what the hell .. is that guy sitting on the other end just multiplying by himself like some amoeba ?

Dood .. You are drunk ..

What crap .. I am on my third only ..

Yes .. Three larges .. don’t forget that ..

So .. who cares .. after all this is over ..all i have to do is go back home and sleep .. what the hell is wrong with that guy .. how come he is multiplying every second ??

Yes .. you have to go back HOME .. remembe home ?? .. aunt .. uncle .. cousin ..

Oh yes .. damnit .. crap .. stop .. no more drinks for me .. I am DONE for today .

Yeah sure ..

By the way .. that girl on the other table looks amazingly cute .. isn’t it ?

** pat the guy sitting next to me and replay the same sentence **

** the other guy :: “dood .. please tell me you are not drunk . where do you see the girl .. the people sitting on the next table are all 50 year old aunties … “**

Damnit .. I am drunk .. Home .. someone take me home . !!

Oh nice .. that guy on the other end looks alone now .. yes . i think it’s all gone .. yippie .. !! I am not drunk !!

** tell the guy sitting next to me :: “Dude .. I am not drunk … I see only one guy sitting opposite me on the table .. not multiple guys .. JUST ONE guy .. yippie .. I am not drunk .. joy to the world .. ” **

** The guy next to me .. “what guy .. ?? ” **

** me .. “The guy sitting opposite me on the table ” **

** The guy next to me :: “Dude .. that guy left ten minutes back .. whom are you seeing ? ” **

Damnit .. fine .. I am drunk .. Home sweet home .. bed sweet bed ..

PS -> Not me … 🙂


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Random ??

There is something about Windows Media player that is freaking me out these days .. Unlike the old me that used to have just 15-20 songs in the playlist at a time .. these days I have 477 songs in the playlist. And I have the shuffle clicked .. which in lame terms means that I should not be hearing songs in the order they appear on the playlist.

Now, the problem is not that I am hearing songs in a sequential order ..but today morning I realised that there are songs on my playlist that I have’nt heard since the formation of this play list. The shuffle functionality has a particular liking to Beatles and John Denver .. Both of whom are not really the kind of music I would prefer to hear when I am desperately hoping that the next song would be a Comfortably Numb kind. And the problem is not just beatles or john Denver … the problem is that there are some particular songs from these two that are played again and again and again and again .. with no regard to the shuffle click. I have to make the extra effort to open the WMP window and select the song of my liking but as soon as that song is over .. Guess what .. we are back to Beatles or John .. And trust me .. I have tried this about ten times since morning. It’s not even as though I have a large Beatles collection .. there are just some 20 odd songs .. and as for John, not even that many .. today morning I realized I had the FRIENDS track on my play list .. today morning i realized that I had PJ-Last Kiss on my play list .. today morning I realized that I had Unforgiven on the playlist. I have’nt heard these songs for about five days now. And then , there are songs from Beatles and John that the shuffle has taken a particular liking to .. I am tired of hearing Turn,turn , turn .. yes it’s nostaligic and all .. but i have had enough of it now .. I am wondering about how really does this shuffle work .. is it really the shuffle as it should be .. or is it a customized shuffle that selects songs that appeals to M$ WMP programmers ??

Ps -> I remember reading something like this about I-pod shuffle functionality on Wired .. and that is why this is even more scary .. are all these big companies plotting against some artists to make them less popular 🙂 ?? ( actually , the same last conclusion was drawn by the Wired writer about I-pod programmers )


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Does this help ??

I am not sure how many of you can relate to this ..
but I totally did ..
check this out ..

And damnit .. Brian Lara is on the verge of another century ..
crap .. my super selector calculations have gone down the drain .. so much for the law of averages and my certain belief that WI batting will fall apart in face of Umar Gul’s bowling.
Majji wins this round .. don’t get too comfortable at the top dood .. i shall catch up ..

Also .. while we are on cricket .. and since i was discussing the possible formation of a kill club with a friend a few days back … I have found our first victim .. here he ( they ? ) is … this fucked up asshole with a twisted mind called Sachin a vada paav asshole .. you know what dood .. when people who have no idea of what it is like to perform at an internation level crib about Sachin’s performance .. I am reminded of the Mandira Bedis and Shekhar Sumans in Cricket shows .. bloody bitch is the worst thing that could have happened to Indian Cricket …
More on this too later .. still in no mood to write .. hoping for a mood lift sometime later in the day ..


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Bike + hike

Went for a bike and hike trip to Savandurga ( about 60 Kms from Bangalore ) last saturday.
Was totally worth getting up at 4:00 in the morning and the bumpy ride to the place ..

Unfortunately the pics from my own cam will take some time to come .. because I left my data cable back in hyd 😦 .. Probably in the next post
As of now .. see this .. and this ..

amazing place ..
More on it later .. right now .. I am not really in a writing sort of a mood .. and whatever crap I end up writing might not do justice to the place .. so .. lets just wait for the mood to build up 🙂


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Good news .. Smoking Gun is back …
only time time .. there is no gun .. and he is only smoking .. 🙂
Last year on my birthday I gifted myself the joy of being a biker .. .. this time I gifted myself the joy of being a smoker. And damnit .. it feels amazing.
I wonder how come I was so wonderfully able to avoid doing it for so long …
it makes you forget everything you want to .. and makes you live in the moment.
Although I was not a non-smoker in the true sense of the word .. but earlier it was just a cig once in a month may be or may be not even that ..
this birthday I changed gears drastically … and was amazed at my own capacity .. I smoked a unusually high 38 cigs in two days on 11th and 12th ..
and the experiment did finally work .. I wanted to know how many cigs do i need to smoke so that when I cough I would cough smoke .. 13th morning I was coughing smoke .. yayy !! 🙂
And this time it’s not to become the bad boy (:P) that I want to smoke .. I want to smoke because I want to smoke .. because it feels so good with the cig in your hand and the smoke all around you .. because it feels so wonderful to just do it .. because it feels so nice to actually do what you want to do and not give a damn about other’s opinion .. because it feels wonderful to just live in the moment ..

My birthday was a wonderful day for me .. I just loved the cake .. and I just adored the company. Thanx to Rakesh and Maddy and KD and Poppy and everyone for making it such a nice day .. especially the writing on the cake was quite a lesson in itself 🙂
At the risk of inviting trouble .. i would have rather liked if jayaram could have also made it to the party .. I understand that would have multiplied the ass-pain by a factor of atleast five .. but still ..
The late night drunk drive with a vodka bottle and rocky breaking all possible traffic laws was amazing 🙂 .. There is nothing like being just drunk enough to be able to drive and then driving ..

Birthday pics would be uploaded soon .. as soon as Maddy sends them to me ..
I did somehow survive the bumps .. thanx to pitiful executioners .. 🙂 .. though I did spend majority of the night trying to find a painless position to sleep in .. without much success

Jaan-e-man .. Nice movie .. nice songs … can be seen once .. if for nothing else then at least for the innovative direction .. and for the songs .. “Sau dard hain” is my instant fav .. been listening to it since the time I saw the movie.


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