Does this help ??

I am not sure how many of you can relate to this ..
but I totally did ..
check this out ..

And damnit .. Brian Lara is on the verge of another century ..
crap .. my super selector calculations have gone down the drain .. so much for the law of averages and my certain belief that WI batting will fall apart in face of Umar Gul’s bowling.
Majji wins this round .. don’t get too comfortable at the top dood .. i shall catch up ..

Also .. while we are on cricket .. and since i was discussing the possible formation of a kill club with a friend a few days back … I have found our first victim .. here he ( they ? ) is … this fucked up asshole with a twisted mind called Sachin a vada paav asshole .. you know what dood .. when people who have no idea of what it is like to perform at an internation level crib about Sachin’s performance .. I am reminded of the Mandira Bedis and Shekhar Sumans in Cricket shows .. bloody bitch is the worst thing that could have happened to Indian Cricket …
More on this too later .. still in no mood to write .. hoping for a mood lift sometime later in the day ..



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4 responses to “Does this help ??

  1. you are in ‘no mood to write’ and you publish once a day for two days on the trot!!! am I the only one who is seeing the irony/humour in this?

  2. relate to what !! “Text for EX” 🙂 move on dude…
    waise sahi kaha .. is bangalore torpedo ke liye kuch GMD ya “Fire in the Hole” type ka kaam karna padega 🙂

  3. @KD ,
    when I am in the “mood to write” then you don’t get such short posts 🙂 .. there will be longer and detailed posts ..

    @Rocky ,
    hmm .. trying to .. believe me .. i am .. 🙂
    and about that bangalore torpedo guy .. Fire in the hole se kuch nahin hota .. such guys are BIG ASSHOLES .. and fire se nahin .. nuclear bomb dalna padega .. !!

  4. boo hoo… i didnt know when these matches were starting :(( now i got to substitute all those australian guys 😦

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