Weekend at Hyderabad ??

Ps -> My birthday coming up on 12th of this month ..

Conversation 1
Maddy : kal rocky shaheed hote hote bach gaya
Me : Kyun ?
Maddy : Bahut bumps pade usko ..
Me : ohh kk .. kisne kisne maara ?
Maddy : Ab tu samajh le .. ek taraf se jayaram .. dusri taraf se ranta ..
Me : oh god .. 🙂
Maddy : altogether 3 round hue the bumps ke
Me : shit ..
Maddy : finally isliye chod diya kyunki ranta ke paer mein dard ho raha tha
Me : poor rocky
Maddy : And as if that was not enough .. Beech beech mein baaki log bhi behti ganga mein haath dho le rahe the ..
Me : hmm .. accha ..

Conversation 2
Jayaram : tu weekend pe aa raha hai na ??
Me : kyun ..
Jayaram : yaar .. rocky saste mein choot gaya ..
Me : uhmm .. accha
Jayaram : Bahut din ho gaye .. kisi ko acche se mara nahin hai ..
Vaise bhi yahan bahut saare log tere aane ka intezaar kar rahein hain
Me : I don’t think I am coming ..

Scrap 1 from Nitin
Hi Khare!!!!!! Suna Hain tu Hyd aa raha hain pitne 😀 😀 :D, we are eagerly waiting for you to show up in hyderabad!!!

Scrap 2 from Nitin
bade armaan hein hamare, ek baar aa to ja baaki sab dekh lenge :D. Waise bhi rocky saste mein choot gaya tha, so galti repeat nahin karni hain!!!!

All of a sudden I feel like cancelling my bus ticket .. and the leave on 13th of Nov ..



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9 responses to “Weekend at Hyderabad ??

  1. ise kehte hain, “maut ke muh me ghusna” 🙂

  2. Shirsha

    oh no, u going away to hyd for bday!? I was hoping to try out my new heels 😉

  3. Me too wanna try my new shoes 😀

  4. @ Kd ,
    Very true .. having second thoughts 🙂

    @Shirsha & Ashley ,
    I think I would be safer in hyd 😀

  5. Shirsha

    But u r coming back right?, new heels can wait…

  6. After reading what rocky went through, I seriously hope you survive Hyderabad. After all you were one of those poor default cases :)) Vaise Delhi is really safe if you need a hideout. I promise there will be no bumps and i’ll make doubly sure that you dont miss any trains 😛

  7. gettingcomplex

    well what a timely drop by!

    Many Many Happy Returns of the day!
    Best Wishes with sympathies 😀

  8. @shirsha ,
    yup .. back .. finally 🙂

    @sreejith ,
    Bangalore SUCKS !! .. Delhi is boring .. Hyd is fun !!

    @GC ,
    Thanx for the wishes .. 🙂
    I did survive though ..

  9. Shirsha

    Bangalore Sucks eh!? 😥

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